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5/19/2008 Results

TPIR: Today's starting lineup- Jeffery Fanning, Shawn Barcelona (a lady), Maria Predeau and Samantha Holquin. The opening IUFB is a billiards table.

Samantha: $1,000 (STUPID BID)
Maria: $1,571
Shawn: $1,099 (STUPID BID)
Jeffery: $1,100

ARP: $2,400

Maria Predeau gets to play Easy as 1-2-3 for a sofa, a pair of messagers and a lawn mower. Here's how she places the blocks:

#1- Sofa
#2- Messagers
#3- Lawn mower

The audience doesn't really agree with her, but let's see how it works out...

#1- Sofa: $1,875
#2- Messagers: $1,000
#3- Lawn mower: $2,300

...she should've gone with the audience.

Next to leave the audience is Shawna and the second IUFB is an etagiere.

Shawna: $835
Shawn: $799
Jeffery: $900
Samantha: $600

ARP: $800

Because she was off by only a buck, Shawn Barcelona, who was in the studio's audience for a previous taping 30 years ago, is now on stage and gets to play for $10,000 in Grand Game! Target is $8 and the products are Gold Bond Lotion, mascara, Phillips caplets, Ziploc bags, shaving cream and hearing aid batteries. This could be tough.

1. Ziploc bags- $2.99
2. Shaving cream- $1.79
3. Lotion- $9.12 (OOPS)

She wins $100. The other prices remain hidden from view.

Next player is Ricardo Cordeau and the third IUFB is a Playstation 2 game system with game package.

Ricardo: $700
Jeffery: $701
Samantha: $600
Shawna: BUCK

ARP: $850

Jeffery Fanning, the first male contestant called down and the first male to get on stage today, got very lucky that somebody else didn't bid $1 or $2 above his bid after he bid $701. As a result, this Juneau, AK native plays Ten Chances for a beverage buggy, a hall chest and a Dodge Caliber (Std., AC, Stereo, Lamps).


1. $80- NO
2. $50- YOU BET


3. $560- NO
4. $650- YES!

This guy is a pretty good player. Let's take a look at what's in the car.

NUMBERS IN PRICE OF CAR: 0, 1, 5, 7 and 9

As long as he continues to play the game correctly, he should win this.

5. $19,570- NO
6. $17,950- NO
7. $19,750- NO
8. $17,590- NO
9. $17,095- NO WAY
Final guess: $15,970, AFTER ALMOST SAYING $19,570 AGAIN- WINNER!!!

Except for panicking on his ninth chance, he played this game very well!

Shawn ($900): $.80
Maria ($2,400): $.95
Jeffery ($17,520): Nickel + 85 = $.90

Maria is off to the Showcase.

Next player is Christina Dawson and the fourth IUFB is a refrigerator.

Christina: $999
Samantha: $1,200
Shawna: $898
Ricardo: BUCK

ARP: $1,049

Christina Dawson then plays Coming or Going for a sailboat. If she's coming, her guess would be $9,627. If she's going, her guess would then be $7,269. She sticks to her gut of coming at $9,627...another winner!

Woo Yi then dances and comes on down and the next IUFB is a selection of snow sleds.

Woo: $699
Samantha: $600
Shawna: $519
Ricardo: $400

ARP: $580

Shawna now plays Any Number for either a tea service or a Ford Focus (Std., AT, Prot, Mats). First number in the car is 1.

1. 1- CAR ($ 1 _ , 1 _ _)
2. 3- CAR ($ 1 _ , 1 3 _)
3. 5- Tea set ($ _ 5 _)
4. 6- CAR ($ 1 6, 1 3 _)
5. 0- Tea set ($ _ 5 0)
6. 8- Piggy bank ($ 8 . _ _)
7. 2- Piggy bank ($ 8 . _ 2)
Final pick: 9- Wins $950 tea set

Tough loss for Shawna. The car was $16,137 and the piggy bank was $8.42. If she had said 7 before saying 6, she definitely would've won.

The last player is Amelda Compton and the final IUFB is a laptop computer.

Amelda: $599
Ricardo: $750
Woo: $1,699
Samantha: $775

ARP: $1,403, so Samantha Holquin escapes the First Four Breakfast Club!

Samantha now plays Barker's Bargain Bar for a bar set and an eliptical trainer. The bargain prices:

Bar set: $1,149
Eliptical trainer: $900

She says the exerciser is the bigger bargain. ARP of the bar set: $3,149, a difference of $2,000. I hope that trainer is super's $2,500, but the difference is only $1,600, so she loses.


