Saturday, March 15, 2008

Big GSN schedule shuffle starting March 31st; additional note on "GSN Live"

Buzzerblog has reported the following GSN weekday and weeknight schedule changes beginning on March 24th (so says DirectTV):

9 AM: Love Connection
9:30 AM: Blockbusters (Cullen)
10 AM: Tic Tic Dough
10:30 AM: Wheel of Fortune
11 AM: Let's Make a Deal
11:30 AM: Press Your Luck
3:30 PM: Friend or Foe?
4 PM: Weakest Link (Robinson)
6 PM: Russian Roulette
Midnight-2 AM (Mondays only)- World Poker Tour

Also, every Friday on "GSN Live", a game show legend will stop by. Yesterday, Monty Hall of "Let's Make a Deal" made an appearance. Here's the tentative schedule for the next several weeks:

March 21st: Joyce Bulifant
March 28th: Peter Marshall
April 4th: Bob Eubanks (on the week he's appearing, episodes of his version of "Card Sharks" will air in the 1:30 PM time slot)
April 11th: Marsha Wallace
April 18th: ???
April 25th: Lee Meriwether
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