Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5/14/2008 Results- New all-time "Temptation" champion?

WWTBAM: David Williamson continues on with this $16,000 question:

What university's sports teams are called "the Judges" in honor of the Supreme Court justice for whom the school is named?

A: Brandeis
B: Stanford
C: Vanderbilt
D: Baylor

After talking it out, he says Brandeis...$16,000! For $25,000:

Though only the first one usually gets sung, "The Star-Stangled Banner" actually consists of how many verses?

A: 3
B: 4
C: 5
D: 6

I knew this one, but he calls Pam, who is a history teacher, who says 3...not what I was thinking. The 50:50 leaves that and 4. He then decides to take the $16,000 home. It was indeed 4.

Blake Burgard, a police officer from Santa Barbara, CA, is next. For $4,000:

Which of these chart-topping albums was recorded by an "American Idol" champion?

A: "Some Hearts"
B: "The Emancipation of Mimi"
C: "American Idiot"
D: "Love.Angel.Music.Baby"

He thinks it's "Some Hearts", which of course is right, but he's not 100% sure, so he asks the audience and 94% says that answer. He then locks it in for $4,000. Next, for $8,000:

An epistolary novel is written as a series of what?

A: Poems
B: Songs
C: Fairy tales
D: Letters

He phones Wendy, who's extremely sure it's letters. He agrees and is right. Next, for $16,000:

Which of these biopics is about a painter and not a musician?

A: "Shine"
B: "De-Lovely"
C: "Basquiat"
D: "Bird"

After talking it out, he goes with "Basquiat"...

A: "Shine"
B: "De-Lovely"
C: "Basquiat"
D: "Bird"

...yes indeed for $16,000! For $25,000:

What U.S. state's highest point is at the top of a 4,973-foot hill called Black Mesa?

A: Nebraska
B: Oklahoma
C: Idaho
D: South Dakota

He thinks it's South Dakota, but he plays it safe by using his 50:50...good thing he did that, because that's gone. Left are Nebraska and Oklahoma. He now wants to say Oklahoma, but he also decides to walk away with 16 grand today. Oklahoma was right.

Meghan Herbert from Tempe, AZ is next. Last question of the day, for $1,000:

In 1930, what infamous figure headed a list of "Public Enemies" issued by the Chicago Crime Commission?

A: Al Capone
B: Jimmy Hoffa
C: Alger Hiss
D: Jack Ruby

She asks the audience and 94% said Capone. She agrees and will return!

Temptation: Today, should JC retire undefeated, the worst thing that could happen is that he takes home $10,000. But trying to prevent him from winning anything from Shopper's Paradise are Misty and Jill. After the opening Speed Round...

JC: $25
Misty: $35
Jill: $25

...Misty is offered a chance to get behind the wheel of a stock car for a day on a race track plus a skydiving experience and a digital camera, all worth $901 for $12. The final offer is a $10 price. Going once...going twice...NO SALE. Fame Game board:

_ _ _

_ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _

Category: Person.

1. I once traveled the world with celebrities.
2. Then, I got drafted into WWII.
3. After the war, I switched into cruise mode.
4. Now, I don't get around much anymore.

Jill rings in...

T _ E

_ _ E _ N

_ A R _

...she says THE QUEEN MARY...right to go to $40.

Knock Off category: Guest stars on "The Simpsons".

Mick Jagger
Dolly Parton
Tina Turner
Bette Midler
Britney Spears
Tony Bennett
James Brown
Paul McCartney
Barbra Streisand

JC: Mick Jagger- $2 ($27)
Misty: Dolly Parton- $5 ($40)
Jill: Paul McCartney- $2 ($42)

JC: Tony Bennett- $5 ($32)
Misty: James Brown- $10 ($50)
Jill: Sting- $2 ($44)

JC: Bette Midler- $15 ($47)
Misty: Barbra Streisand
Jill: Bono- $2 ($46)

JC: Tina Turner
Jill: Eminem

Britney had the other $5.

