Saturday, April 05, 2008

"The Biggest Loser" 4/1

Sorry I was so late posting this recap. This episode was the last one this season to have an elimination ceremony. That's because you viewers at home will vote on who the three finalists should be after the episode on April 8th.

Everyone went to Austrailia, where they would meet the first-ever Austrailian champion of this show, Adro Sarnelli.

Challenge: The winner of this race won a seaport airplane trip. To start, everyone had to jump out of a speedboat and swim 300 meters to shore. Once on shore, they had to climb some steps before getting to a set of bikes. They then had to ride those bikes along a marked path to the entrance of the city's botanical gardens. Once at the gardens, they had to drop their bikes off and race along another marked path on food, this time to the Aurora Place Building, and run all the way up to the top of that building to find the host awaiting. The first person to reach her won.

Alison Vincent had the early lead, while Mark Kruger was second. By the time the bike racing part came into play, Mark took over the lead. And believe it or not...

...Mark had the win clinched, but he decided to wait for Allison to get to where he was, and he let her carry him to the finish line! Thus, both won this challenge!

Weigh-in time.

Jay Kruger: 202 pounds, 1 pound GAINED, -.5%

Allison Vincent: 146 pounds, 3 pounds lost, 2.01%

Roger Shultz: 234 pounds, 2 pounds lost, .85%

Kelly Fields: 191 pounds, 1 pound lost, .52%

Mark needed to have lost even a pound to definitely move on to the next round...

..the margin was a pound, BUT HE GAINED THAT. OUCH. That meant both Krugers were in the bottom two.

By a unanimous vote, the one Kruger who has lost the chance at the full $250,000 for good turns out to be...


For the last week in the gym, everyone had to train without their trainers looking on.
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