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3/17/2008 Results

TPIR: Remember, only three new episodes this week. Today's first four players are Michael Cruz, Christine McMillian, Mary Boe and David Craise. Drew mentions that today is St. Patrick's Day! Our first IUFB is an adominable exercise station.

Michael: $300 (STUPID BID)
Christine: $450
Mary: $1,295

ARP: $1,395, so Mary plays Clock Game for $1,000, a guitar and a washer/dryer. The ARP of the guitar was $819. First guess is $795, then $895, $750, $760, $770, $780 and Drew stops the clock because he and I both got lost. Then, she says $790, $800, and then $810-$860 in $10 incriments so fast that we both got lost again! She eventually gets $817 with seven seconds to spare. She might really need to bid fast now, because there's so little time left. The ARP of the washer/dryer was $898, and she starts with $999, then $970, $950, and down to $900 in $10 incriments, then she runs out of time with $850.

Next player is Charles Calhoun and the second IUFB is a camcorder.

Charles: $850
David: $900
Michael: $525
Christine: $851

ARP: $1,200, so David will play Master Key for a Chevy Cobalt plus a floor clock and flatware. First is a shredder marked at either $45 or $59, and he says $59...right! He picks key #5. The other small item is an MP3 kitty marked at $28 or $81 and he says $81...too much. The last time this game was played, key #5 was the Master Key...and today, it still is, so he wins all three prizes!

(I didn't like the way Drew did the final reveal, though; after the flatware lock, he told him to open the clock lock next, not the one for the car.)

Next player is Gloria Tweeter and the third IUFB is surfing/bodyboarding equipment. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Fiber Choice.

Gloria: $450
Michael: $600
Christine: $1,000
Charles: $1,001

ARP: $1,096, so double C will play Range Game for an HDTV. The range is $4,100-$4,700. He stops quickly at $4,180-$4,330, which sounds like a GARF...but it's $4,298 and he wins! That might be a Dob-stopper!

SSD1: The only loser this half spins 20...and goes over. CC spins 35...and 25 for 60 cents. Our big winner so far spins 50...and goes over, so CC is off to the Showcase.

Next to leave his seat is Daniel Ellie and the next IUFB is a pair of bikes.

Daniel: $752
Gloria: $1,000
Michael: $1,100
Christine: $1,101

ARP: $1,000, so Tweeter wins a $500 bonus! She now plays Pick a Pair for a bedroom worth $2,699. The products are V8 juice, Garlique, Hot Pockets, nasal spray, Toaster Strudels and green tea. First selection is the juice, which is $3.15. She says the pizza snacks are also $3.15, but they're $2.49. She decides to try and find the other $2.49 item, and she says the Toaster Strudels cost $2.49 too...yes for the win! The tea was the other $3.15 item, and the Garlique and nasal spray both cost $9.99 apiece.

Leaving the audience next is Abby Lingren and the next IUFB is a game table. The winner also gets $40 worth of jellybeans.

Abby: $650
Michael: $675
Christine: $500
Daniel: $499 (STUPID BID)

ARP: $587, so thanks to Ellie going a buck the wrong way on his bid, McMillian makes it out of Contestant's Row and will play Pocket Change for a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, Prots, ALB, Heater). First number is 1 and the remaining numbers in play are 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. She gets the 9 as the second number in four tries, first by saying 8, then 6 and 5. She gets 5 as the middle number in three tries, first by saying 4 and then 8. She then fills out the remaininder of the price, $19,586, with no other mistakes. Today's car price is $1.50, and she needs $1.25. First envelope has a dime. Second one has nothing. Third one has a quarter. The last one must have the $2...but it doesn't and we have our first Pocket Change loss this season. It had a nickel. Go figure, the first car price this season in this game that doesn't end in 0 or 5 ends in a loss.

The last player is Jack Peters and the final IUFB is a day sailer. The winner also gets $40 worth of bleach.

Jack: $875
Daniel: $1,950
Abby: $1,100
Michael: $1,200

ARP: $1,995, so Cruz crusies to the First Four Breakfast Club while Ellie plays Side By Side for a trip to Montreal. Board:


He says $6,578...winner!

SSD2: The only loser this half spins 75 cents. Tweeter spins 60...and goes over with another buck. Ellie then spins the dollar for $1,000 and will be in the top winner's spot in the Showcase! He doesn't win anything else in his Bonus Spin.

