Tuesday, May 20, 2008

5/20/2008 Results

WWTBAM: When we start the day, we see that Michelle DeGiorgio from NYC has already guaranteed herself $25,000. She has the 50:50 remaining. After switching out the first question, here is her $50,000 question:

Coined in recent years, the term "ludology" often refers to the academic study of what?

A: Video games
B: Comic books
C: Alternative fuels
D: Political elections

Her gut is video games, because she believes they're lude. The 50:50 leaves...that and alternative fuels. She then goes changes her mind and says alternative fuels...

A: Video games
C: Alternative fuels

...DOH!! No more money for her today.

Next player is Dwight Heard from Fort Worth, TX. For $8,000:

Jennifer Hudson's Oscar-winning turn in "Dreamgirls" includes a now-famous rendition of the song "And I Am Telling You" what?

A: I Don't Need You
B: I'm Not Going
C: I Still Love You
D: I'm Your Woman

He asks the audience, and I know this one. 56% agreed with my guess of I'm Not Going, while 24% said "I Don't Need You". He goes with I'm Not Going for $8,000. Next, for $16,000:

In 2006, what former Portuguese colony surpassed Las Vegas to become the world leader in gambling revenues?

A: Monte Carlo
B: Singapore
C: Macau
D: Brunei

The 50:50 leaves Singapore and Macau. He then locks in his gut of Macau...

B: Singapore
C: Macau

...right for $16,000! For $25,000:

What sport takes its name from the British duke's residence where it was first played in England?

A: Billiards
B: Polo
C: Cricket
D: Badminton

He calls Rob, who says nothing. After talking it out in a rather hilarious manner, he takes a guess with Badminton...

A: Billiards
B: Polo
C: Cricket
D: Badminton

...it is for $25,000! For $50,000:

Often said to be the "world's smallest mountain range", the Sutter Buttes mountains are located in what U.S. state?

A: Washington
B: California
C: Arizona
D: Nevada

He opts not to switch this question and says Arizona...

A: Washington
B: California
C: Arizona
D: Nevada

...no. It was California. He leaves as the second $25,000 winner of the day. At least his loss wasn't as bad as the last contestant's.

Danielle Sparks from Middletown, OH will be back tomorrow.

TPIR: We start off with Joseph Burlson, Jennifer Contreras, Tarrah Carber and Veronica Glenn. The first IUFB is a treadmill.

Joseph: $420
Jennifer: $700
Tarrah: $701
Veronica: $850

Tarah got lucky that Veronica didn't bid $702.

ARP: $1,499

Veronica Glenn plays Switch for trips to Seattle and Santa Fe, NM! Here's how they start:

Seattle: $4,702
Santa Fe: $5,547

She agrees with me to leave the prices as they are...and she wins!

Next to "Come on Down" is Samuel Vargas and the second IUFB is a banjo.

Samuel: $600
Joseph: $777
Jennifer: $800
Tarrah: $801

ARP: $2,029

Tarah plays Let Em' Roll for a Honda Civic LX Sedan (Std., AT) worth $18,395. To start on the grocery portion, we have fettucini alfredo marked at $2.99. She then says that's higher than the price of the Gold Bond Lotion, and that's $9.12. She then says $9.12 is lower than the price of the Phillips Caplets, and they're $5.49.

On her first roll, she gets one car and $4,000. On her second roll, she gets another car and $3,000, and she decides to take the money.

Next player is Monique Cutlin and the third IUFB is a range. The winner also gets $40 worth of the all-new Little Debbie Chocolate Chip Muffins.

Monique: $1,100
Samuel: $1,150
Joseph: $1,869
Jennifer: $1,300

All are over.

Monique: $875
Samuel: $900
Joseph: $769
Jennifer: $600

ARP: $999

Samuel Vargas then plays my pet game on the show, Secret X, for a dining room worth $3,671. Here's how he places his free X:


First SP is a camera keychain, which is either $20 or $50. He says $50...right. The other item is a Libman mop, which is either $10 or $25. He is right again with $10. Here's his final setup:


Is he the latest person of the I Lost to Rock Bottom Club in this game?...


...no, so he's a winner!