Misty is offered this time a one-year membership to Bally Total Fitness plus a collection of Dove skincare, a total of $1,285 for $10. The final offer is a $5 price. Going once...going twice...NO SALE. She's dead serious about pulling off the upset today.

Speed Round #2 dealt with George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush. After that...

JC: $67
Misty: $70
Jill: $46

...Misty is offered a chance at $4,000 in Instant Ca$h...she goes for it! She chooses the red It was in the brown one.

Does JC win an undefeated title?...

...well, not yet, because we have a tie between him and Misty at $77 each! Sudden Death question:

In a formal play setting, on which side of the play would you find the sewster?

The right answer of right was said by...

...Misty, so she has pulled off the big upset! JC leaves with only $935 in prizes despite a ton of good work while Jill leaves with nothing.

Super Knock Off category for today is quite ironic, because the "America's Next Top Model" season finale is tonight: Tyra Banks facts.

Born in Nigeria
Former Miss America
Dated Seal
Modeled for Victoria's Secret
Co-created "America's Next Top Model"
Hosts a talk show
Allergic to dogs
U.N. Goodwill ambassador
Had cameo in Harry Potter movies
Divorced from Shaq
Was Tina Turner's backup dancer
1st black woman on GQ cover

1. Modeled for Victoria's Secret- $25
2. Hosts a talk show- $25
3. Co-created "America's Next Top Model"- $25
4. 1st black woman on GQ cover- $25
5. Allergic to dogs- $100

She stops at $200, taking her first day bank account to $287! The $50 answer was dating Seal.

She decides to...return tomorrow!

Family Feud: The Martin and Jones families play for a chance to be in next week's finals.

First question: Places where you hear people scream. Starting with:

2. Haunted house (20, Jeremale)
3. Movie theater (11, Jeff)

The Jones team will play. Monyma starts off with amusement park...NUMBER ONE (45)! Tiffani's first answer is the doctor's office...well, tell all the babies about it, that's #5 (6)! Duan then goes with the dentist's Timothy then says church...maybe I might, but NO WAY for this survey. Back to Jeremale, who says laundromat...ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE FOR A STRIKEOUT. The day's first steal is worth 82 points, and Jeff says either #4 or #6 is a sporting event...#4 (7)! The last answer was a park (2).

Second question: Name something you do when another drivers cuts you off. My mother and my late father certainly knows a lot about that, trust me. Starting with:

1. Curse (55, Sherlonda)

This time, the Martins will play. We start this time with Lajohnda, who answers the middle finger...all rude gestures like that are #2 (33)! Shannon is next with chasing apparently that's just for the police to do. Maitresse then says tailgating them...uh, no. Jeff tries to stop the slide with honking the horn, which is #4 (3)! Lajohnda next says move over...I'm afraid control just moved over to the other team. For a nine point leading heading into the double points round, Jeremale goes with calling the, so the Martins are up to 173! Unsaid answers:

3. Nothing (4)
5. Slow down (3)

Double: Super Match question- Egg _____. Starting with:

2. Nog (14, Tiffani)

Shannon's answer of hunt was surprisngly not on the board. Thus, the Jones family will play. Duan starts us off with Timothy tries roll, my mother's favorite Chinese food...NO! Jeremale tries to stop the bad streak with yolk...INSTANT STRIKEOUT! For another 28 points, Jeff says plant...#3 (10) to go to 201! Rest of this evil board:

1. Head (21)
4. Salad (8)
5. Shell (8)

Triple: When someone says they're having work done, what kind of work is it? Duan's first in with fixing a car...bottom answer (8). Shannon tries to take control with repairing the house...NUMBER ONE (52) to give the Martins a chance to close it out! Maitresse next says dental work...#2 (22)! To end this game now, Jeff says that #3 answer is nip/tuck...YES (17)!

Fast Money: Maitresse and Sherlonda try to take the jackpot to 60 grand.

1. If you diet hard for a week, how many pounds would you expect to lose?
2. Name something a tailor needs to do his job.
3. The most expensive city in the world.
4. Brain _____.
5. Name something a student might forget to bring to school.

