Friday, April 11, 2008

4/11/2008 Results- "Amne$ia"'s Swan Song

WWTBAM: Chris Maier continues her journey with this $4,000 question:

When it was founded in 1982, what daily newspaper earned the nickname "McPaper"?

A: Boston Herald
B: Chicago Sun-Times
C: New York Post
D: USA Today

She asks the audience and 85% said USA Today. She agrees and is right. For $8,000:

Star of the reality TV series "Flavor of Love", Flavor Flav is a member of what seminal rap group?

A: Public Enemy
B: Run-DMC
C: N.W.A.
D: The Sugarhill Gang

She's totally stumped, so she calls her daughter Lisa, who's not totally sure it's Public Enemy. The 50:50 leaves that and Run-DMC. She decides to say Public Enemy...

A: Public Enemy
B: Run-DMC

...she has $8,000! She then stops after she doesn't know about this:

Because it was the highest point on the Ohio and Erie Canal, what city's name derives from the Greek word for "high place"?

A: Canton
B: Cincinnati
C: Dayton
D: Akron

The answer was Akron.

Lisa Beck from San Diego is next. She's a dental office worker and also a member of a roller skating family. For $8,000:

In the human body, the five lower pairs of ribs are known as "false ribs" because they're not directly attached to the what?

A: Scapula
B: Sternum
C: Coccyx
D: Clavicle

She's sure it's the sternum...and she has $8,000! For $16,000:

What TV journalist criss-crossed the country in a motorhome for his famous "On the Road" segments?

A: Walter Cronkite
B: Bill Moyers
C: Charles Kuralt
D: Morley Safer

She asks the audience this time and 82% said Kuralt. She agrees and is right. For $25,000:

Often seen on the arms of celebs, the coveted Birkin bag was introduced in 1984 by what fashion house?

A: Hermes
B: Fendi
C: Prada
D: Louis Vuitton

She calls Mark, who's unsure it's Louis Vuitton. The 50:50 leaves Hermes and Prada instead. She then takes her $16,000 and leaves. It was Hermes.

John O' Connor will return on Monday.

Cash Cab: Starting us off were Ned and Dixon, trying to get to a Bloomingdale's on 3rd Avenue, 44 blocks away.

Opening round:
Q1: Trademarked by Wham-O in 1958, what toy dates back to circular vines that were playthings in Ancient Egypt?
Guess: Hula hoops- RIGHT ($50)
Q2: Mandatory in all new cars, what safety device is potentially fatal to a passenger smoking a pipe?
Guess: Airbags- YOU BET ($100)
Q3: Also a stomach ailment in horses, what healthy condition causes healthy babies to cry for a long time?
Guess: Calyx- RIGHT ($150)
Q4: From the Latin word meaning "barricade", what type of trade restriction turns Cuban cigars into contraband?
Guess: Embargo- RIGHT ($200)

$100 round:
Q1: Fond of excavating his patients' memories, Freud famously compared psychoanalysis to what scientific field?
Guess: Archaeology- RIGHT ($300)
Q2: A synonym for reckless person, what two-word term was inspired by unsecured artillary on the deck of a ship?
Guess: Loose cannon- RIGHT ($400)
RED LIGHT CHALLENGE: Name all six of the U.S. states with five or less letters in their names.
Correct answers given: Iowa, Utah, Ohio, Maine, Texas and Idaho ($650)
Q3: Co-opted by country western music, what singing technique originated as a method of communicating between Alpine peaks?
Guess: Yodeling- RIGHT AGAIN ($750)
Q4: Beloved by West Coast burger fans, what fast food chain prints discreet references to Bible verses on its packaging?
Guess: In and Out Burger- RIGHT AGAIN ($850)

$200 round:
Q1: While universal donors have Type O blood, universal recepients are blessed with what blood type?
Guess: AB- YES ($1,050)
Q2: Organizing in 1693, the Amish are an offshoot of what Pacifist Christian denomination?
Guess: Quakers- OOPS (A: Mennonites)
Q3: Meaning "little cover" in Italian, what Silicon Valley city houses the headquarters of Apple Computer?
Guess: Cupertino- RIGHT ($1,250)
Final question: Potassium nitrate is a mineral better known as what?
Guess: Saltpeter- WIN ($1,450)

They decided to try this Aflac Video Bonus Question:

While farmers might call it a dung beetle, this insect enjoyed sacred status among Ancient Egyptians. From a Greek word meaning crab, what's the symbolic name of this six-legged creature?