Samuel ($4,770): 55 + 20 = $.75
Tarrah ($5,029): Nickel + quarter = $.30
Veronica ($11,748): 40 + 60 = ONE DOLLAR FOR $1,000 AND A BERTH IN THE SHOWCASE!

In Veronica's Bonus Spin...15 cents for another $5,000!

Next player is Samuel Nations and the fourth IUFB is a kitchen island.

Samuel: $1,869
Joseph: $2,000,000 (ZONK ANSWER OF THE CENTURY)
Jennifer: $2,500
Monique: BUCK

ARP: $1,400

Monique Cutlin then plays One Away for a Honda Element EX (Std., AT, EBH, Mats). Wrong price is $31,523. Her first guess:

$ 2 2 , 4 3 4

She has...four numbers right. She changes to $22,432...

$ 2 2, 4 3 2

...she changed the wrong 4. Thus, the ARP was $22,634.

Next player is Jose Castinina and the next IUFB is a man's watch.

Jose: $1,800
Samuel: $845
Joseph: $969
Jennifer: $901

ARP: $2,330

Jose Castinina plays Step Up for up to $3,000 cash plus snorkeling gear, a massage chair, fireplace and a wireless home theatre system.

1. Snorkeling gear- $290 (I'm shocked it was that cheap.)
2. Fireplace- $999 ($500)
3. Stereo- $1,999 ($1,500)

He decides to...stop with $1,500 and the three chosen prizes. The massage chair was...$1,499, so he did the right thing!

Our last player to come out of the audience is Airaezedi (I think) and the final IUFB is a gemstone globe.

Airaezedi: $1,200
Samuel: $2,250
Joseph: $1,868
Jennifer: BUCK

ARP: $1,180, so Joseph Burlson mercifully goes to the First Four Breakfast Club while Jennifer Contreras escapes it!

Jennifer now gets to play Pick a Number for a pair of motorcycles. Board:

$ 6 6 _ 8


She goes with the 9, which was my gut...

$ 6 6 9 8

...and she wins! One Away was the only game officially lost today.

Monique ($1,400): 30 + 55 = $.85
Jose ($7,118): 70 + 50 = OOPS
Jennifer ($7,878): 55 + 55 = LOSE

Monique is off to the Showcase.

First Showcase has a bedroom, a $1,000 Buy.com gift certificate and a GEM car.


Vernoica goes for camping gear, a trip to Yosemite and today's trailer on offer- the Prowler.


BID: $15,400
ARP: $21,998

BID: $28,120
ARP: $30,291

Veronica takes home $48,039 in cash and prizes!

Family Feud: The Martins and the Millers battle it out for a balloon drop and $60,000. Remember, the first four questions today are worth normal point values; the fifth is worth double and all questions after that are worth triple, including Sudden Death. The first team to 400 points wins it all.

First question: If you want to live to be 100, name something you'd better start doing now. Starting with:

1. Exercise (33, Jason)
2. Eat right/diet (28, Jeff)

The Millers play. Keith says taking vitamins...no. Erika tries driving safely...I don't think so. Chantelle tries to stop the early skid with lowering stress...INSTANT STRIKEOUT. For the day's first 61 points, Jeff says resting a lot...no, so the Millers get the points. Rest of board:

3. Quit smoking (19)
4. Praying (7)
5. Save money (5)
6. Quit drinking (2)
7. Make love more often (2)

Second question: Name a place in which people treat you better the better you're dressed. Starting with:

3. Church (8, Keith)
5. Bank (4, Sherlonda)

The Millers start another round. This time, we begin with Erika, who answers restaurant, which is NUMBER ONE (49)! Next is Chantelle with a job...#2 (9)! Lisa's first answer today is school...no. Jason next says a concert...sorry, that also won't work. Keith tries to stop the skid with a party...three strikes in a row. This time, for a 70 point steal, Jeff tries a car dealership...#6 (3) for the early lead! Rest of board:

4. Department store (6)
7. Hotel (3)
8. Casino (3)

Third question: Name a place where you're apt to bump into some of your friends. Starting with:

