Thursday, March 27, 2008

"Pros vs. Joes"- THE $100,000 FINALS

Well folks, this is it. This is the finals to determine who will be the Last Joe Standing and who will get $100,000. Over the past year or so since I've started covering game shows, I've been contacted by some contestants from several different game shows. But I've never talked to a really big winner. That might change after tonight, as Gabe Canape is still in the running. Also in the mix are Virginia native Donnie Frazier, Derek Schaefer and Joe Goodwin.

The final three Joes that they had to get past are Jamal Anderson (NFL), Allen Houston (NBA) and Bob Sapp (NFL and MMA).

All four finalists competed in each of the night's three sporting events. The winner of each went to the championship Overtime. The winner of that Overtime won the championship and the money.

The first sport was football. Both Bob Sapp and Jamal Anderson participated in this. Each player had to get by Sapp in order to tackle Anderson. Each player got three downs; the one who gave up fewer yards won.

1. 8 yards
TOTAL: 48 yards

1. TOUCHDOWN (20 yards)
3. 4 yards
TOTAL: 44 yards

TOTAL: MAX OUT (60 yards)

2. 7 yards
TOTAL: 47 yards

The second event was basketball. Each of the three remaining went one on one with Allan Houston. When Houston scored his 15 point, the player's turn was over. The player who scored more points against him won.


Donnie: 6

Gabe: 7

At the last possible moment, Gabe scored a three for the win, sending him to Overtime!!
Frazier apparently injured his ribs.

MMA was last. Both Frazier and Goodwin tried to last three minutes in the ring with Bob Sapp. If neither went the distance, whoever lasted the longest got the last Overtime spot.

Donnie: 1:01

Joe: 1:52

Donnie, you gave it your best with all of those injuries. I hope you're 100% better now at home, and I wish you the best of luck in your future!

Overtime: First, they had to stop Jamal Anderson. Second, they had to score a basket from four marked spots against Allen Houston before Houston made shots from six different spots. Finally, they had to move Bob Sapp out of the senter of the fighting ring. Only the one with the best time won the $100,000.

Since he qualified for the championship Overtime last, Joe Goodwin went first. He got drilled while trying to take Anderson down, and never really recovered from that as he MAXED OUT in the first part. He got to the basketball court at 1:32...and Houston scored six before Goodwin made his shots, so that was a TECHNICAL MAX OUT. He got into the big ring at 3:28...and got Sapp out of the center in about 20 seconds, finishing with a time of 3:55.

Now, Gabe Canape is up. He also MAXED OUT against Jamal Anderson...and then scored ZERO against Houston! He got into the MMA ring at 3:25. If he got Sapp out and crossed the finish line in less than thirty seconds, he was still alive...

...HE GOT THE BIG MAN OUT IN AN AMAZING THREE SECONDS!!! He took over the lead with a time of 3:40!

His fate rested in the hands of Derek Schaefer. He MAXED OUT against Anderson, and then got a TECHNICAL MAX OUT against Houston by also scoring ZERO! He got into the MMA ring at 3:25, like Gabe. Was there a miracle for Schaefer?...

NOPE- GABE, YOU DID IT!!!!! YOU WON $100,000!!!

I am so happy for you, man. You are another example of why size sometimes just doesn't matter in this world, much less game shows and sports! If you haven't done so already, I would like to hear what your plans are with the money and what the future holds for you. Again, much congratulations to you! Godspeed.
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