My guesses:
1. 20 or 30 (I have NO IDEA.)
2. Scissors (Measuring tape was my other guess)
3. NYC (L.A., London or Paris were my other guesses)
4. Lapse (Drain and food were my other guesses)
5. Homework

Sherlonda says 5 pounds, your height, California, food and pencil for 41. Maitresse says 4 pounds, needles, S.F., fart (ironic!) and paper for only 84 total. I thought only two of the questions were easy today. Unsaid #1 answers:

2. Thread
3. Paris
4. Freeze
5. Homework (they should've at least gotten this one)

We then see the rare clip reel at the end!

WOF: Andy Nguyen watched this episode in the Navy Pier’s audience! Tonight’s players are Santos Lopez (in the yellow) from Oak Lawn, IL, Ashley Michaels from Carol Stream, IL (who is a freshman at Illinois University studying Mass Education) and Apollonia Leoni from Chicago (who is a receptionist at a law firm).

Santos gets SPORTS ILLUSTRATED for $1,000, while the student gets HOT DOG WITH EVERYTHING for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Before & After and out on the wheel now is a trip to see a Chicago White Sox home game at US Cellular Field with the right to stay in one of the stadium’s diamond suites, autographed gear and a visit from a former White Sox player, all worth $5,000. Early on, Leoni calls three T’s for the Wild Card. Later on, she calls two H’s for $5,000 but doesn’t want to use her Wild Card at the moment. At that point, we have…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/A _ _/THE/THREE/

_ E A R _/_ A _ _ _ T _

…I don’t know the last word. She then calls four S’s for another $1,600 and buys the O’s, then we have…

_ O _ _ _ _ O _ _ S/A _ _/THE/THREE/

_ E A R S/_ A S _ O T S

…I know it now. After a $300 M, she hits Lose a Turn. Santos calls the G for $900, the D’s for another $800, and solves GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS MASCOTS for another $1,700 and $2,700 total.

V8 Jackpot Round category is Phrase. Early on, Michaels calls three T’s for $10,500. After Leoni buys the I’s, we have…

S E T T I N _/_/_ I _ _/S T _ N _ _ _ _

…I know it. She calls the G’s for $600 and solves SETTING A HIGH STANDARD for her first $1,000.

Eggland’s Best Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Occupation. At the start, the man in the middle hits a Mystery Wedge. He calls two R’s and flips…zero. Later on, Leoni loses her Wild Card to a Bankrupt. After the man calls S for Santos (two of them are there) for $600 and the Free Spin, we have…

S C _ _ _

_ _ S T R _ C T O R

…I know it. He buys the I and the U’s, then solves SCUBA INSTRUCTOR for another Benjamin and a trip to the Grand Cayman Island, for a new total of nine grand in cash and trip.


He then solves IN IT TO WIN IT (also the name of a British game show) to go to 12 large. Speed-Up Round category is Living Things. The big bell didn’t ring until a lot of work had been done. The remaining consonants are worth $6,000 each! After Michaels calls a pair of P’s, we have…

P _ R T R I _ _ _/&/

P _ _ _ S _ N T

…for another $12,500 and the championship…too much time. Leoni calls a dud in L. Santos calls the D and solves PARTRIDGE & PHEASANT for the match with $20,400! Michaels has $2,000 and Leoni has $1,000.

He spins the H and the category is Thing. It’s a one-wordy, and we start out with:

_ _ _ L _ _ _ E

He calls H, C, M and O and gets…

_ _ _ L O _ _ E

…not much. He can’t get DIALOGUE and he loses $40,000. He needed at least the G.

TPIR MDS: Our opening players are Aja Mantos, Jimmy Schultz, Deleshia Horn and Robert Marshall. The first IUFB is a sailboat.

Robert: $3,650
Jimmy: $1,000
Aja: $2,700

ARP: $4,847, so Bob will walk the Golden Road. With any luck, a can of green beans could lead him to some acoustic guitars, a home gym with a built-in TV, and worth more than $100,000...a Fleetwood Icon 2014 Motorhome!!! The beans are 61 cents. The last two digits in the price of the guitars are 2 and 8 and of course he knows they're $628. Here's the setup for the gym:

$ 5 , _ 9 4

I would say 6 again while he goes with the 2...