Samantha ($1,403): 55 + 70 (plus one DUD SPIN) = OOPS
Shawna: ($1,430): ONE DOLLAR FOR $1,000 (she even does a cartwheel in celebration)!
Christina ($10,676): 60 + 75 = LOSE

In Shawna's Bonus Spin...40 cents for nothing else.

First Showcase visits the First Bank of Price. Today, it holds golf clubs, a stereo system and a pair of motorcycles.


For Maria, we have prizes that will make you rock and/or roll. First, instead of rock and rolling with your ordinary air guitar, use a new electric gutar. Second, roll the dice while playing some dice games on your trip to Monte Carlo. Finally, you may have to roll over some rocks while driving your new Jeep Wrangler (Std., Paint, AC).

MARIA BIDS $20,980- STAGE GARF #2 (Barely covers the Jeep)

BID: $20,980
ARP: $30,850

BID: $10,800
ARP: $17,037

Shawna takes home $19,467 in cash and prizes.

Family Feud: The Miller and Truitt families battle it out today for a chance to play the Martins tomorrow in the finals.

First question: According to 100 men, name something about you that women find disappointing. Starting with:

2. My appearance (25, Jason)

Lyn's guess of job was a dud, so the Millers will play. Starting with Keith, he says shoe, that must be too similar to the #2 answer (my appearance). Erika's first answer is car...also a dud. Chantelle says a wallet...that's related to money, which is NUMBER ONE (56)! Over to Lisa, who blanks out for strike three. The day's first steal is worth 81 points, and Lyn tries to steal those points for her team with their, so the Millers keep those points. Remaining answers:

3. My personality (9)
4. My habits/manners (3)
5. I can't dance (2)

Second question: Things people know about Rudy Guiliani. Starting with:

1. Former NYC mayor (66, Andrea)

The Truitts will play this time. We start with Val, who says nothing...and it's not there. Cabrina next says that Guilani ran for president...that's #2 (12)! Bob's first answer is Guilani being divorced...that's #4 (4)! BTW, he has been married three times. Back to Lyn, who says that he's a Andrea tries to stop the skid with being bald...#5 (2)! Val's next guess is that he's conservative...three strikes. For another 84 points, Jason says being a Yankees, so the Truitts take a three point lead at 84! Unsaid answers:

3. Had affairs (5)
6. He's Italian (2)

Double: Name something you'll have to get used to if you join the military. Starting with:

2. Waking up early (27, Erika)

Val missed with hard work. Therefore, the Millers will play. Starting with Chantelle, she says wearing a Lisa tries to do better with taking orders...NUMBER ONE (43)! Jason is next with doing exercises...#4 (9)! Keith then answers carrying guns...he misfired here. Back to Erika, who next responds with eating military food...bottom answer (6)! Chantelle needs to get #3 or they're in danger of giving the Truitts a bigger lead. She says getting haircuts...SWEEP (11) for 192! They're now at 273.

Triple: Name something you'd like to be hypnotized to stop doing. Cabrina's in first with smoking...NUMBER ONE (54), so the Truitts will play! Bob goes first this round with overeating...#2 (14)! Lyn thinks #3 or #4 is swearing...but it's nowhere to be found on the board. Andrea next says biting your nails...also not there. Val tries to save her team with talking in your sweep...STRIKEOUT. With 204 in the bank and the Truitts at 84, the Millers have a safety net- should Jason blow the steal, we'll go to Sudden Death. He says drinking for the win...#3 (7) for the win at 477! The bottom answer was snoring (4).

Fast Money: Let's see if Keith and Chantelle somehow take tomorrow's final jackpot to $80,000.

1. Name something you might buy if a hurricane was approaching your town.
2. Tell me the age when most children outgrow their bedtime stories.
3. Name something parents like to see their babies doo.
4. Something that might overheat.
5. Name something a cowboy might take off during a game of Strip Poker.

My guesses:
1. Light bulbs (Candles and gasoline were my other guesses)
2. 7
3. Walk (Talk and smiling were my other guesses)
4. Air conditioning (Video game systems was my other guess)
5. Cowboy hat (boots and jeans were my other guesses)

Keith blanked out on the first question. He said 10, sleeping, water and cowboy hat for 90. Chantelle said emergency kit, 8, laughing, a car and boots for...194, so we will be still playing for $60,000 tomorrow. That first question cost them big time- the #1 answer for that question was water.

WOF: Only three weeks left in the season. Tonight's players are Adam Kleg (in the yellow) from Alpharetta, GA (who is a senior at Kennesaw State University studying biochemistry; he also works at a pediatrics office and a fire department), Mandi Smithart from Tuscaloosa, AL (who is a nurse) and Kashawn Perry from Spring Valley, CA (who is a reserve in the U.S. Navy).

