Saturday, April 12, 2008

"Oprah's Big Give" Episode 5 (sorry for the delay)

This challenge took place in Georgia. The special guest was female race car driver Danica Patrick.

For the first part of this challenge, they had to help out complete strangers in a different neighborhood. Everyone was given $5,000.

Cameron Johnson helped our Horace Holton, who was moving from Georgia to North Carolina, and thus he helped him move a majority of his house to the rental truck. He was assigned to the neighborhood of Decatur.

Brandi Milloy had to go to Conyers. She and an attorney named Gary each gave $1,000 to Ashley in order to help out with her rent.

Rachael Hollingsworth went to Marietta. She got off to a slow start when she chose a woman who didn't need anything.

Stephen Paletta went to Newnan. First, he got to go to a local kids' baseball game to cook some BBQ there. He then gave a lady $1,000 to help set up a batting cage there.

Sheg Aranmolate got the neighborhood of Smyrna to work with. He went to a fire station and later helped out a woman whose daughter died just two hours before he arrived at her house. He gave her $2,500 to likely help out with the funeral.

Later on, Milloy gave another $1,000, this time to Dorothy, who worked for nine years at her job before being laid off.

Now, for Part 2. Each of the remaining five now had to go to a certain worker by 9 AM. The assignments:

Rachael: Patty
Sheg: Jeanette
Cameron: Beverly
Brandi: Mary
Stephen: Tom

Mary was running a ministry food bank and Milloy wanted to get local food chains to help her out, most notably with a celebratory dinner.

Beverly was working at a toll plaza; therefore, Johnson was forced to work at a toll booth.
Later, we learned that she later lost her newborn child, and he decided to visit her house and give her $1,000, as well as the other members of her family $300 apiece.

Jeanette Murphy was part of a family of 28. Aranmolate first cleaned out the family's garage.

Patty was running a shelter for the elderly. Hollingsworth helped her out running the shelter for a day. She later purchased a quilt for another woman.

Paletta visited the Atlanta Union Mission and gave somebody $1,000 and later decided to wash the dishes. Unfortunately, I don't believe he ever helped Tom, and I believed that might've been suicide to him.

The next contestant eliminated was...

...Sheg Aranmolate. Bummer. The reason why he got eliminated was that the cleaning task proved to be just limited help to who he was helping. He was one of my favorites to win this thing.
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