$ 5 , 2 9 4

...right! For the motorhome:

$ 1 0 2, _ 7 8

The 2 is pretty much of the running as the third digit. I think it's 9 and he agrees...

$ 1 0 2, 9 7 8

...NO. It was $102,478. He gave it a good try.

Next player is Lacretia Smith and the second IUFB is a pair of mountain bikes.

Lacretia: $600 (STAGE GARF)
Jimmy: $800 (STAGE GARF)
Aja: $601 (STAGE GARF)
Deleshia: $1,000

By default, Horn wins with the ARP being $3,500. This L.A. lady now plays the first playing of Super Punch a Bunch in a long time...this time, for $50,000! The dollar signs on the holes have a different font as of this taping. Only one hole has the 50 grand, three have $25,000, 10 have $5,000, plus 12 holes each with either $1,000, $500 or $100. Also, unlike the previous primetime episodes with this game being played, there are still four second chances available on the board. ALSO, if she hits the big one on heyr very first punch, she'll also win $1,000,000!

First item is a remote control dune buggy marked at $95 and she says lower...$50. Second is a CD cleaning system marked at $20 and she says higher, and it's twice the amount. Third is a portable air conditioner for tires marked at $15 and she says higher again, and once again, the ARP is twice the posted value. Finally, we have a toiletry bag marked at $12 and she screws this one up with lower, because it was $25.

She punches out hols #10, #22 and #28. Her first punch, #10, has...

...$5,000! But she goes on. #22 has $1,000. She goes on to the final hole of #28...$100 but also a second chance. She then punches out hole #43...another $500 to multiply her final cash total by six.

Next player is Benjamin Fortland and the third IUFB is a Heartland range.

Benjamin: $3,900
Lacretia: $4,000
Jimmy: $3,300
Aja: $4,001

ARP: $5,299, so Mantos from Boston plays Cliff Hangers for a Great Northwest Train Adventure worth $15,386. First item is the Space Bag and she bids $20...$11. Second is a car wash sponge system and she says $17 and I groaned...but that's $20. She must get the price of the garage keypad within $13, high or low. She tries $'s $38 for the win!

SSD1: Horn spins 55 cents. Marshall spins 45...and doubles up to 90 cents! Mantos spins a nickel...and 35, so the Golden Road man is in the Showcase!

Next to "Come on Down" is Robert Howard and the next IUFB is a stereo system.

Robert: $1,500
Benjamin: $1,900
Lacretia: $1,000
Jimmy: $1,901

ARP: $4,950, so Schultz, the last of tonight's first four, plays Lucky Seven for a Porsche Cayman (Std., Pref., Seats, PProt)! First number is 5. His second number guess is 6...

$ 5 2 , _ _ _

...$4 gone already. Middle number guess is 5...

$ 5 2 , 8 _ _ over. ARP: $52,849. That was tough.

Next is Crystal Gage and the next IUFB is skiboarding equipment.

Crystal: $4,100
Robert: $4,300
Benjamin: $3,100
Lacretia: BUCK

ARP: $4,238, so Gage plays for three rooms of furniture- a living room, a dining room and a bedroom, all worth $13,747, in Grocery Game! Products tonight are salsa, Midol, Alka-Seltzer, CLR cleaner and brown rice. First purchase is two Midols...each one only costs 99 cents. Secondly, she buys six salsas. Each one is $2.99, for a total of....$19.92- she's mathematically eliminated. Her final purchase was one box of rice, which was $1.99.

Final player tonight is Nadine Ilba and the final IUFB is a sauna.

Nadine: $4,500
Robert: $5,000
Benjamin: $5,100
Lacretia: $5,101

All are over.

Nadine: $2,500
Robert: $3,500
Benjamin: $3,700
Lacretia: $3,701

ARP: $4,150, so Smith will play Super Squeeze Play for a Chevrolet Suburban (Std., LTZ, Crossbars)! Board:


I say $43,095, while she says $47,395...