Adam gets TREASURE ISLAND for $1,000 and then ORANGE BLOSSOMS for another $2,000 (on the latter Toss-Up, Mandi was the first to ring in but she took too long).

Round 1 is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round and the category is Phrase. All week long, the Round 1 prizes will be trips to the Caribbean. Tonight's trip to the Caribbean is worth $5,160. At the start, Adam calls an R for the Wild Card. After Smithart buys the E's, we have...

_/F E _ _ _/F _ R/

_ H E/E _ E _

...she calls the T's for $1,800 and buys the O. I knew this after she bought the E's. Back to her, she calls a dud in V. Perry also calls a dud in M. Adam calls the S's and solves A FEAST FOR THE EYES for another $1,400 and a trip to Maui, for a new total of $10,200 in cash and trip.


(Flashback moment from 2002: After Vanna talks about how much selling off her clothes allegedly costs, Pat shows off one of his black socks!)

After Pat reveals he now drinks water on the set from a lavender glass instead of a clear one, the category for the V8 Jackpot Round is Place. After Smithart buys the E's, we have...

_ E A _ T _

S _ _ _ _ _

S T _ _ E

...I've got it, I think. She calls a $300 L in the middle word but calls a surprising dud in H. So much for my original guess of HEALTH SUPPLY STORE. Perry calls a dud in N. Adam calls a pair of P's for $1,800 and buys the O at the bottom, then buys a pair of U's and solves BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE for another $1,300 and $11,500 total!

Eggland's Best Big Money Round category is Before & After. After Adam calls the L's, we have...

_ A L T E D/N _ T _/AND/

_ _ L T _

...I've got it. After buying the O, he calls the M...dud! That's the second puzzle in a row I've blown. Smithart calls a trio of S's for $1,000 from Transitions and solves SALTED NUTS AND BOLTS to win that and get on the board.

(At one point this round, Adam hit the same $450 space four times in a row.)

Adam gets ICED CAPPUCCINO to go to $14,500. Next category is Occupation. When Smithart calls three N's, we have...

S _ _ N

_ A N _ _ A _ E

_ N T E R _ R E T E R

...I know it, I think, but she hits Lose a Turn. Perry calls a $450 P and buys the I's, but strikes out with the D. Adam then calls the G's for another $1,500 and solves SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETER for another $3,450 and $17,950 total!

Speed-Up Round category is Thing and consonants are worth $1,500 apiece. After Smithart calls the N's, we have...

_ _ L _ _ N

_ _ _ _ R T _ N _ T _

...I know it. For six grand...nothing. Perry calls the P's but can't solve for $4,500. Adam calls the G and solves GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to ice his cake with a new total of $20,950! The other two get $1,000 each.

Cars this week are a Jeep Compass and a BMW convertible (it's not the Z4). Adam spins the B for Bobby and the category is Person. Starting with:

N _ T _ _ E

_ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

I think it's NATIVE OF ______. He starts off his picks with C, H, D and A. Finally, he picks M. We get...

N A T _ _ E

_ _

C H _ C A _ _ buddy, Andy Nugyen, is a NATIVE OF CHICAGO, and Awesome Adam continues to show he's awesome by solving this puzzle! And he wins a BMW 128i Convertible (Fairly loaded) worth $40,525, meaning he takes home $61,475 in cash and prizes! Well done!


Jeopardy!: After a two-week layoff, Tom Morris, with $100,801 under his belt, is back to go for win #5 against Mary Kay Schmidt (a housewife/volunteer from Wisconsin Rapids, WS) and Michael Vanderbuilt (a human resources administrator from NYC). Opening categories:


After missing the opening clue in Technology, Morris gets the middle three clues there to take the early lead. Soon, he finds the Daily Double under the $800 clue in The 50th Grammys. He has $2,200 to Schmidt's $1,600, while Vanderbuilt's a grand in the hole. His wager is $1,000:

In a surprise, this jazz legend won Album of the Year for "River: The Joni Letters".

He doesn't get Herbie Hancock, so he's out of the lead for now as we reach the first break. We have the $1,000 Grammy clue, as well as The Veep, Hodgepodge and Time to "Beg" for it remaining. After the break, he starts the Veep with this:

He was Vice President under Dwight Eisenhower.

Michael: "Who was Nixon?"- RIGHT (-$800); CHOOSES $200 CLUE IN TIME TO "BEG" FOR IT

Two-word term for the initial good fortune that might comes to someone starting a new pursuit or hobby.

Mary Kay: "What is beginner's luck?"- RIGHT ($1,800); SELECTS $1,000 GRAMMYS CLUE

This country singer cracked, "I just got an award given to me by a beatle. Have you had that happen yet, Kanye (West)?"



