Tuesday, March 04, 2008

3/4/2008 Results

Temptation: Millena defends her title for the first time today against Deborah and De Rynn. After the first Speed Round...

Millena: $40
Deborah: $20
De Rynn: $25

...Millena is offered a trip to Las Vegas, which includes the chance to see a performance from the Chippendales, worth $2,300 for just $10. The final offer is a $200 bonus. Going once...going twice...SOLD! $15 Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

Category: Fictional Place.

1. I share my first name with a type of flower.
2. You can find me in a town called Fairview.
3. I'm covered in lawns and white picket fences.
4. Yet behind those fences lurks a secret world of adultery.

De Rynn then rings in...

_ I _ T E R I _

_ A _ E

...she says the home of "Desperate Housewives", WISTERIA LANE, to go to $40.

The second Speed Round dealt with songs from "Footloose" and "Grease". After that...

Millena: $45
Deborah: $20
De Rynn: $60

...De Rynn now has a $15 lead.

Knock Off category: Titles of books in the "...for Dummes" series.

Breast-feeding for Dummies
Boston Terriers for Dummies
Overcoming Dyslexia for Dummies
The circus for Dummies
UFOs for Dummies
Beekeeping for Dummies
Saltwater aquariums for Dummies
Stretching for Dummies
Running for Dummies
MENSA for Dummies
Home-schooling for Dummies
John Paul II for Dummies

Deborah: MENSA
Millena: Breast-feeding- $5 ($50)
De Rynn: Running- $3 ($63)

Millena: Beekeeping- $5 ($55)
De Rynn: Saltwater aquariums- $2 ($65)

Millena: UFOs
De Rynn: Stretching- $3 ($68)

1. The Circus

Home-schooling had the $15, Overcoming Dyslexia had the $10, John Paul II was worth $5 and the Boston Terriers were worth $2.

De Rynn's Instant Bargain is an iPhone, an iPod and an alarm clock, all worth $949 for $15. The final offer is a $13 sale price. Going once...going twice...NO SALE. She was a second too late on the buzzer. $25 Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Fictional Character.

1. I'm originally from Pennsylvania.
2. I married a girl who worked in a pet shop.
3. But my job required a little more training.
4. I lost at the end of my first film, but I won over the crowd.
5. I earned the nickname "The Italian Stallion".

De Rynn then rings in...

_ O C _ Y

_ A L _ O _

...she gets ROCKY BALBOA to go to $93! She then passes on the $500 chance in Instant Cash. It was in the white wallet, which she wouldn't have chosen.

She then wins the championship with $103! Millena leaves with $3,696 in cash and prizes while Deborah gets dragged to the clubhouse.

Super Knock Off category: "American Idol" winners!

Carrie Underwood
Bo Bice
Diana DeGarmo
Taylor Hicks
Fantasia Barrino
Justin Guarini
Katharine McPhee
Ruben Studdard
Clay Aiken
Jordin Sparks
Jennifer Hudson
Kelly Clarkson

1. Taylor Hicks- $25
2. Kelly Clarkson- $25
3. Jordin Sparks- $50
4. Ruben Studdard- $100
5. Carrie Underwood- $25
6. Fantasia Barrino- $25 (SWEEP!)

I'm so happy she cleared the board on one of my favorite subjects! With $353 in her bank account...she'll be back tomorrow!

WWTBAM: Dave Price Week continues with Nate Jones. I would like to point out that just before this episode taped, Nate was concerned about how Dave Price would fare as host of a game show. We resume with this $2,000 question:

Featuring songs in English, Hindi and Punjabi, what 2004 film is a Bollywood version of a classic Jane Austen novel?

A: "Lila Says"
B: "Ladies in Lavender"
C: "Bad Education"
D: "Bride & Prejudice"

He asks the audience and 76% said "Bride & Prejudice". He agrees and is right. Next:

Which of these bottled water brands is produced by the makers of Coca-Cola?

A: Aquafina
B: Volvic
C: Dasani
D: Fiji

He gets Dasani for $4,000. For $8,000:

Which of these words features the chemical symbols for sulfur, gold and sodium?

A: Salon
B: Pagoda
C: Podium
D: Sauna

He figures out that it's sauna for $8,000. For $16,000:

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located on the former site of the president's Elkhorn Ranch in what U.S. state?