They said scarab...just won $2,900! That's the second Friday in a row somebody has won that amount on this show!

Trying to get to Taste of India were Michelle and Steve Lynn, and they had to survive 31 blocks...they barely did with $850!

That meant Sarah, Maggie, Courtney and Jessie lost. They couldn't quite go the distance on a 37-block trip.

WOF: Tonight's players are Rachel Nicewanner (in the blue) from Kansas City (who is a special ed teacher and a church volunteer worker), Wade Johnson from Catonsville, MD (who is a bank manager for a bank in Baltimore) and Kacey Coburn from Rafael, CA (who just graduated from UC-Davis and is working at a marketing company in S.F.).

Nicewanner knows about PLANTING A GARDEN for $1,000, while the other lady quickly gets SWISS MISS for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Song Lyrics and out on the wheel now is a $5,000 trip to Michigan from Bed and After the man calls the R's, we have...

I T ' S/_/S _ _ _ _/_ _ R _ _/

_ _ T _ R/_ _ _

...this is a famous Disney song. Also, during the last episode of the most recent version of "Hollywood Squares", Martin Mull held up a card during the intro sequence with the word "King" as the third word of this phrase instead of what it should be. After he buys the E and the A"s, he calls a $600 F and the L's for another $2,750, then solves IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL for $4,450.

Campbell's Soup Jackpot Round category is Living Things. In the middle of the round, Nicewanner calls a pair of S's for the trip. After she buys the A's, we have...

STATE/_ _ _ _ E _/&/

STATE/_ _ _ _

...I've got it. She calls the R's for $1,200 and solves STATE FLOWER & STATE BIRD for another $3,100 and the trip, for a new total of $9,100!

IHOP Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. At the start, the man calls an R while on a Mystery Wedge and! But he loses it right back to a Bankrupt via the Big Money Wedge. After Nicewanner buys the A's later, we have...

_ R _ _ E _

_ _ _ A

_ _ L A _ A

...I don't know the first word. She calls the N's for another $1,800 and we now have...

_ R _ _ E N

_ _ N A

_ _ L A _ A

...after buying the I, she solves FROZEN PINA COLADA for another $1,850 and a trip to Puerto Rico, a new total of $18,450 in cash and stuff!


She then gets RUNNING STREAM (the man blanked out while the other lady goofed with RUNNING SYSTEM) to go to $21,450. Next category is On the Map. After she buys the O's, we have...


_ O R T H E R _

R O _ _ _ E _

...I think I know. She calls the N's for $1,200 and a $300 S, then buys the I and solves THE NORTHERN ROCKIES for another $3,900 and $25,350 total. Next category is People. After she calls the S, we have...

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ N S

...I have an idea, but she hits Lose a Turn. The man calls a $450 F and buys two A's, and we now have...

_ _ _ A _


...I think I know now. He then calls the L's for another $1,600 but the big bell then rings. The last consonant is worth $1,300. He then calls it (the Y) and solves LOYAL FANS to finish up with $8,050. Coburn leaves with two grand while Nicewanner is our champion with $25,350 in cash and stuff!

She needs to win this bonus round or else we will be skunked again. She spins the dollar sign and the category is Phrae. Starting with:

_ E _ _ _

_ _ _ R

_ _ T _ _ N S

I think the decider will be the first word. Nicewanner calls M, D, Y and O and gets...

_ E _ _ _

Y O _ R

O _ T _ O N S

...does she get WEIGH YOUR OPTIONS?....

...YES!!! And she....

...nearly doubles her winnings with another $25,000, giving her $50,350 in cash and stuff! Great way to end the week!

Bingo America: Our players tonight are Jennifer and John.