First Showcase has a dining room, patio heaters and a spa, and Ellie bids $23,950, which looks like a WILLY for the time being. For CC, we deal with a leprechaun. First, we intercept $1,000 from this female munchkin! Second, she admits that she spent the rest of her money while gambling in Las Vegas! Finally, instead of living in a pot of gold, she's been living in a new Mercury Milan (Std., 2.3L, Lights)! Calhoun wisely listens to me and bids one dollar.

ARP for him: $23,903. ARP for the other guy: $17,146, so CC does indeed win and takes home $29,337 in cash and prizes!

Temptation: After a week off, it's back for a week. Kimelia is here for her second day with $273 in her bank account. For her first title defense, she's facing Jessica and Sonja. After Speed Round #1...

Kimelia: $30
Jessica: $30
Sonja: $25

...both Kimelia and Jessica are offered spa treatment at home plus beauty supplies, a total value of $1,250 for just $10. The final offer is an $8 price and a $200 bonus, and Jessica buys! Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Person.

1. My real name is Karen Johnson.

Right away, the champ rings in...

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ E _ _

...she takes a guess with WHOOPI GOLDBERG...BULLSEYE to go to $45!

Knock Off category: Beatles Songs. You'll be hearing a lot of them tomorrow night on "American Idol".


Jessica: "Help"- $2 ($24)
Sonja: "Revolution"- $2 ($27)
Kimelia: "Something"- $5 ($50)

Jessica: "Birthday"- $3 ($27)
Sonja: "Tomorrow"
Kimelia: "Prudence"

1. "Taxman"- $3 ($30)
2. "Michelle"- $5 ($35)
3. "Songbird"

"Girl" was the last $5 answer, "Piggies" had the $10 and "Julia" had the $15.

Kimelia could give up her lead for a trip to California Wine Country plus a robe and socks for a total value of $2,402. The final offer is a $14 price. Going once...going twice...NO SALE.

Speed Round #2 dealt with people from U.S. and Canada. After that...

Kimelia: $50
Jessica: $35
Sonja: $32

...with not much progress made there, Kimelia's offered a chance at $2,500 in Instant Ca$h...which she won't take. She would've chosen the brown wallet, but the $2,500 wasn't there. It was in the white one.

She holds on to retain the title at $70! Jessica leaves with $1,450 in cash and prizes while Sonja gets sent to the ZONK clubhouse.

The prizes are the same from the past two weeks. With $343 in her bank account, she needs at least $50 to be eligible for the kitchen and $200 for the trip.

Super Knock Off category: Famous people who gave birth in 2007.

Mary J. Blige
Marcia Cross
Tori Spelling
Venus Williams
Jamie Pressly
Kelly Ripa
Patricia Heaton
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Garner
Keri Russell
Lisa Leslie

1. Tori Spelling- $25
2. Marcia Cross- $25

Since her second correct answer's enough to buy the kitchen, she decides to stop. Lisa Leslie had the $100, Keri Russell had the $50 and the other two right answers were Jamie Pressly and Julia Roberts.

Does she take the kitchen? She'll be back tomorrow.

Cash Cab: First up today were Billy, Valentina, Lucas and Nadia, trying to survive 31 blocks to get to a spot on 9th and 39th. They swept the $50 round.

$100 round:
Q1: Often associated with street fights, what wild variety of punch shares its name with a farm machine?
Guess: Combination- STRIKE ONE (A: Haymaker)
Q2: After he helped collar Capone, what "untouchable" government agent became chairman of the Diebold Corporation?
Guess: Eliot Ness- RIGHT ($300)
Q3: Located in Peace Palace, the International Court of Justice is located in what diplomatic Dutch city?
Guess: Hague- RIGHT ($400)
Final question: Inspiring the expression "dog days of summer", what star rises and sets along with the Sun in July and August?

They used a Mobile Shout Out and Nadia called Erin, who said Sirius.

Guess: Sirius- WIN ($500)

They decided to call it quits afterwards.

Who didn't take away any money- Michael Stock, who didn't even get past his $50 round. He was trying to get to a spot near Broadway, and he lost on his fourth question.

