Thursday, March 06, 2008

3/6/2008 Results

Temptation: De Rynn tries to make it three in a row when she faces Shamarrah and Cynthia. After the first Speed Round...

De Rynn: $30
Shamarrah: $30
Cynthia: $25

...De Rynn and Shamarrah are offered a year's supply of Sara Lee breakfast products and a TV/DVD combo worth $1,387 for $10. The final offer is a $7 price and a $200 bonus, and Sharmarrah buys! Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Comedian.

1. I started out hosting children's shows.
2. I later became a writer on "Good Times".
3. Now, I hang out with guys like Biff, Rupert and Paul.
4. At age 56, I became a dad for the first time.
5. I've interviewed thousands of celebrities.

Cynthia rings in...

_ A _ I _

_ E _ T E R _ A _

...she gets DAVID LETTERMAN for the early lead with $40.

Knock Off category: Exercise/fitness video stars.

Regis Philbin
Cindy Crawford
Robin Williams
Dixie Carter
Tina Turner
Chuck Norris
Roseanne Barr
Angela Lansbury
Paula Abdul
George Foreman
Carmen Electra

Shamarrah: Paula Abdul- $5 ($28)
De Rynn: Cindy Crawford- $2 ($32)
Cynthia: Carmen Electra- $2 ($42)

Shamarrah: Dixie Carter- $5 ($33)
De Rynn: George Foreman- $5 ($37)
Cynthia: Chuck Norris- $3 ($45)

Shamarrah: Cher- $3 ($36)
De Rynn: Regis Philbin- $10 ($47)
Cynthia: Angela Lansbury- $15 ($60)

With a $13 lead, Cynthia is offered a suitcase and two tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S. worth $1,360 for her lead. After a third ticket is thrown in, she buys!

Speed Round #2 dealt with scripted and non-scripted TV shows. After that...

De Rynn: $52
Shamarrah: $66
Cynthia: $52

...Shamarrah is offered a chance at $1,500 in Instant Ca$h. She declines...and would've won the $1,500 had she gone on with the brown wallet. After the last Speed Round...

De Rynn: $72
Shamarrah: $76
Cynthia: $82

...Cynthia becomes the new champion, which means despite being on for three days, De Rynn leaves with nothing! Ouch. At least she has her pride. Shamarrah leaves with $1,587 in cash and prizes.

She then gets $100 from Super Knock Off and will return tomorrow.

TPIR: Today's first four players are Lacey Ward, Troy Guthery, Gina and Shelley Rands. The first IUFB is a computer system.

Shelley: $1,100
Gina: $1,200
Troy: $1,550
Lacey: $1,299

ARP: $1,927, so the first man called today will play Range Game for a spa. Range is $6,400-$7,000. He stops at $6,566 to $6,716. ARP: $6,713, so he's the first winner of the day.

Next is Kelly Beardmore (who went the wrong way when she got to Contestant's Row!) and the second IUFB is a wall clock. The winner also gets a $40 supply of Slow-Mag supplement.

Kelly: $350
Lacey: $500
Shelley: $800
Gina: $501

ARP: $613, so Gina from Gilroy, CA plays the Punchboard. First item is a lamp marked at $80 and she says lower...but it's $100. Second is a toaster oven marked at $40 and she says higher...$50. Third is a fondue kit marked at $120 and she says lower...but it's $150. Finally, we have headphones marked at $90 and she says higher...$79! Ouch. She only gets one punch on the board, unless a second chance pops up. She punches out hole #17...and wins $100.

Next is Leone Hartaman and the third IUFB is a collection of kids furniture and books.

Leone: $760
Kelly: $650
Lacey: $751
Shelley: BUCK

ARP: $1,055, so Leone plays Any Number for crystal stemware or a Ford Mustang. First number in the car price is 2. First pick is 7, and the piggy bank's worth at least $7 today. Second pick is 6, which is the middle number of the car ($ 2 _ , 6 _ _). Third pick is 4...that's the last number of the stemware. Fourth pick is 3, which is the second number of the piggy bank ($ 7. 3 _). Fifth pick is 9, the last number of the car
($ 2 _ , 6 _ 9). Sixth pick is 5...that stemware costs $500+ today. Seventh pick is 1, the second number of the car ($ 2 1, 6 _ 9). I hope she says 8 last...and she does, meaning she wins the $21,689 Mustang! The stemware was $504 and the piggy bank had $7.32 in it today.

