Thursday, April 10, 2008

"America's Next Top Model" 4/2

For the first challenge of this episode, the remaining eight contestants were divided into two teams of four:

1. Claire, Dominique, Stacy-Ann and Whitney
2. Fatima, Katarzyna, Lauren and Anya

Each team got a Sprint navigational cell phone to get directions from to meet with a certain designer studio.

Team #1: Pamella Roland
Team #2: Shoshanna Gruss

When showing off for SG, Lauren was uncomfortable. While Claire's walking was great, Pamella Roland didn't like her look. Whitney was said to have done too much wiggling in her pose.

The teams then switched places. Claire didn't fully show her personality to Shoshanna Gruss. Fatima's size was said to have been too small for Pamella Roland, Anya was said to have been a little timid there, and Lauren dressed awkwardly for PR.

Finally, both teams went to Alice + Olivia. Since both teams' scores were close, this visit would decide which team won this challenge.

There, Dominique was told she didn't have a real model look. Lauren did nothing but horsewalking. The winning team was...

...Team #1! That team got to be the subject of a summer beauty story in a future issue of Seventeen magazine. Stacy-Ann did the best job.

Photo Shoot: The remaining eight ladies had to pose with emotion on a floor doused with water...about 10 feet above the ground. Everyone had to look raw (not wearing any makeup, hair products, etc.). Mike Rosenthal helped out with this.

First was Claire. She tried a face down pose...and banged up her face, so she had to do a re-take. Understandably, she didn't do so well on her other try.

Second was Dominique. Great job!

Third was Lauren. She did OK.

In the midway spot was Anya. Very good!

Next was Katarzyna. Another excellent job by her! She's my favorite to win this season.

Whitney then got her shot. Excellent!

Stacy-Ann was next. She didn't do too good here.

Fatima then went last. Excellent!

You can pretty much guess Lauren and Claire were in the bottom two this week because of their bad luck this week. Did Claire's injury get her enough sympathy to send her to the next round?...

...NO, so she was eliminated. A good start on the season goes to waste for her.
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