1. (I19)- At age 15, Tara Lapinski won a gold medal in what Olympic sport?
2. (B9)- How many doughnuts are in a baker's dozen?
JENNIFER NAILS 13 (B----; $528)
3. (I25)- Who penned "A Light in the Attic" and "The Sidewalk Ends"?
4. (WILD)- What's the name of the famous groundhog known for predicting the weather?
DOUBLE STUMPER (A: Punxsutawney Phil)
5. (N31)- Which U.S. state's license plate includes the phrase "Grand Canyon State"?
6. (G47)- Chopped beef, onions and Cheez Whiz make up a cheese sandwich named after what city?
7. (I30)- Before swashbuckling as Captain Sparrow, Johnny Depp got his big break on what TV cop show?
JOHN SAYS "21 Jump Street"- RIGHT ($661)
8. (O62)- In the U.S. TV ratings system, what does TV-MA stand for?
9. (N41)- Imelda Marcos, the First Lady of the Philippines, was known for owning over 2,700 pairs of what?
10. (G51)- Who became infamous for secretly recording phone calls between herself and Monica Lewisky?
11. (N43)- In "Back of the Future", Michael J. Fox travels through time in what brand of car?
12. (N35)- What's the capital of Kuwait?


13. (O70)- Carbon or Hydrogen- which is the most common element in the universe?
14. (B1)- Dice or cards- what is used to advance game pieces in "Sorry!"?
15. (B5)- T or F: In a dieter emergency, coconut water can be used as IV fluid because it's naturally sterile.

1. (G54)- Who was the youngest man to be elected U.S. President?
2. (N38)- Which "Wild Hog" originally gained fame as a sweat hog on "Welcome Back, Kotter"?
3. (O62)- What's the only member of the cat family to live in a group also known as a pride?
4. (I23)- What Canadian singing diva spent five years headlining a "Titanic" Vegas show at Caesar's Palace?
5. (I21)- "Mush!" is primarily used as a command in what snowy sport?
6. (O75)- A Waldorf Salad was named after a hotel in what city?
7. (I20)- You're dreaming in REM sleep- what does REM stand for?
8. (O63)- What former Prime Minister of the U.K. was nicknamed "Iron Lady"?
9. (B13)- A girl with kaleidoscope eyes is featured in what classic Beatles song?
JENNIFER GUESSES "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"- RIGHT (BI-GO; $1,338)
10. (B10)- What was FOX's first prime-time series?
JOHN SAYS "Married With Children"- RIGHT (B-N-O; $1,348)
11. (N39)- What animal has the longest pregnancy- an average of 22 months?


12. (N32)- Budapest or Bucharest- what's the capital of Romania?
13. (I28)- T or F: Legal thriller author John Grisham never passed a bar exam.
14. (G48)- Emerald or Ruby- what's the traditional birthstone for July?

1. #8- $50,000
2. #17- $100,000 (!!)
3. #34- Hawaii

He picks #73 next, and I will tell you right now he's won something. And it is...



Jeopardy!: Well, ladies and gentlemen, a lady has come out of nowhere to go for her fifth victory tonight. That lady's name is Deborah Fitzgerald (a retired government employee from McLean, VA!!), and she now has $55,901 to her credit. Tonight, she faces Mike Corbin (a psychologist from Ft. Lauderdale, CA) and Leslie Feder (a real estate advisor and investor from NY). Opening categories:


The champ gets off to a terrible start in the first half of this round, falling to -$1,400 after a few incorrect responses. The other lady hits the Daily Double under the $1,000 clue in Mountain Ranges, the last clue before the first break. With $3,800, she bets $1,800 of it:

This mountain range is divided into three regions- the Atlantic, the Central and the Mediterranean.

"What are the Alps?" It was the Pyrenees, so she drops to two grand. The man has $800 at this point. At the end of the round, the man jumps in front with four grand, while Feder trails him by $400. The champ is now at zero.

DJ! categories:

ROCK BAND COUNTRY OF ORIGIN (the country must be IDed in each correct response)

At one point, the champ had $2,800, but blew a $2,000 clue in Alliterative Authors to fall back to $800 at about the midway point in the round. Meanwhile, the slugfest between the challengers continues. Soon, Feder hits the first Daily Double under the $1,600 Weights & Measures clue. She's picking up steam since the midway mark of this round, as she now has $11,200. The man has $6,800 and the champ's at zero again. She wagers two grand:

1.5 ounces is equal to a jigger or one of these units-- but bartender, a little extra is always OK.