$ 4 7, 3 9 5

...BULLSEYE!! Roger wanted this game tonight, for sure! And she had quite an excited reaction, too!

He also wanted to give players a chance in Punch a Bunch and Cliff Hangers.

SSD2: Gage spins 30...and 50 for 80 cents. Schultz spins 15...and 45, so he leaves with parting gifts. Smith spns 35...and 60 to go to the Showcase!

First Showcase features ways you could be more Earth-friendly. First, grow your own veggies in your new greenhouse with some garden tools thrown in. Second, go to any store you want on your new Segway. Finally, we have two really nice things that can help cut pollution- a Saturn VUE Green Line (Std., Comfort/Conv.) and a Ford Escape Hybrid! After originally wanting bid $35,000, then $38,000, Marshall bids $66,550, which sounds like a WILLY. For Smith, we describe to her what it's really like in Hollywood. First, most actors come here from NYC. Second, these actors would like to impress movie producers with the scripts they type up on their new computer system. Third, show your own personal movie projects outdoors with your new outdoor theater package. Finally, make sure you arrive to awards shows in classy cars like a Cadillac XLR (Std., Wheels)! She bids 64 grand, which is a GARF, but she should win.

ARP for her: $88,439, a difference of $24,439. ARP for him....$60,619, so he went over by just a little bit while Smith is tonight's champion with $139,984 in prizes!

Jeopardy!: Vera Swain, Suchita Shah and Joey Beachum round out the semi-finals. Opening categories:


At the first break, Shah has $3,600, Swain has $2,400 and Beachum has $600. We continue with the $1,000 Pop’s Music clue:

Dad needs help downloading “in rainbows”, but he always said this Thom Yorke band was ahead of its time.

Swain says “What is Radiohead?”…that’s right to go to $3,400 and trail by just $200! Left on the board at this point:

Shakespeare: ALL
The Russians Are Coming: ALL
Brewers, Bucks and Packers: $400-$1,000

First Shakespeare clue:

Desdemona’s lady-in-waiting is Emilia, this man’s wife.

Triple Stumper- Iago. $400 clue in Brewers, Bucks and Packers:

Get your butt in gear and know this anatomical term for a small zippered pouch suspended from a belt.

Swain says “What is a fanny pack?”…she’s got the lead for now with $3,800! Middle clue, same category:

Heart attack survivor Kerry Packer gave $3 million for portable these, aka “Packer Whackers”, to local ambulances.

Shah goes for “What are defibrillators?”…she’s leading again, now with $4,200! $800, same category:

On June 28, 1919, the buck stopped for Bess Wallace when she married this young man, home from WWI.

Beachum buzzes in with “Who is Eddie Rickenbacker?”…incorrect, meaning he’s $200 in the hole. Shah is next with “Who was Truman?”…five grand! Last clue in that category:

In 1861, a Brewer with this last name gave $408,000 to the trustees at a Poughkeepsie Women’s College.

Triple Stumper- Vasser. Opening clue in The Russians Are Coming:

This “great” Russian Czar tricked his wayward son Alexis into coming home -- bad move for Alex.

Shah says “Who was Alexander the Great?”…incorrect, dropping her to $4,800. Beachum says “Who is Czar Nicholas II?”…also incorrect, doubling up his debt (-$400). Triple Stumper- Peter the Great. $400, same category:

Playwright who introduced us to a title uncle and later to “Three Sisters”.

Beachum rings in with “Who was Antoine Chekhov?”…he’s back at zero. Middle clue there is the Daily Double and he goes for $1,000 on this:

The only son of Nicholas II, Alexis was the last male heir born to this royal family while it ruled Russia.

“Who are the Romanovs?”…is right to put him back on the board. Next:

On April 14, 1961, this cosmonaut was awarded the honor “Hero of the Soviet Union”.

Shah is in with “Who was Gugarin?”…right to go to $5,600! Closing out the Russia category:

This chemist developed the Periodic Table and element #101 was later named for him.