A: N. Dakota
B: Oregon
C: Colorado
D: Texas

He decides to call Mike, who says Montana, which is nowhere on the board. Yipes! The 50:50 leaves North Dakota and Oregon. This is still of no help, so he takes the $8,000 and goes home. Answer: North Dakota.

Next is Christine McQuade from Middletown, NJ. Her husband is a Secret Service agent, and she was called to appear on the show just before they were about to leave for Florida. $16,000 question:

Which of these Shakespeare characters are the protagonist and antagonist of a play?

A: Hamlet and Horatio
B: King Lear and Gloucester
C: Romeo and Mercutio
D: Othello and Iago

She asks the audience. 55% said Othello and Iago while 27% said Romeo and Mercutio. She goes with Othello and Iago...

A: Hamlet and Horatio
B: King Lear and Gloucester
C: Romeo and Mercutio
D: Othello and Iago

...right! For $25,000:

Nearly destroyed by fire last year, the original Cutty Sark ship was built in the 19th century to trade what?

A: Sugar cane
B: Tea
C: Animal pelts
D: Tobacco

The 50:50 leaves sugar cane and tea. She then calls his brother-in-law Frank, who's very sure it's sugar cane. She agrees...

A: Sugar cane
B: Tea

...but is wrong! Darn. At least the $1,000 will help her get that trip to Florida.

Tamiko Bell-Bacchus from Queens Village, NY will be back the next time.

TPIR: Today's first four contestants are Rebecca Berg, Douglas Carter, Michael Fitzimmons and Amanda Williams. Opening IUFB is a catameran.

Amanda: $2,050
Michael: $3,600 (STAGE WILLY)
Douglas: $3,800 (STAGE WILLY)
Rebecca: BUCK

ARP: $3,495, so Williams from Brigham Young University will play Step Up for a weather station, golf clubs, a dinette and a drum set. First pick is the weather station, which is $760. Second is the golf clubs, which are $2,175, so she's pretty much out of the running to win everything. With a $500 bonus, she then chooses the dinette, which worries me...because it's $1,195. She was screwed when she went on, because the drum set was also cheaper at $1,464.
At least she won something that was more expensive than all of the prizes in this game, though.

Next is Michelle Corn and the second IUFB is picnic gear. Rich gets tripped up while reading the prize description! The winner also gets a $40 supply of Garlique.

Michelle: $500
Michael: $274 (STAGE GARF)
Douglas: $400
Rebecca: $475

ARP: $500, so Corn doubles her winnings! She now plays Pocket Change for a Ford Fusion. The first number is 1 and the numbers in play are 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. Her second guess is 6, which is a GARF. She then is right with the 8. Her third number guess is 4, which is right! She then completes the price at $18,495 to have the car only cost 50 cents today! First envelope...dime. Second...nothing. First time we've seen a zero pop up in a while in this game. Third...75 cents and she wins!

Next player is Jennifer Amos and the third IUFB is table tennis equipment.

Jennifer: $1,275
Michael: $475
Rebecca: $1,276

ARP: $678, and that means Fitzimmons will play Switch? for a secretary desk marked at $2,500 and a treadmill marked at $1,800. I would switch the prices and he agrees...but both of us are wrong!

SSD1: Fitzimmons spins 80 cents. Williams spins 70...and ties it up. The only winner this half spins 20...and just misses the 80 and gets 35 cents! Ouch. The man spins 40, while the student gets 95 cents to go to the Showcase.

Next is Kelsie McGill and the next IUFB is a pair of watches.

Kelsie: $875
Douglas: $900
Rebecca: $1,000
Jennifer: $1,002

All are over.

Kelsie: $675
Douglas: $575
Rebecca: $550
Jennifer: BUCK

ARP: $500, so that one buck bid gives Amos the chance to play More or Less for a daybed marked at three grand, a washer/dryer marked at $2,000, a tool set marked at $1,800 and a Chevy Cobalt. She agrees with me that the daybed is less...but it's even more expensive at $3,899! Forced loss, I think.

Next player is Christopher McDowell and the next IUFB is luggage.

Christopher: $575
Kelsie: $595
Douglas: $600
Rebecca: $601

ARP: $1,000, so Berg, who's celebrating a birthday, will try to win a nice trip to New Orleans worth $2,708 in Pick a Pair. The items today are HBP medicine, mouthwash, Clorox, Creole seasoning, olive oil and aspirin. First pick is the medicine, which is $6.29. Second is the olive oil...$7.99. She then keeps the $6.29 and then chooses the bleach...that's $6.29 for the win!

