Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Survivor: Micronesia" 3/19

Remember, because of the NCAA Tournament, "Survivor" will air tonight instead of Thursday. There will be no episode at all next week.

Reward Challenge: Four players from each tribe were blindfolded and had to push a huge money stone through an obstacle course. Two other players on each team shouted directions to guide them. Along the way, they would reveal some smaller money stones in pairs. Once all eight small money stones had been collection, they could solve an eight-cog puzzle. The first to complete the course and solve the puzzle won a spa getaway on another island.

Malakal had the early lead...

...and hung on for the win! They sent Jason Siska and Tracy Hughes-Wolf to Exile Island.

Unfortunately, due to increased family concerns, Kathleen Sleckman has withdrawn from the competition.

Immunity Challenge: One member from each team ran across a floating bridge holding a piece of rope. They had to find a puzzle piece and clip themself onto the puzzle piece, so that the other team members could drag him/her back to shore with the puzzle piece. There were five puzzle pieces to collect before they could solve the puzzle, which was a perfect square puzzle.

This challenge was a must-win for Erik Reichenbach. If Airai won this challenge, he had a good chance of being eliminated at the next Tribal Council.

Collecting the puzzle pieces were Ozzy Lusth (Malakal) and Natalie Bolton. The winners were...

...despite such a slow start, Airai!

Believe it or not, at Tribal Council, Reichenbach never got a vote. The vote was between Ozzy and Tracy Hughes-Wolf. By a unanimous vote...

...the lady was eliminated, so the huge safety net remains intact for Ozzy.
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