"What's a shot?"...that's right to go to $13,200! We have only the $1,600 and $2,000 clues remaining in Political Asylum, Harriet and Cut to the "Quick". At this point, the leader's total stays the same. The man now has six grand and the champ's still at scratch. $1,600 Harriet clue:

Since he was unmarried, his niece Harriet Lane acted as his first lady.

Feder's in with "What is Buchanan?"...that's right to go to $14,800! $2,000 clue in the same category:

Harriet Taylor Mill helped this man, her husband, write "On Liberty".

She says "Who was John Stewart Mill?"...$16,800! Now, for the $1,600 "Quick" clue:

Rhyming play used on 2nd or 3rd down to help improve field position, though you do lose possession.

Triple Stumper- it was the Quick Kick. $2,000 clue:

It's another name for the metallic element Mercury.

The man says "What is quicksilver?"...he now has $8,000. $1,600 clue in the last remaining category....DAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLYYYY DOUBLE #2! He wagers seven grand. To stay in this game:

This world leader graduated from law school before planning the attack on the Moncada Barracks.

"Who is Bin Laden?"....

"Who is Bin Laden?"

...NO. Correct: Who is Castro? This last clue will determine if either he or the champ will even get to FJ!:

When this U.S. President suspended Habeas Corpus, some critical reporters went to jail.

Feder says "Who was Abraham Lincoln?"...that is correct to go to $18,800! Unfortunately, it also means that our champ from Virginia has WIPED OUT. Tough way for her to go out, but she does leave with $56,901, and given that she's won four games, we might be seeing her again next year.

FJ! category: World History.

Beginning in 1932, all this country's kings have been the country's founder or his sons.

Correct: What is Saudi Arabia?

The man gets it right and doubles up to what he's leaving with as the second-place finisher ($2,000). Feder says Nepal, but will be back on Monday with $12,800.

Duel: Tonight's first two players are Emily Hayes from Seattle (who is a graduate student) and Rebecca Toische from Plymouth, MN (who is an advertising accounting executive). First question:

Accoring to AOL, what does the instant messaging abbreviation "LOL" stand for?

A: Looking On Line
B: Last One Left
C: Lots of Love
D: Laughing Out Loud

Both get this one easily- laughing out loud. Second question:

The Hippocratic Oath is taken by members of which profession?

A: Judges
B: Accountants
C: Doctors
D: Journalists

Hayes maxes out, while the other says just judges and doctors...and it's doctors, so the other leads 9-7. Third question:

Who postponed her 2008 tour due to back pain, saying "You try wagging these puppies around"?

A: Mariah Carey
B: Celine Dion
C: Amy Winehouse
D: Dolly Parton

The only person out of those four that makes any sense here is Winehouse, who won a record-tying five Grammys at this year's Grammys ceremony. Hayes says that and Parton, while the other player only says Parton. If Winehouse is right, Hayes wins...

A: Mariah Carey
B: Celine Dion
C: Amy Winehouse
D: Dolly Parton

...but it's Parton, so her lead is now 9-6. Next:

Which presidential candidate wasn't born within the 50 United States?

A: Hillary Clinton
B: Barack Obama
C: John McCain
D: Ralph Nader

Rebecca maxes out, while Hayes leaves only McCain uncovered...and McCain is right, so Rebecca has her first $10,000! Her Max Question:

On the 2007 Forbes Celebrity 100 List, what hip-hop artist was highest, earning $83 million?

A: Sean Combs
B: Jay-Z
C: Flavor Flav
D: Kanye West

She says Sean Combs...

A: Sean Combs
B: Jay-Z
C: Flavor Flav
D: Kanye West

...incorrect. It was Jay-Z. She will continue on and face one of these three:

Jimmy McGill: Glendale, CA (artist)
Daryn McCord: Las Vegas (choreographer)
Tasha: Ripon, CA (flight attendant)

She chooses the Vegas man. Opening question:

On a traditional clock face, how many degrees does the minute hand travel in an hour?