The American perennial seen here.

Michael: "What is a begonia?"- YOU BET (-$400); CHOOSES MIDDLE BEG CLUE

To mislead by trickery or flattery.

Mary Kay: "What is beguile?"- RIGHT ($2,400); $800 CLUE, SAME SUBJECT

To envy or resent someone else's good fortune, like my friend Trudy winning that award instead of me.

Michael: "What is begrudge?"- RIGHT ($400); CLOSES OUT BEG CATEGORY WITH THIS

This 1728 John Gay "Opera" put Satiric lyrics to the tunes of popular songs.

Mary Kay: "What is the Beggar's Opera?- CORRECT ($3,400); CHOOSES $200 CLUE IN HODGEPODGE

Nine out of ten tomatoes grown in the U.S. come from this state.

Mary Kay: "What is California?"- CORRECT AGAIN ($3,600); $400 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

Telemarketers must search this registry every 31 days and drop those who are on it.

Mary Kay: "What is the do not call list?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($4,000); CHOOSES $600 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

Thin must be in for this country with the highest life expectancy in South America, nearly 77 years.

Tom: "What is Chile?"- RIGHT ($1,800); CONTINUES HODGEPODGE WITH THIS $800 CLUE

In "The Seven-per-Cent Solution", this literary character is treated by Sigmund Freud for drug addiction.

Mary Kay: "Who was Sherlock Holmes?"- RIGHT ONCE MORE ($4,800); CLOSES OUT HODGEPODGE

Originally from Asia, the "walking" variety of this fish was introduced into Florida in the 1960s.

Tom: "What is the catfish?"- CORRECT ($2,800); TRIES $1,000 CLUE IN THE VEEP

He was the eighth U.S. Vice President and the eighth U.S. President.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Martin Van Buren


He was Vice President of the U.S. from 1921 to 1923 before succeeding to the Presidency.

Tom: "Who was (Calvin) Coolidge?"- RIGHT ($3,600); TRIES $600 CLUE NEXT

Once a pharmacist, he was serving in the U.S. Senate when elected Vice President in 1964.

Tom: "Who was Humphrey?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($4,200); TIME EXPIRES

DJ! categories:


Morris nails the first four Booza-a-Palooza clues to jump into the lead with $8,200, and goes for a sweep of the category with this $2,000 clue:

Double-talk name for a Pina Colada made with vodka instead of rum.


Shortly, he finds the first Daily Double under the $1,200 Elements clue. He has $9,800 and leads Schmidt by five grand, while Vanderbuilt reamins way behind at $1,200. The champ's wager is $3,000:

An 18-karat gold alloy consists of this percentage of gold.

"What is 90%?"...NO. It was 75%.

At the halfway mark, the champ and Schmidt are tied at $8,400 apiece while Vanderbuilt has $2,000. The three remaining categories are 20th Century American Artists, International Parks and "B" Sharp.


Among his many sculptures are "The Cowboy" and "Coming Through the Rye".

Mary Kay: "Who was Wemmington?"- RIGHT ($8,800); $800 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

Between 1971 and 1985, he depicted his neighbor Helga in over 240 of his works.

Mary Kay: "Who was Wyeth?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($9,600); MIDDLE CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

DAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLLLYYY DOUBLE #2! Her wager is $2,000, putting her lead on the line:

The feminist artist born Judy Cohen in 1939 goes by this last name, the city of her birth.

"What is Chicago?" right to keep the lead and go to $11,600!


He modeled the male diners in his "Nighthawks" after himself and the female diner after his wife Jo.

Michael: "Who was Hopper?"- RIGHT ($3,600); CLOSES OUT CATEGORY

This celebrated American photographer exhibited at the first Surrealist exhibition of 1925.

Mary Kay: "Who was Douglass?"- NO ($9,600)



Sepia and mahogany are tones of this color.

Tom: "What is brown?"- RIGHT ($8,800); CHOOSES $800 "B" SHARP CLUE NEXT

A joke says that when you play country music this way, your wife, your dog and your car return.

Tom: "What is backwards?"- TIE GAME ($9,600); MIDDLE CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

From the Italian for "jest", it's a clown or a fool.

Tom: "What is a baffoon?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($10,800); $1,600, SAME TOPIC

The Battle of Bunker Hill actually took place on this adjacent hill.

Mary Kay: "What is Breeze Hill?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD BACK ($11,200); CLOSES OUT CATEGORY

"Diglot" is a synonym for this adjective that describes a certain ability.