SSD1: The only real loser this half spins 80 cents. The man spins 65...and 35 for $1,000! The big winner can't match it, so he's in the Showcase. The man's Bonus Spin nets him...nothing else.

Next player is Jordan Sanchez and the next IUFB is backpacking equipment. The winner also gets $40 worth of Garlique.

Jordan: $500
Kelly: $650
Lacey: $651
Shelley: $652

ARP: $893, so Rands will play Hi-Lo for a bedroom worth $6,314. Products today are skin cream, Clorox wipes, hearing aid, air freshener, V8 juice and Aspercreme patches. First pick is the patches, worth $8.95. Second pick is the cream, which is $3.88. Final pick is the hearing aid, which is $6.99. The juice is $3.15, the wipes are $2.99 and the air freshener is...$5.49.

Next player is Michael Caldwell and the next IUFB is a freezer. $40 worth of freezer bags also goes to the winner.

Michael: $1,295
Jordan: $1,300
Kelly: $999
Lacey: $1,201

ARP: $1,049, so Beardmore will take a stoll to Barker's Bargain Bar and try to win a sofa marked at $1,005 and an off-road vehicle marked at $1,899. I say the vehicle is the bigger bargain and she agrees. ARP of the sofa: $1,605. ARP for the vehicle: $2,199, so she gets screwed by a cheap vehicle!

The last player to leave the audience today is Carol Barrett and the final IUFB is a game table. The winner goes for a car.

Carol: $595
Lacey: $750
Michael: $625
Jordan: BUCK

ARP: $600, so Ward goes to the First Four Breakfast Club while Barrett plays Dice Game for a Pontiac G6. First number is 2. She first rolls a 6 and is wrong, but it's a freebie. It's 1. Her third number roll is 5, which is wrong, but she says lower and is halfway home. For the fourth number, she rolls a 3 and says higher. Her last number roll is a 4, which is wrong, and she says higher, hoping it's a 6. ARP: 21 thousand, two hundred, Shouldn't have gone against the odds at the end. But she does get to the Showcase.

The first Showcase is about home improvements. First, turn that wreck room into a useful home gym by using boxing equipment. Second, update your family room with a new plasma TV. Finally, while the rest of your house is redecorated, head out on an Oriental Cruise. She bids $17,500. For the man, we have a karaoke sound system, a trip to Alaska and a Reinell 20" ski boat, and he bids $27,550.

ARP for her: $16,687, so she's over and leaves with parting gifts. ARP for him: 27 thousand...

...684- HE'S A DOUBLE SHOWCASE WINNER!! That's a grand total of $54,011 in cash and prizes! He's the biggest daytime winner on the show since January! And that's the second week in a row a daytime DSW has occurred (three weeks in a row overall with the million-dollar DSW)!

WOF: We start with a shout-out from Paige Hemmis. Tonight's players are Noah Lubaski from Brookline, Mass. (who is an endocrynologist and the commissioner of a fantasy baseball league for 12 years; he's also a member of the Sony Pictures Message Board), Lindsay Brett from Overland Park, KS (who is a recruiter for an international staffing company) and Pearl Shields from Sentinel, CO (who is a junior at Regis University).

Tonight's male player gets THRILL SEEKERS for $1,000 while Shields gets CLASS REUNION for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Around the House and out on the wheel now is a trip to the Cedar Point theme park worth $5,108. Midway in the round, the man calls two L's for $600 and the Free Spin. After he then buys three E's, we have...

E _ _ R _ _ _ _ E R E _

_ _ L L _ _ S

...I think I know. After calling two D's for another $600, a $900 B and a $550 P, he solves EMBROIDERED PILLOWS for another $2,400 and the early lead with $3,400.

