Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"America's Next Top Model" 4/23

The six remaining contestants flew to Rome!

After they got a tour of the city, they met with Attilio Vaccari, the art director for Gai Mattiolo, to show off for Gai.

Fatima was said to have been very elegant. Dominique didn't look fresh. Katarzyna continued to be very beautiful. Whitney was told that she did great things with her face. But the winner was Anya, who won a gown people usually wear at red carpet events.

In place of a Photo Shoot this week, the big challenge was to shoot a :30 CoverGirl Queen Collection commercial in Italian.

Anya was first. This was OK because Jay Manuel said she was very flirty.

Second was Katarzyna. Another very good job by her!

Third was Dominique. HORRIBLE job, because it was reported she mostly said Chinese instead!
She probably was headed to the bottom two because she didn't do that well in the night's first challenge.

Lauren then got her chance. ALSO HORRIBLE.

Fatima tried to do much better than the previous two...and she did!

Whitney then performed last. She was HORRIBLE, because most of her acting was said to have been fake.

Dominique, Lauren and Whitney were all in danger. The bottom two...

...Whitney and Lauren. That great start to the season for Dominique likely saved her butt. The next contestant eliminated was...

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