Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Project Runway 4"- Who wins?

First up was Jillian Lewis. The first outfit I saw was largely black except for what looked to be a gold and silver belt. Second, I spotted a green and grey outfit with a red belt. Third, I saw a dark green skirt with a multi-colored top. I then saw a black sweater with a squiggly gold line over it, completmented with beige jeans. After a gold dress, I saw a brown shirt with what looked to be a black and white skirt. Then came a prisoner's top with a dark skirt, followed by a shaggy jacket with a brown dress under it. Next came a shirt with some holes intentionally put in it, along with some black jeans. Then came a dress with a top made of black lines and some black jeans. Following that was a black top with a black and silver skirt. Then came a dark blue dress. Finally was what looked to be a dark gown for a wedding or prom.

Rami Kashou was second. Opening the show was a blue dress, followed by anothed blue one that was a bit darker. Third was a black and silver dress. Fourth was a black, silver and grey top and some red pants. Fifth was a red dress with some tacky black jeans. Next was a black jacket with a red skirt. After that was a red shirt with black dress pants. Following that was a pea green outfit, then another with the top being checkered. And then we saw a killer gold dress that we might see at a wedding or prom! We then saw a gold and silver dress, and it ended with a black dress. All told, I thought he had the lead tonight.

That meant Christian Siriano went last. Remember a few weeks ago when he used hair during a challenge? It appears he's done it again during the finals. First up was a black outfit with a hat. Then came another black out with a few hard-to-see designs on them. Third was a black and silver outfit, with the collar being a bit shaggy. Then came a couple of bland black outfits, followed by another with a shaggy black jacket. Then came another mostly black outfit with a white-rose thing that completely covered the model's neck area and a semi-black hat on top. Next was a semi-gold top and black pants, then a dark red top and black jeans. Following that was a very shaggy gold outfit, espescially the shirt. We then saw another very shaggy outfit, but this time in brown and gold. Finally was a dress that appeared to have its top made of blonde hair and the skirt made of brunette hair.

If I had my opinion, I think it will come down to the two men. Remember, in addition to everything else, the winner gets $100,000 and the all-new Saturn Astra.

Here were the viewers' results:

1. Christian Siriano- 43%
2. Jillian Lewis- 34%
3. Rami Kashou- 23%

The second runner-up was...

...Jillian Lewis, meaning I was right.


...CHRISTIAN SIRIANO!!! His oddball designs paid off for him big time! And the fans won out!
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