IHOP Jackpot Round category is Before & After. After he buys the A's, we have...

_ _ N N E A _ _ _ _ _/&/

_ _ ./_ A _ _/_ _ A _ _ E R

...I think I know this now. He calls three S's for $2,400 and buys the O. After buying two I's and the U, all vowels are gone. We now have...

_ I N N E A _ O _ I S/&/

S _ ./_ A U _/S _ A _ _ E R, I definitely know this. He then calls the T for a $2,500 gift certificate from and then the M for a $1,000 gift certificate from After calling the L's for another $1,800 and calls the P's for another $600. Then, he calls a $500 F and solves MINNEAPOLIS & ST. PAUL SHAFFER for another $6,150 and the gift certificates, for a new total of $13,050!

Eggland's Best Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is What Are You Doing? After he calls the L's, we have...

_ A _ _ I N G

L I G H T _ E I G H T

_ L _ T H E _

...I don't know the top word. After a $600 W, he buys the O, and all vowels are gone. He then calls the S for $5,000 from the Big Money Wedge and solves PACKING LIGHTWEIGHT CLOTHES for another $10,250 and a trip to Aruba, making his new total $28,980!


Shields then solves MOZZARELLA STICKS to go to $5,000. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,400. After he calls the D, we have...

_ H E _/THE/D _ S T/S E T T _ E S

...and he solves WHEN THE DUST SETTLES to seal the match with $31,480! Shields has $5,000 and the other lady has the $1,000 consolation check.

He spins the next-to-last zero and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ E R

Picks are B, G, H and O and he gets...

_ O O _

_ O _ _ H E R

...he only gets the second word of VOUCHER. The first word was FOOD, but he had nothing to lose, since $25,000 was in the envelope.

(My brother, Andrew, spoiled the damn outcome. What an idiot!)

Pat's wife, Leslie, then appeared at the end!

WWTBAM: Chris Keating resumed gameplay with this $4,000 question:

To view da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" in person, art lovers must visit what European city?

A: Madrid
B: London
C: Rome
D: Paris

He got Paris for $4,000. Next, for $8,000:

Two years before "Frankenstein" was published in 1818, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin married what romantic poet?

A: Percy Bysshe Shelley
B: William Wordsworth
C: William Blake
D: John Keats

He was pretty sure it was Shelley...

A: Percy Bysshe Shelley
B: William Wordsworth
C: William Blake
D: John Keats

...and it was. For $16,000:

Which of these nuts is classified in the same botanical "family" as the peach?

A: Pecan
B: Almond
C: Cashew
D: Macadamia nut

He took his $8,000 home. He would've guessed pecan...and would've dropped to $1,000. Answer: Almond.

Charlie Esser from Newark, NJ was next. He's a stay-at-home dad. For $8,000:

What U.S. President was the first to install solar panels on the White House roof, only to have them discarded by his successor?

A: Bill Clinton
B: Ronald Reagan
C: George H.W. Bush
D: Jimmy Carter

By process of elimination, he thought he had it with Carter. But to make sure, he used his 50:50, leaving him and Clinton. He then locked in Carter for $8,000. For $16,000:

Which of the following is a true statement about the U.S. state whose name comes last alphabetically?

A: It borders Canada
B: The Rocky Mountains run through it
C: It borders Iowa
D: The Mississippi River runs through it

He's not a geography buff, so he asked the audience. 42% said B, 32% said A, 14% said D and 12% said C. He misread the question at first by thinking the question was about state capitals instead of states. He went with B...

A: It borders Canada
B: The Rocky Mountains run through it
C: It borders Iowa
D: The Mississippi River runs through it

...right! For $25,000:

What shoe company shares its name with the Hebrew word for "nature"?

A: Sebago
B: Merrell
C: Ecco
D: Teva

He called his mother-in-law Robin, who said Teva, but wasn't sure. To return on the finale, he said Teva...

A: Sebago
B: Merrell
C: Ecco
D: Teva

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