Our last player is Paula Levitt and the final IUFB is an armoire.

Paula: $1,125
Christopher: $1,175
Kelsie: $1,200
Douglas: $1,201

ARP: $1,201, so not only does Mr. Carter escape the First Four Breakfast Club, he wins a $500 bonus! He now plays for an HDTV, which is either $4,999 or $5,999. He goes with $4,999...no.

The birthday girl gets to the Showcase!

The first Showcase has a living room, a security system and a very nice roadster, and the BYU student bids $20,200, which is not a bad bid. For our birthday lady, we meet Nurse Nancy. First, she cleans CDs that belong to a new jukebox. Second, if she sees a lady that's stressed out, she'll send her on a trip to the Bahamas. Finally, if she's told that a prize is collapsed like a new Hi-Lo trailer, she uses the remote to make it go up! She bids $27,100, which is a GARF.

ARP for Berg: $37,175, a difference of $10,175. ARP for Williams: $24,508, so she wins and takes home $28,003 in prizes. Berg leaves with birthday gifts totaling $3,708.

Cash Cab: We begin the day with Maury, Tracy and Sam trying to get to the Mercury Bar at 34th and 3rd Avenues, 34 blocks away.

Q1: Meaning "sharpened" in Latin, what adjective describes a 45-degree angle and a bad case of incise?
Guess: Acute- YES ($50)
Q2: Still revered in Hanoi, what revolutionary once used the alias "He who hates the French" ?
Guess: Ho Chi Minh- RIGHT ($100)
Q3: Last year, the owner of Barry Bond's historic 73rd home run ball announced he would brand it with what symbol?
Guess: Asterisk- YOU BET ($150)
Q4: Also found in multi-vitamins, what metallic element has replaced copper as the primary material in pennies?
Guess: Zinc- RIGHT ($200)

$100 round:
Q1: Leaving some soldiers dazed and confused, "combat stress reaction" is better known by what alliterative term?
Guess: Shellshocked- RIGHT ($300)
Q2: As suggested by its name, what leafy V8 (juice) ingredient thrives in a semi-aquatic enviroment?
Guess: Celery- STRIKE ONE (A: Watercress)
Q3: The title of a famous film, what life-insurance clause pays twice as much as for accidental death?
Guess: "Double Indemnity"- RIGHT ($400)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Name the four U.S. state capitals named after U.S. Presidents.
Correct answers given: Jackson, MS and Lincoln, NE (Others: Jefferson City, MO and Madison, WS)
Q4: Used as a surgical dressing and gas mask, Cellucotton was the forerunner of what household brand?
Guess: Kleenex- RIGHT ($500)

This $200 question was also their last question before the big decision:

Written by a rogue economist, what 2005 best-seller explores the hidden side of cheating sumo wresters and low-level drug dealers?

They used a Mobile Shout-Out and Tracy called her brother Patrick, who said nothing. Tracy then said "Freakonomics"...right to finish with $700! They stopped there.

Amy and Robb couldn't survive 30 blocks to the Lincoln Center.

The last game of the day had Oscar, Derek, Chris and Mike trying to get to a spot at 7th and 56th 34 blocks away. They swept their $50 questions heading into the $100 round.

Q1: Gin gets its distinctive flavor from the berry-like cones of what coniferous tree?
Guess: Pine- STRIKE ONE (A: Juniper tree)
Q2: After England, but before Plymouth Rock, the Pilgrims tried to lay low in what low-lying European country?
Guess: Holland- RIGHT ($300; acceptable for the Netherlands)
Q3: Coined in 1882 by psychologist Frederick Myers, what terms refers to the extra-century ability to communicate with your mind?
Guess: Telapathy- RIGHT ($400)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Since 2003, North Korea has participated in six party talks regarding its nuclear weapons program. Name four of the five other countries participating in these talks.
Correct answers given: Russia, U.S., Japan, China ($650; ungiven answer was S. Korea)
Q4: Measuring the steepness of a line, what mathematical property do students memorize as "rise over run"?
Guess: Slope- RIGHT ($750)

$200 round:
Q1: Featuring a 10-year old radical named Huey Friedman, what comic strip often joins "Dunesberry" on the Op-ed page?
Guess: "Down in the Boondocks"- RIGHT ($950)
Q2: Placing over 700,000 employees a year, what Fortune 500 company launched the Temporary Staffing Agency in 1946?