Shah once again rings in with “Who was Mendeleyev?”…right again, taking her to $6,600! Shakespeare’s the only category left, and the $400 clue is:

Much of Act V of this play is set at Dunsinane Castle.

Beachum says “What is Macbeth?”…right for $1,400. Middle:

A shipwreck separates twin siblings Viola and Sebastian in this comedy.

Swain rings in for the first time in a while with “What is the Tempest?”…incorrect, dropping her to $3,200. Shah then tries “What is the 12th Night?”…that’s it to go to $7,200! $800:

Most of “Hamlet” is set in this Danish seaport.

Beachum says “What is Copenhagen?”…wrong again, taking him down to $600. Triple Stumper- Elsinore. Finally in this round:

He’s described as “The Triple Pillar of the World transformed into a strumpet’s fool”.

Triple Stumper to end the round- Marc Antony.

For DJ!, these are the subjects:

“The New York Times”- TECH BIZ
TAKE A LETTER (each correct response only has one letter in it)
BREWERS, BUCKS & PACKERS (this round, the clues are sports-related!)

About midway in the round, here are the scores:

Joey: $4,200
Suchita: $10,400
Vetra: $2,400

And the board at this point:

Famous College Dropouts: ALL
Hello Kitty: ALL
Tech Biz: ALL
Brewers, Bucks and Packers: $1,600 and $2,000

Shah starts off the college dropouts category with this $400 clue:

This conservative radio talk show host dropped out of Southeast Missouri State after flunking ballroom dancing.

Swain nails “Who is Rush Limbaugh?” to go to $2,800. $800 clue there:

This Russian novelist dropped out of college after three years and then wrote “Anna Karenina”.

Shah says “Who was Tolstoy?”…that’s right to go to $11,200! Middle clue:

She dropped out of Columbia University to sign with Columbia Records and later on a Grammy for “My Boo”.

Here’s Beachum with “Who is Alicia Keys?”…he’s right for $5,400. $1,600 clue….DAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLLLLYYYY DOUBLE #1! His wager is $2,500:

After dropping out of the University of Maryland, he exposed the Watergate scandal with Bob Woodward.

“Who was Carl Bernstein?”…is right to go to $7,900! Wrapping up the dropouts category:

This inspirational TV pastor dropped out of Oral Roberts University before writing the best-seller “Your Best Life Now”.

Triple Stumper- Joel Austen. We’re headed for Hello Kitty next, starting with this:

The Turkish Angora is named for this Turkish city.

Shah says “What is Ankara?”…right to go to $11,600! $800 clue, same topic:

The “fold” in the name of the Scottish Fold refers to those folded-down features.

Triple Stumper- the ears. Middle clue in cats:

This color follows “Russian” in the name of a cat breed; it actually refers to various shades of gray.

Another Triple Stumper- Blue. We now start Tech Biz with this $400 answer:

The Times exposed memos from this company’s execs who had trouble upgrading to its VISTA operating system.

Shah responds with “What is Microsoft?”…she’s at 12 grand now! For $800, in the same category:

Hoping to regain its luster, this Time Warner online service is buying the #3 social networking site, BEBO.

Beachum knows for sure “What is AOL?” to move to $8,700! Middle clue there….DAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIILLLLLLYYY DOUBLE #2! He goes for a tie with this:

The Times cites an estimate that in 2007, its 3rd year, this site used as much bandwidth as the entire Internet in 2000.

“What is YouTube?”…

“What is YouTube?”

…TIE GAME AT $12,000 APIECE! For $1,600, same category:

The Times reported Best Buy is giving $50 gift cards to buyers of this format that is on the losing end of the video battle.

Beachum nails “What is HD DVD?” to get the lead by himself at $13,600! $1,600 sports clue:

Guess winning was the only thing for him; he coached the Pack to five NFL titles.

Shah knows to say “Who was Vince Lombardi?” to tie the game back up! Back to the final Tech Biz clue:

The David Pogue Blog says the iPhone with Push E-Mail is gunning for this most popular Smartphone.