Wrapping up the day, trying to get to the 21 Club at 5th and 6th, were Sharon and Jacqueline, 32 blocks away. They missed one of their $50 questions. On the last of their $50 questions, Jacqueline's Mobile Shout Out was of no help to the ladies.

$100 round:
Q1: Often associated with Archimedes, what simple machine is exemplified by the crowbar and the teeter-totter?
Guess: Jack- STRIKE TWO (A: Jackhammer)
Q2: The home of Buckingham U. Badger, what midwestern college town is the birthplace of the satirical newspaper, "The Onion"?

They used a Street Shout Out, and their chosen partner said Madison, WS.

They agreed...and were right ($250)!

Final question: Tinier than tangarines, what oddly-named Asian fruit has been called "the little gems" of the Citrus family?
Guess: Kumquat- WIN ($350)

This episode was rare- not only did it not have anybody attempt a Video Bonus question, nobody even got to the $200 round in this episode.

WOF: It's QVC Shopping Spree Week! And the cars on offer this week are the one you saw on the last night of the "Thanks A Million!" Sweepstakes- the VW Jetta and the BMW X3.

Tonight's players are Joyce Fisher (in the blue) from Medford, NY (who is a registered nurse), John Brooks from Bristol, TN (who is an Army veteran and a stage door attendant) and Sabrina Peyton from Crystal Lake, IL (who is a graphic designer).

Our NY lady gets AN EASY DECISION for $1,000 and then CHEESE DANISH to triple up.

Round 1 category is Phrase. All week long, when Round 1 begins, a $5,000 QVC Shopping Spree appears on the wheel. After the man buys the A's, we have...

I/_ A _ _/AN/A N N _ _ N _ _ _ _ N _/

_ _/_ A _ _

...I've got it. He calls the T's for the shopping spree and buys the O's, then solves I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE for $8,750 in cash and prizes!

(Flashback moment from 1986: A classic show opening.)

NCL Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Place. After the lady in the middle calls the C, we have...

THE/C _ T _/_ _/_ _ _ H T

...I think I've got everything this round. She calls a $400 Y but is incorrect with THE CITY OF WORTH. Fisher calls a $600 G and a $300 L, then solves THE CITY OF LIGHT for another $900 and a trip to Paris, for a new total of $8,900 in cash and stuff! She now leads by $150.


(Next week, you folks at home will have a chance to win a trip to Hawaii!)

ActivOn Big Money Round category is Before & After. Midway in the round, our leader hits the Mystery Wedge. She calls two L's and decides not to flip and take the $2,000 (good, because a Bankrupt was there). But she then calls a dud in G. When the man takes over afterwards, we have...

_ E L O _ E D

_ _ M _ L _

_ E T

_ E E _ E

...I've got it. He calls the P's for $1,800 but then hits Lose a Turn. The scoreless lady calls the V's for $7,000 and solves BELOVED FAMILY PET PEEVE to get on the board with that and make the current match a tight one!

She then solves LICENSED PILOT to take the lead with ten grand. Speed-Up Round category is Event and consonants are worth $1,900 apiece. This will decide the champ. After the man calls the P, we have...

_ O _ _ T _ I L

R _ _ _ P T I O N

...for the championship...nothing. Peyton calls the C's and solves COCKTAIL RECEPTION for the title with $15,900!

She spins the triple star and the category is Thing. Beginning with:

_ _ _ _ _ N _

S _ _ N _

My gut is ______ SWING. Peyton calls C, M, P and O and gets...

_ _ _ _ _ N _

S O _ N _'s _____ SOUND. She has nothing, so the losing streak continues. If she had somehow called the Z's, she would've gotten BUZZING SOUND for $45,000.

Jeopardy!: Renee Mathis was quite popular at the Sony Pictures Message Boards when she won the championship here last Friday. Let's see if she can do it again against Kristina Caffrey (a college student from Albuquerque) and Glen Segal (an attorney from Ladera Ranch, CA). Opening categories:


At the first break, the man in the middle has four grand, while the champ has $3,200 and Caffrey has $1,000. When we get back from break, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and The Sign of the Four are the three categories remaining. First Sherlock Holmes clue:

He first played Sherlock Holmes on film in 1939.

The champ goes with "Who was Basil Rathbone?"...right to go to $3,400. $400 clue:

This star of "Lawrence of Arabia" voiced Sherlock Holmes for a series of cartoons in the 1980s.