A: 45
B: 90
C: 180
D: 360

The man maxes out, while the champ only says 360...and 360 is right to give her the early advantage, 10-7! Second question:

As of January 2008, which is the biggest revenue generator for Las Vegas casinos?

A: Blackjack
B: Poker
C: Slot machines
D: Roulette

The Vegas guy better get this one right. After Rebecca maxes out, she puts him on the Pressure Button. He only leaves poker uncovered...the answer's slot machines, so the lady's lead is down to 7-5. Third question:

A rhinoplasty survivor is specifically recovering from what?

A: A tropical disease
B: A nose job
C: A rhinoceros injury
D: A full-body cast

Both immediately say nose job, which is right. Next:

Which website was originally named "Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web"?

A: Google
B: Yahoo!
C: Wikipedia
D: MySpace

Both cover up everything but MySpace...Yahoo! is right, so she now leads 5-3. Next:

At 55 consecutive years, what's the longest-running soap opera on American television?

A: "All My Children"
B: "One Life to Live"
C: "General Hospital"
D: "Guiding Light"

Rebecca maxes out while the man only leaves "Guiding Light" uncovered. If "Guiding Light" is right, she wins another $15,000. Otherwise, her chip lead will be only one chip. The answer is...

A: "All My Children"
B: "One Life to Live"
C: "General Hospital"
D: "Guiding Light"

..."Guiding Light", so she's up to $25,000! Her next Max Question:

Which lizard's toxic saliva led to a breakthrough treatment for diabetics?

A: Gecko
B: Gila monster
C: Komodo dragon
D: Iguana

She says the dragon...

A: Gecko
B: Gila monster
C: Kimodo dragon
D: Iguana It was the Gila monster. Believe it or not, she decides to take her money and run in order to pay for her wedding. I thought for sure she was going to go on.

The two players who didn't get picked from the last duel play in the next duel. First question:

Who is killed when Dorothy's house lands in Munchkinland in "The Wizard of Oz"?

A: Wicked Witch of the North
B: Wicked Witch of the South
C: Wicked Witch of the East
D: Wicked Witch of the West

McGill leaves West uncovered, while Tasha only covers East and West. The answer must be East for this duel to continue...

A: Wicked Witch of the North
B: Wicked Witch of the South
C: Wicked Witch of the East
D: Wicked Witch of the West is East, so Tasha leads 9-8. Second question:

Which airline has three planes painted to look like Shamu, the Killer Whale?

A: United
B: JetBlue
C: Southwest
D: Delta

Tasha maxes out, while the man only says Southwest...and Southwest is right, so McGill now leads 7-6. Our next question:

According to the A.S.A.P.S., what was the most common surgical procedure on men last year?

A: Facelift
B: Liposuction
C: Hair transplant
D: Breast reduction

McGill says everything but breast reduction, while Tasha only covers up breast reduction, so somebody is about to put their first $5,000 in their bank. The answer is...

A: Facelift
B: Liposuction
C: Hair transplant
D: Breast reduction

...Liposuction, so McGill is our new champion! His double question:

The Braille touch reading system was adapted from a secret code developed for which group?

A: Pony Express riders
B: Napoleon's soldiers
C: Tibetian monks
D: African miners

Without hesitation, he says Napoleon's soldiers...

A: Pony Express riders
B: Napoleon's soldiers
C: Tibetian monks
D: African miners

...bullseye! And he decides to walk away, meaning he's taking home $10,000.

Next are Pamela Evans from Winnsboro, SC (who is a stay-at-home mom) and Byron Kavanault from Bayville, NY (who is a substitute teacher; when introduced, he did the Hulk Hogan pose!).

Let's pick it up with the $10,000 question. At this point, the man leads 6-3. Here's the question:

Which of these cities is fathest west?

A: Los Angeles
B: Reno
C: San Diego
D: Spokane, WA

The man's Pressure Button is gone. He maxes out while the woman only says L.A. and Spokane...