Beachum’s in first with “What is the Blackberry?”…he now leads with $15,600! The final sports clue is this:

“Royal” first name of Mr. Fielder, who hit 50 home runs for the Brewers in 2007; his name is this, and he’s funky.

Shah ties the game back up AGAIN, this time at $15,600 each, by saying “What is Prince?”! $1,600 clue in Hello Kitty:

Eugene Field’s poem “The Duel” tells of a fight between a Gingham dog and this cat, a tortoiseshell and white coat pattern.

The odd lady out, Swain, goes with “What is Calico?”…that takes her to $4,400. Wrapping up the second round:

The riddle of this cat breed seen here- is it a pet, or is it art?

Shah says “What is a Sphnyx?”…she leads after this round with $17,600! With Shah and Beachum being close to each other, Swain is not out of this by any means. Great game, everybody!

FJ! category: American History.

In the last week of the John Tyler administration, this republic was offered statehood.

Swain wrote down “What is Mexico?”…incorrect, AND SHE LOSES EVERYTHING. She’s leaving with $10,000, meaning it’s definitely down to Beachum and Shah. Beachum had a response of “What is Texas?”…

“What is Texas?”

RIGHT TO DOUBLE TO $31,200! Did the leader also have Texas?…

NO, SHE SAID CALIFORNIA. She wagered $13,700, meaning she would’ve had the victory by $100, and that means the student from Mississippi State is the last finalist!

DOND: The world tour stopped in South Africa. The host of their version was Ed Jordan, also an award-winning singer/songwriter. Once again, our music/sound effects were used.

Our first contestant tonight was Allison Domini from L.A. Her case of destiny was #8.

1. #3- WIPEOUT ($1,000,000)
2. #24- $25
3. #15- $500
4. #12- $25,000
5. #21- $10
6. #19- $300


The model contestants you had a choice from were Monica, Desiree and Leilani.

1. #11- $500,000
2. #2- $750,000
3. #20- $75
4. #16- $400
5. #18- $50,000


1. #9- $75,000
2. #26- $400,000 (DANGER ZONE ENFORCED)
3. #7- $100
4. #1- $750


1. #23- $10,000
2. #14- $200,000 (STRIKE ONE)
3. #10- $300,000 (STRIKE TWO!)


1. #13- $1,000
2. #25- $200

BONUS TASK: Eat five Mopani worms to win a guaranteed $10,000...which she did!


NEXT PICK: #6- $5,000
NEW OFFER: $17,000



Her case had…THE PENNY, so she made a good deal! Had she gone one more time with #4, $50, the offer would’ve gone to $37,000 in cash. She then would’ve knocked out the 100 grand at #22. #5 had $5.

Rosalyn Sims was next. She picked case #11.

1. #1- $300
2. #10- $10
4. #15- $1,000
5. #3- $25,000
6. #7- $5


1. #17- $75
2. #21- $750,000
3. #14- $200,000
4. #5- $100
5. #18- $300,000


1. #22- $5,000
2. #20- $500
3. #12- BUCK
4. #8- PENNY

BONUS: Midway in this round, after cranking a huge jack-in-the-box, Rhonda, her sister, came out.


1. #24- $200
2. #16- $400,000
3. #4- $25


1. #9- $75,000 (DANGER ZONE)
2. #2- $750


NEXT PICK: #6- $50,000 (STRIKE ONE)
NEW OFFER: $105,000- DEAL

Her case had…$50, so she made a great deal! She could’ve won a bit more, though. Here was the rest of the playout had she continued:

#13- $400 (Offer: $168,000)
#23- $100,000 (Offer: $187,000)
#19- $500,000 (STRIKEOUT)

#26 had $10,000.

When next we meet around here in the U.S., Multi-Million Dollar Madness begins! Here, each player prior to the start of his/her game will draw a golden ball from a hopper. Each one has a number on it, from 2 to 13. Whichever number they draw will signify how many $1,000,0000 cases will be in play for their game.

Desiree was tonight's model winner.
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