They decided to use their Mobile Shout-Out and Derek called his dad, who said Kelly Services. They agreed and finished with $1,150! They then risked it on this Aflac Video Bonus:

Though its name means "the art of gentleness" in Japanese, this close-contact sport once allowed choking, biting and gouging. A rowdy relative of Judo, what is this venerable martial art?

They said Ju Jit Su...just won $2,300!

WOF: Patrick Warburton did a shout-out at the top of the show. Tonight's players are Diane Drapeau (in the yellow) from East Waterboro, Maine, Luke Schneblin from Kansas City, MO (who is a health care consultant) and Rosanne Cruz from S.F. (originally from San Jose; she's a student at SFSU and majoring in health care and minoring in Asian-American studies).

DD gets $1,000 with THE GREAT ESCAPE (Cruz quickly gave an incorrect response with THE GREAT GATSBY), while the man at the end gets SMART ALECK for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Place and out on the wheel now is a trip to Universal Studios Florida worth $5,030. After he buys the O's, we have...

_ _ H O O _/_ O R/THE/

_ E R _ O R _ _ _ _/A R T _

...and she solves SCHOOL FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS for another $2,450 and $4,450 total.
IHOP Jackpot Round category is Same Name. After the man calls the S's for the trip, we have...

T _ A N _ _ E S S/&/

_ R A _ E/_ _ _

...I don't know. He calls a dud in P. Cruz calls a $400 H and buys the O. After calling the B's for another $700, we now have...

T H A N _ _ E S S/&/

B R A _ E/_ O B

...I think I know now, but she calls a dud in V. DD calls two K's and solves THANKLESS & BRAKE JOB (I thought the third word was BRAVE) to double to $2,000.

Eggland's Best Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Phrase. At the start, DD calls the T's for the Wild Card. After the man calls the N for $900, we have...

_ T/_ _ S T/_ E/SEEN/

T _/_ E/_ E _ _ E _ E _

...I think I know, but I'm not sure. After buying two I's, he calls an M while on a Mystery Wedge. He takes the $1,000 bailout (good, because that had a Bankrupt) and solves IT MUST BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED for another $1,650 and a trip to Maui, for a new total of $12,575.


DD then solves ICE CREAM SCOOP to go to $5,000. Next category is Song Title. After she buys the I's, we have...


_ _/_ I _ E

...I don't know. After a $300 S, she calls a $550 N and solves THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE for another $6,150 and now trims the guy's lead, because she now has $11,150!

Speed-Up Round category is What Are You Doing? and consonants are worth $1,900. If DD wins, she'll take the Wild Card to the bonus round. After she calls the N's, we have...

S _ _ _ _ N _/_ _ _ N/

T H _/_ _ N _ S T _ _

...she says SLIDING DOWN THE BANISTER...WIN at $16,850! The man has $12,575 in cash and trip and the other lady gets $1,000.

She spins the star and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_ _/_ _ _/_ R _ _ _ E _

Her first four picks are C, D, P and I. Her Wild Card pick is F and she gets...

_ _/_ _ _/D R _ P P E D

...it's ___ ____ DROPPED. At the last second, she says MY JAW DROPPED...BULLSEYE! And she wins...

...50 THOOOOOUUUSSANNND DOLLARS! That gives her a grand total of $66,850, all cash!

How Much is Enough?: Five episodes, I think, are left in the season. Tonight's players are Alex (a student from L.A.), Brett (an entrepreneur from Denver), Lloyd (a math teacher from Rialto, CA) and Linda (a public sales rep from Redwood City, CA).

Alex: $520
Brett: $489
Lloyd: $582
Linda: $478

Alex: $789
Brett: $1,215
Lloyd: $900
Linda: $914

Linda: $1,392
Alex: $1,309
Lloyd: $900
Brett: $489

Alex: $1,378
Brett: $1,336
Lloyd: $1,356
Linda: $1,689

Alex: $2,687
Lloyd: $2,256
Brett: $1,825
Linda: $1,392

Alex: $2,105
Brett: $2,195
Lloyd: $1,900
Linda: $1,700

Alex: $4,792
Lloyd: $4,156
Linda: $3,092
Brett: $1,825

Alex: $2,799
Brett: $2,400
Lloyd: $2,717
Linda: $2,690

Lloyd: $6,873
Linda: $5,782
Alex: $4,792
Brett: $1,825

Final Face-Off: Out of $12,655...Lloyd wins $4,699.
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