A: Los Angeles
B: Reno
C: San Diego
D: Spokane, WA's Reno, so that guy can pose all he want to for now- he's the new champ! The last Max Question of the night:

What's the largest currency denomination ever produced by the U.S. Treasury?

A: $10,000 bill
B: $50,000 bill
C: $100,000 bill
D: $1,000,000 bill

He says the million dollar bill...

A: $10,000 bill
B: $50,000 bill
C: $100,000 bill
D: $1,000,000 bill

...but it's the 100 grand bill. If there is a next time for this show, he'll be back then.

Amnne$ia: The last episode of this show to air turns out to be the FIRST episode taped. And the player is Bridget Prader.

You in 60 Seconds: She gets five right for $5,000.

Helping out with Round 1 is her hubsand Rich. We learned that these two first met via the Internet.

1. While the two got married in Aspen, four fake pictures were taken. Three have been changed by the producers while the other is a real fake photo that she must identify.
Guess: #3- YES ($5,000)
2. Pick the one wedding ring out of a ring of 12 that's hers.
Guess: #8- RIGHT ($10,000)

For Round 2, Melissa shows up.

1. The numbers 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are put on a board. This question is relation to the one time where she ran the L.A. Marathon. She must arrange them to form the place where she finished after the marathon was over.
Guess: 13,654- BULLSEYE ($20,000)
2. Bridget once signed a picture of herself for Cindy. At the bottom, she put what nickname?
Guess: Stilts- NO (A: Sneakers)
3. According to Rich, what was his screen name on the dating service he used to meet her?
Guess: RichP- NOT ACCEPTABLE (A: RichP73)

For the final main round, Robert, a co-worker, comes out. It was revealed that she once hit a moving car with a golf ball while she was playing golf! Mr. Vecchione (who was my principal while I was in 6th grade) outta be proud of you, ma'am!

1. While golfing, she hit three different oddball objects. Out of a pool of ten, she must give the three objects she inadvertantly hit while golfing in order. Her guess:

1. Mini Cooper
2. Golf cart
3. Trash can

Right? YOU BET ($40,000)

2. Give the name of Robert's dog who passed away.
Guess: Chiquita- YES ($60,000)
3. Six photos are shown- pick the one that has Jenna Bush on it.
Guess: #3- BINGO ($80,000)
Final question: Should Barbara Bush give Bridget a check for $2,695, what package would she be buying?
Guess: Elegant (Wedding)- RIGHT ($100,000!)

She doesn't want to do any Total Amne$ia, so she closes the show out in fine style with $105K!

TPIR MDS: Starting the show tonight are Fawnna Colbert, Brenda Ball, Brandon Aviard and Kimberly Grano. First IUFB is a desktop computer system.

Kimberly: $979 (GARF OF THE CENTURY)
Brandon: $1,300 (STAGE GARF)
Brenda: $1,500
Fawnna: $1,350 (STAGE GARF)

By default, Ball wins. ARP: $2,180, so she will play Triple Play. First up is a Ford Fusion, and the choices:


She easily gets $16,210. ARP: $18,495. Next is a Dodge Ram ST Regular Cab 4X2, and here are the choices:


She says $21,850...


...yes indeed. ARP: $23,555. I thought for sure she was going to lose here. The last car is not a luxury car, but rather a Pontiac Solstice. The choices:


Her guess is $27,844...

$27,844 Was it $26, ARP: $25,350, so she should've chosen the top price. She gave it a good try.

Next player is Julie Johnson and the second IUFB is SCUBA gear.

Julie: $2,500
Fawnna: $1,500 (STAGE GARF)
Kimberly: $4,000
Brandon: $2,501

ARP: $4,475, so Grano will play Super It's In the Bag. Products tonight are salsa, pasta sauce, mixed nuts, Alka-Seltzer Plus, Chips Ahoy! and vitamins. The first bag has a 55 cent item, and she picks the cookies. The second item costs $14.96 and she picks the vitamins. For the $1.99 item, she picks the salsa. For the $2.99 item, she picks the pasta sauce. And for the $6.49 item, she picks the nuts. The first two items are right. She goes on with the salsa and I groaned...because the pasta sauce's in the $1.99 bag instead. She had the sauce and salsa swapped around, and the nuts were right at $6.49.

