Thursday, March 27, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 3/25

To start, the six remaining contestants participated in a health quiz. Those who answered correctly stayed in the challenge; those who were incorrect were out. Last one standing won a mystery prize. First question:

How many calories do you need to burn to equal a pound?

Answer: 3,500, which everybody said. Next:

When he returned to campus a few weeks ago, how much weight had Curtis lost?

Answer: 100 pounds, and Kelly Fields (104), Allison Vincent (88) and Mark Kruger (101) were eliminated. This next question was the last one, and the one who was closest without going over won:

How many calories are in one cup of fat-free strawberry yogurt?

Dan: 100
Jay: 60
Roger: 60

Answer: 200, so Dan Evans won...a piece of cake?!?!? But he had to bring it to the next challenge.

Roger Shultz later on played a practical joke on Dan by stealing the dish with the cake inside and writing a note with Kelly's name on it!

Challenge: $10,000 was on the line here. Each player was given a table inside a basketball arena. Around the arena were several different foods you'd expect to see at sporting events- French Fries, popcorn, pizza, ice cream, pretzels, hot dogs, peanuts and cotton candy. Each player had 20 minutes to grab one food item at a time and place it on somebody else's table. The player's food table with the least calories accumulated won.

Since Dan still had his piece of cake intact, it came into play for this challenge.

Here were the final standings:

Kelly: 15,061
Allison: 14,327
Dan: 5,736
Mark: 5,612

And the winner, by a score of 4,480-4,895, was...

...Jay! BUT, he was then given the option of keeping that money or give it back for a one-pound pass to use at the next weigh-in. He decided to...

...give up the money and take the pass! And he weighed in first!

Jay Kruger: 201 pounds, 6 pounds lost (with bonus), 2.91%

Roger Shultz: 236 pounds, 6 pounds lost, 2.48%

Dan Evans: 198 pounds, one pound lost, .05%

Mark Kruger: 181 pounds, 4 pounds lost, 2.16%

Allison Vincent: 149 pounds, 6 pounds lost, 3.87%

Kelly Fields needed to have lost at least five pounds, thus going down to at least 194, to move on to the next round...

...192 will do it! That's a percentage of 3.52%! That meant Dan and Roger went to the elimination room.

By a unanimous vote...

...DAN EVANS HAS FINALLY BEEN ELIMINATED. Given the message I got from somebody after I posted the season premiere recap, he lasted much longer than I thought he would. I thought he was going to be eliminated along with Jackie early on in the season.
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