Friday, March 07, 2008

MVP and Big Winners Announcement for March 3-9

MVP: Michael Haynes ("The Price is Right")

Just two weeks ago, Adam Rose became the first-ever million dollar winner ever on "The Price is Right". On this week, Michael Haynes made history repeat itself when, after losing a $24,000 opportunity playing It's In the Bag and a tough stretch that saw no Pricing Games officially being won on the night, he came less than $500 away from the ARP of a Showcase that featured a trip to Paris and a Chrysler 300! All told, including three cars (two of them being Lincolns), the other prizes and the money, he took home $1,127,062 in cash and prizes, making him the second-highest winner on CBS and this show!

Other Big Winners and Notables:
Christian Siriano- Champion ("Project Runway")
Sarah Radspinner- $102,864 ("Wheel of Fortune")
Garrett Smith- $107,000 ("Deal or No Deal")
Ellen Valinotti- $100,000 ("The Moment of Truth")
Keshia Morris- $93,000 ("DOND")
Diane Drapeau- $66,850 ("WOF")
Troy Guthery- $54,011 ("TPIR")
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