Thursday, March 20, 2008

"America's Next Top Model" 3/19

To start, the remaining ten contestants got to see and perform three different dances from Benny Ninja and Vendela.

Dominique caused a spat between her and Whitney at the house after the former called the latter a racist.

Later on, Benny Ninja and Vendela came back in another location and split the ten contestants into two teams. One lady from each of those teams went head-to-head in a continuous posing competition. The winner of each round scored a point for her team. If there was a tie, both teams got a point. The team who earned more points after five rounds won some stuff from the "Swag Tent". The best person on the winning team won a special bonus prize.

Team A: Lauren, Dominique, Anya, Aimee and Fatima
Team B: Stacy-Ann, Claire, Whitney, Katarzyna and Marvita

Round 1: Dominique vs. Claire. Tie.

Round 2: Lauren vs. Marvita. Winner: Lauren (Team A led, 2-1)

Marvita was said to have been the worst of the posers amongst the remaining ten.

Round 3: Anya vs. Stacy-Ann. Winner: Stacy-Ann (Tied, 2-2)

Round 4: Fatima vs. Whitney. Winner: Whitney (Team B led, 3-2)

Final round: Aimee vs. Katarzyna. Winner: Katarzyna, meaning Team B won.

The overall challenge winner was Claire, meaning she won a trip to Bora Bora!

Photo Shoot: This time, they had to pose in really tight shots with paint splattered all over their bodies. Helping out was photographer Peter Buckingham.

Marvita continued her bad luck this week by getting caught wearing an out-of-style black hat.

Lauren started things off. Good job.

#2 was Aimee. Good.

Third was Stacy-Ann. Excellent!

Fourth was Katarzyna. She got off to a slow start, but did decently after that.

At the halfway mark, Whitney took her shot. She was just OK.

Anya then got her chance. Decent.

Claire was seventh. Excellent job to continue her hot streak this night!

Dominique was eighth. Great job!

Next was Fatima. If she did badly here, she was in danger of being in the bottom two for the second week in a row...unfortunately, she struggled with her over-analytical nature poses, according to Jay Manuel.

Marvita was last. HORRIBLE job.

That meant Marvita automatically went to the bottom two with Whitney, meaning Fatima was safe. Marvita has done well in her photo shoots until tonight. The past success thing saved Fatima here last week. How about Marvita?...

...NO, so her great start went up in smoke and she was eliminated.
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