Michael: "What is bilingual?"- RIGHT ($5,600); STARTS INTERNATIONAL PARKS WITH THIS $1,600 CLUE

Abruzzo National Park is in this mountain range that forms the backbone of peninsular Italy.

Mary Kay: "What are the Apenines?"- RIGHT ($12,800); SELECTS $400 NEXT

The Hohe Tauern National Park stretches across part of the Salzburg State of this nation.

Tom: "What is Austria?"- RIGHT ($11,200); $800:

You can visit the ruins of an ancient mine city at Tikal National Park in this Cental American country.


This diarama at the American Museum of Natural History depicts Rowunga National Park in this African Democratic republic.

Mary Kay: "What is the Congo?"- RIGHT ($14,000)


Fundy National Park is on the bay of Fundy in this Canadian province.


FJ! CATEGORY: The Movies.

A famous scene from this 1976 film was completely ad-libbed; the script simply read, "Travis looks in the mirror".

Vanderbuilt wrote down "What is Taxi Driver?"...right! He risked everything but $2, taking him to $12,798. The champ was...

...RIGHT, and he risked everything but a buck, taking him to $22,399! How about Schmidt?...

...she's also right and thanks to Tom not betting it all, she wins the championship with $22,400! The champ leaves with $102,801, and we'll see him again next year.

American Gladiators: Cops from Chicago and Denver battle it out tonight!

In the Battle of Chicago, we have Melvin Davis battling David Moore. Their first event is Powerball. The three Gladiators here are Toa, Justice and Titan. Hit me with the digits:

Melvin: 1
David: 1

On the Denver side of the action, we have Abbe Dorn facing Vicki Ferrari. Their first event is Rocketball. Battling it out with the contestants are Jet and Phoenix. The scores after this event:

Abbe: 6
Vicki: 5

The second event in the Chicago game is Joust. The Gladiator in charge of his platform is Titan.
Melvin Davis gets DQed...while David Moore quickly gets KOed by Titan.

The second event for the women is Hang Tough. Venom is the Gladiator on the rings this time. Abbe Dorn goes the distance...while Vicki Ferrari only lasts about 26 seconds before going into the water, so Dorn now has a six point lead, 11-5.

Up next for the Chicago policemen is Earthquake, which this season takes place above the big pool of water. Challenging them this time is Toa. Davis gets the 10...and so does Moore, so both are now at 11!

The women also get Earthquake as their third event. The Gladiator this time around is Gina "Crush" Carano. Dorn hangs tough for the full 30 seconds (both she and Crush's helmets went off during that time)...ditto for Ferrari, so Dorn keeps her six point lead (now at 16-10).

The fourth event for the Chicago guys is Gauntlet. The four Gladitors put inside tonight are Toa, Wolf, Melitia and Justice. This time, Moore goes first...and runs the table in a record 13 seconds! As for Davis...he only gets by Toa and Wolf for 4, giving Moore a six point lead, 21-15.

Next for the women is Assault. Once again, Hellga's in charge of the big gun. Dorn makes it past the five regular stations before time expires for five points. She just missed getting the full ten, I do believe, at the finish button, which would've automatically launched Hellga in the air. Ferrari meanwhile gets...four, so with a new score of 21-14, Dorn's lead went up a point.

The next for the men is a new event, Skytrack. Here, contestants are attached to a metal track and the two contestants race each other while two Gladiators chase them down within a 60 second time limit. In this case, chasing David Moore is Militia and in pursuit of Melvin Davis is Wolf. The first contestant to finish gets 10, and should the other player finish as well, he/she gets 5.

In the end, both Gladiators defeat the players.

The Denver women also get Skytrack as their fifth event. Abbe Dorn must outlast Crush while Vicki Ferrari has to get by Jet...the Gladiators win again.

The final pre-Eliminator event for the guys is the Wall. Challenging Moore is Evan "Rocket" Dollard and trying to take Davis off the wall is another new Gladiator, Zen! Rocket gets the job done in the Wall this time around...and Zen is successful in his first event as a Gladiator. That means that Moore gets a three second head start in the male Eliminator.

For the sixth female event, it's also the Wall. Chasing Dorn is Venom while trying to get a hold of Ferrari is Phoenix. Ferrari is pulled off by Phoenix...while Dorn falls off late. That means Dorn gets a 3.5 advantage in the female Eliminator.

Male Eliminator: Moore takes the early lead after the cargo net...but he has problems with the Travelator, allowing Davis to catch up. In the end...

...with a new all-time worst time of 10:30, Davis pulls out the comeback win!

Female Eliminator: Dorn has the lead after the net...and she has little trouble with the Travelator, winning with a decent time of 2:58!
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