Saturday, March 22, 2008

MVP and Big Winners Annoucement for March 17-23

MVP: Melissa Pollack (Don't Forget the Lyrics!")

I've decided to give this lady the Player of the Week honors for the week of March 17-23 for the following reasons. First, she was the biggest winner of the week. Second, the honors was originally set to be given to whoever won the "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" season finale, but the ending wasn't executed properly. Third, Pollack made the biggest comeback to date on her show when she got to the $350,000 mark after all her backups were lost following the $100,000 level! Finally, she had one heck of a dog!

Other Big Winners and Notables:
This season's four finalists on "Pros vs. Joes"
Rookies- $300,000 ("Real World/Road Rules Challenge")
Steve Vincentini- $173,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Carol Gerard- $165,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Ricky Green- $141,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Kristina Caffrey- $59,400 as three-day champ ("Jeopardy!")
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