Saturday, March 15, 2008

Next Week in Game Shows: March 17-23

Next week, as the college people get back from their Spring Break, here's what's in store:

Dancing With the Stars: A new season begins with two 92 minute-episodes! The first one airs Monday at 8 PM while the other airs Tuesday at 9 PM. The male stars perform on Monday while the female stars perform on Tuesday. The week after on the first elimination show of the show, TWO teams will be eliminated.

American Idol: Once again, the contestant will peform Beatles songs!

Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Which team will share in $300,000 after this week?

The Biggest Loser: At least one contestant is eliminated, and Tim Gunn from "Project Runway" makes an appearance!

Pros vs. Joes: This week, it's the semi-finals!

Also, "The Price is Right" airs new episodes from Monday-Wednesday before taking a little break, and check out new episodes from "Wheel of Fortune", "Jeopardy!" and more!
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