She says "Who is Peter O' Toole?"...right again to be within $200 of the leader. Next:

This one-time Willy Wonka took on the title role in 1975's "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother".

For the lead, she says "Who is Gene Wilder?"...yes for $4,400! Next:

In a 1976 TV movie, this "Spy Who Loved Me" actor played "Sherlock Holmes in New York".

The other lady rings in with "Who is Roger Moore?"...that takes her to $1,800. Final clue:

Before "Rain Man", he directed "Young Sherlock Holmes", in which Holmes & Watson meet as boys at boarding school.

The man in the middle says "Who is Barry Levinson?"...he's got the lead back at five grand! Now, for the signs category. First clue:

At the end of WWI, the nations designated the "big four" were the U.S., Italy, France and this one.

Caffrey rings in with "What is Great Britain?"...right to go to two grand. $400 clue:

It's the hyphenated four-dimensional continuum within which physical events can be located.

Triple Stumper- it was the Space Time Continuum. Middle clue:

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Bible are War, Pestilence, Famine and this.

The champ says "What is Death?"...she ties the game at five grand! $800 clue:

It's the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.

For an $800 lead, she says "What is Delta?"...yes! Wrapping that category up:

As its name suggests, it's a square dance for four couples.

She says "What is quadrille?"...right again to move to $6,800! First clue in the remaining category:

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was born on May 22, 1859 in this Scottish city.

Caffrey says "What is Ettenboro?"...right to go to $2,200. Next clue is the Daily Double and she wagers a grand:

Before he was a writer, Conan Doyle worked in this profession, like Watson.

"What is Medicine?" right to go to $3,200! Middle clue:

Conan Doyle wrote a tribute in 1915 on the death of W.G. Grace, a superstar in this sport.

Triple Stumper- it was Cricket. Next:

Sir Arthur was a spiritualist, but he faced opposition from this man who wrote "A Magician Among the Spirits".

Another TS- it was Harry Houdini. Final clue of the round:

Conan Doyle was partly influenced by his Dupin stories.

Caffrey says "Who was Edgar Allen Poe?"...correct to end the round with $4,200!

DJ! categories:


The champ gets off to a good start this round, being the first to hit five figures by the time she finds the Daily Double under the $1,600 "B" clue. She has $10,800, while the man has $6,600 and the other has $2,600. Her wager is two large:

One of the terms of the treaty that ended this war was 3,000,000 pounds to rebuild the Transvaal.

"What is the Boer War?", she says with good confidence...and that's right to go to $12,800! At the midway point, we have Irish Songs, the nations category and Here's a Melange Pour Vous.
The champ now has $14,800 while the other two have $6,600 apiece. First Irish clue:

"Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral-too-ra-loo-ra-li-too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, that's" one of these.

The man says "What is an Irish lullaby?"...he's got second place all to himself for the time being with seven grand. We then go to the opening country clue:

Next after Turkey.

Caffrey says "What is Turkmenistan?"...right to tie for second place again. Next in that category:
Next after Albania.

The champ says "What is Algeria?"...right to go to $15,600! $800 Irish clue:

This title is followed by the line "Sure, it's like the morn in Spring".

TS- it was "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling". Middle clue, same category:

U2 sang, "She said that I must leave her, an icy tear she froze, how could I melt the heart of a wild" this.

She says "What is Irish rose?"...that's $16,800! Next:

"Here's to James Connolly who gave one hurrah, and placed the machine guns for" this three-word Irish battle cry.

She says "What is Erin Go Bragh?"...right again to go to $18,400! Wrapping up that category:

"Danny Boy" is based on this traditional Irish tune popular in the 1850s.

Caffrey says "What is the London Derriere?"...she's right to go to $9,000 and take over sole possession of second place one more time. We then go back to the middle clue in the countries category...DAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLLLYYY DOUBLE! She bets three grand, putting second place on the line with this clue:

Next after Chile.

"What is China?"...RIGHT to go to 12 grand! $1,600 clue:

Next after Honduras.

TS- Hungary. Final clue in the category:

Next after Russia.

Caffrey rings in at the last second, but blanks out, falling to ten grand. Nobody gets Ruwanda. At the end of the round, the champ still leads with $17,200. But it's still anyone's game, as Caffrey's back to $12,000 and the man has $10,200.