Next is Domus Goah and the third IUFB is a spa.

Domus: $2,400
Brandon: $6,000 (STAGE WILLY)
Julie: $4,500
Fawnna: $6,001 (STAGE WILLY)

ARP: $5,094, so Johnson will play Range Game for a roadster bike. The range is $14,900-$15,500. She says this is her favorite game. She stops at $15,068 to $15, It was $15,299.

But she does get to the Showcase and wins $5,000 from the Big Wheel.

Next player is Wesley Beulock from the U.S. Coast Guard and the next IUFB is an expresso center.

Wesley: $450 (GARF OF THE CENTURY)
Fawnna: $1,025 (STAGE GARF)
Brandon: $1,026

By default, the first man to get called down tonight wins. ARP: $2,498, so he plays Cover Up for a Ford Shelby GT350 Convertible! Board:

First number: 1 or 4?
Second number: 0, 6 or 9?
Third number: 0, 1, 4 or 7?
Fourth number: 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9?
Last number: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 7?

I thought this was the Million Dollar Game, but it's not. First guess is $49,750...the second and fourth digits are wrong. Second guess is $46,780...only the fourth digit is wrong now. His last guess is $46,790...I said $46,740...but we're both wrong! It was $46,760.

The next player is Nicole Bowzer from Canada and the next IUFB is an outdoor LCD TV.

Nicole: $2,000
Wesley: $1,600
Fawnna: $2,500
Domus: $2,600

ARP: $3,934, so Goah will try to crack the Safe Crackers safe for a Chevy Impala (Std., ALB, Mats, Heater) plus a Wii video game system with game package. The numbers in the price of the game system are 0, 6 and 7. Should he win this game, he also gets a chance at $1,000,000. His guess for the game system is $670...first winner of the night! Now, to win the $1,000,000, he must figure out the price of the car. The numbers in the price of the car are 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7. BUT, he must decide whether or not to go for it, because if he goes for it and loses, everything is lost. He decides to take his current winnings and split. ARP of the car was $23,175, and he would've committed a WILLY OF THE CENTURY on his car guess- he would've said $32K+.

Our last player tonight is Kenna Larson and the final IUFB is lawn/gardening equipment.

Kenna: $2,600
Nicole: $3,500
Wesley: $3,200
Fawnna: $3,501

ARP: $5,438, so Colbert escapes the dreaded nighttime house of shame! She now plays Squeeeeeeeeeeeeze Play for a sailboat. Board:


Her guess is $9,247...

$ 9 2 4 7 It was $9,627.

The only winner so far this show gets to the Showcase and wins $5,000! In his Bonus Spin...just missed the 25 grand by one spot (he got the 80 cents).

First Showcase features prizes to enjoy the sporty life. First, try to check out Yankees and Mets baseball games while on your trip to NYC. Second, you might win a trip to a place where most of the best soccer players in the world come from- Spain! Third, if you're a rugby fan, you might want to see some rugby games while in Austrailia! Finally, you could go to any local sports game you like while driving your new Lincoln Town Car! JJ gets this and bids $65,000, which sounds good to me. For our sole winner so far, we have prizes related to other types of games. First, there's a game room that consists of an electronic jump rope game, an arcade basketball game and a pinball machine. But if you want to enjoy some games outside of the house, try traveling in your new Fleetwood Terry 295TSRL trailer. He bids $42,000. The second showcase could be screaming a FORCED STAGE WILLY here.

ARP for him: $67,871, so he actually commited a GARF OF THE CENTURY here! That surprised me. ARP for her...

...$68,473, so she's indeed tonight's champion! She takes home $78,567 in cash and prizes! The man leaves with $32,779 in booty.

(It's been reported during the majority of the taping of the season's first six MDSs that Drew Carey was sick and had to fight the symptoms while he was hosting them. I really thought his sickness really hurt his hosting tonight unlike the other MDSs I've seen. Also, it was said during the $1M part of Safe Crackers that the numbers in the car price COULD repeat, unlike with the video game system.)
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