FJ! category: Book Title References.

It "had been built...for pigs about to be butchered. Now it was going to serve as a home...for 100 American P.O.W.s".

The man in the middle had "What is Slaughterhouse 5?"...right! His wager was $3,500, taking him to $13,700. The female challenger had that as well and adds 11 grand to go to $23,000! The champ has "The Hanoi Hilton" instead, so Caffrey wins the championship. She leaves with $28,201.

My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad: Will the entire $50,000 ever be given away by the end of the season, let alone tonight? Let's find out.

Tonight's teams are Team Hastings (Lee and Casey), Team Bligh (Norm and Kelsey), Team Curtis (Dean and Madison) and Team Chang (Roger and Taylor).

My Dad is Stronger: The first challenge tonight was the same as last week's opening challenge. Here are the scores:

Team Hastings: 13.8 lbs
Team Bligh: 12.4 lbs
Team Curtis: 12.7 lbs
Team Chang: 8.5 lbs

My Dad is Faster: In a huge slime tank are four spinning rings. Each one from left to right spins faster than the last. Point zones range from 20-50 points. What the dads have to do is get on one of the platforms, get some power rings above their head and toss them over their kids to score points. Three dads got two minutes; the lowest-scoring team gets sent packing.

Team Curtis: 360
Team Bligh: 320
Team Chang: 20
Team Hastings: 40

Team Chang never really got it going all night long.

My Dad is Smarter: Team Curtis and Team Hastings advance to the final round.

My Dad is Braver: There are 24 glass windows. Blue ones are worth 100 points while red ones are worth 500. Each dad had to break those windows by shooting balls with their air cannon, while the opposing dad tried to defend the windows. The dad who scores more points in their two minutes wins the bike and a chance at the money.

Team Curtis: 2,700
Team Hastings: 2,100

My Dad Knows Me Better: First up:

Who did Madison say was her best friend?

A: Julia
B: Maya
C: Paige
D: Kelcey

He says Kelcey to get on the board. Second:

Which of the following is Madison's absolute favorite dish you cook?

A: Chicken
B: Steak
C: Egg burrito
D: Fried okra

His gut was chicken, but he goes with egg burrito...good thing he changed his mind; that's right! Next:

Which Jonas Brothers song does Madison claim to always be singing while she's dancing around the house?

A: "SOS"
B: "Push it To The Limit"
C: "Start of Something New"
D: "Fergalicious"

He takes a wild guess with "Start of Something New"...but it was "SOS". Next:

What is the name of Madison's main dance teacher?

A: Teri
B: Wanda
C: Wendy
D: Bruce

He says Wendy...right! Next:

According to Madison, what's her greatest accomplishment?

A: Getting straight A's
B: Peforming in NYCDA dance competition
C: First place in International Cinderella Mini Miss
D: Competing on this show

He says the Cinderella competion...right to go to $40,000! This will decide whether or not they will be the first $50,000 winners. The all-important question:

Madison told us that one American Girl was her favorite? Which one was it?

A: Kristin
B: Joselina
C: Addy
D: Julie

He goes with Julie...

A: Kristin
B: Joselina
C: Addy
D: Julie

...but it's Addy. But they still leave with a little over $40,000 in cash and prizes!

Deal or No Deal: Steve Vincentini is back.

1. #4- $25,000
2. #24- $300,000 (STRIKE ONE!)


Next pick is #1...STRIKE TWO- $200,000. New offer: $173,000...

...DEAL! Has another million gone down the drain?...

...NO- he had $10, so he made a great deal! Had he gone one more time with #7, he would've knocked out the dollar and likely have taken home $236,000. He then would've knocked out the million at #25.

Carol Gerard won $165,000 in her game, but she committed a GARF OF THE CENTURY after taking her deal. Her case was #18, which had $75. With the penny, buck, $25, $75 and $1,000,000 on the board, here was the playout had she gone on:

#9- PENNY (Offer: $236,000)
#4- BUCK (Offer: $367,000)
#16- $25 (Offer: $499,000)

I thought we were going to see $1,000,000 coughed up for the third week in a row. Thank goodness that didn't happen tonight. Believe it or not, in both games tonight, #25 had the $1,000,000. I don't recall that ever happening in back-to-back games that were not part of a Million Dollar Mission.
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