1. Store/mall (45, Lajohnda)

For the first time today, the Martins will play. Starting this time with Shannon, she goes with restaurant...#3 (7)! Maitresse then says party, which was a dud in the last round...ditto for this round. Jeff's next reply is church...#5 (3)! Sherlonda next guesses school...NO! I meet old friends all the time at college! Lajohnda tries to prevent a third strike with a game...#7 (2)! Back to Shannon, who then says library...there's three strikes. Jason tries to take the lead back with another 57 points by saying class reunion...nope, so the Martins go to 127. Unsaid answers:

2. Bar/club (21)
4. Work/meeting (6)
6. Movie/play (2)
8. Chat room/Internet (2)

Fourth question: "All I want for Christmas is _______". Starting with:

1. "...my two front teeth" (35, Chantelle)

The Millers play again. Lisa starts off with money...#3 (12)! Jason's next answer is people...no. Keith is next up with snow...also not there. Erika tries to do better with a new house...again, three strikes in a row. For another 47 points, Jeff says toys...no, so the Millers are up to 108. Remaining answers:

2. Diamonds/"bling" (13)
4. New car (9)
5. Peace (7)
6. Happiness (5)
7. Good health (5)

Double: Name a way to bring around someone who has fainted. Starting with:

2. Use cold water on them (34, Maitresse)
5. CPR (5, Lisa)

The Martins will play. We start with the captain of the team, Jeff, and he now goes with smelling salt...NUMBER ONE (36)! Sherlonda next goes with touching them...no. Lojohnda tries picking people up...I don't think so. Shannon tries to delay Jason's second steal attempt of the day with her next guess of yelling out their names...STRIKEOUT. For another 150 and the lead back, Jason goes with fanning them...#3 (13) to send the Millers to 258! Remaining answers:

4. Slap their face (6)
6. Cold compress (4)

Triple: Inedible things that adults nibble on. Jeff rings in first with fingernails...#2 (26). Jason takes too long, so the Martins get the all-important control. Sherlonda's next answer is pencils...that and/or pens are NUMBER ONE (44)! Over to Lajohnda, who next replies with straws...bottom answer (8)! Shannon tries to sweep the board and possibly gain the championship for her clan with toothpicks...that's #3! Now, there's already 234 in the bank. The Martins have 127. If at least 13 people said toothpicks, they have won the championship and the money. For the #3 answer toothpicks, SURVEY SAID...


WOF: Christina Applegate of "Samantha Who?" does a shout-out at the top of the show. Tonight's players are Anna Rash (in the blue) from San Marcos, TX (who just graduated from Texas A & M and watns to go into the retailing buisness), Phyllis Goldberg from Oming, MD (who is a dental hygenist) and Mike Bricki from San Diego (who is a high school social science teacher).

Anna gets SIMPLE PLEASURES for $1,000 and then LONG WEEKEND to triple up.

Round 1 category is Before & After and tonight's Caribbean trip is worth $5,016. After Goldberg calls the G, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ E N

S T _ _ _

E _ _ _ _ N G E

...I think I know, but she calls a dud in L, missing out on picking up the trip. The man in the middle calls the C's for $1,200, the pair of K's for another $5,000 and solves CHICKEN STOCK EXCHANGE for $6,200.

V8 Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is Place. Early on, Goldberg calls a pair of D's for the 25 prize- the Netflix/TV prize package. After she later calls the T, we have...

_ D _ E _ T _ R E R ' S

_ _ R _ D _ S E

...I've got it, and she does too with ADVENTURER'S PARADISE for $4,150, the Netflix package and a trip to Belize, a total of $11,830 in cash and trip!


Eggland's Best Big Money Round category is Phrase. At the start, Michael calls an R for $25,000 from the Big Money Wedge! But he calls a dud a few turns later. Later on, after Anna calls the N's, we have...

A/_ A L _/_ _ _ N/_ _ _ _ R _/L A N _

...this season can be described like this at times. She calls a $900 D and a $1,000 K (while on the former Big Money Wedge), then solves A WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE for another $3,100 and $6,100 total.

Mike then solves SECOND RUNNER-UP (aka third place) to go to $9,200, increasing his hold on second place and getting closer to the lead. Next category is Food & Drink. After Anna calls the N, we have...

HOT/_ A _ T _ A _ _/

_ A N _ _ _ _ H

...I don't know the middle word. After a $300 R, we now have...

HOT/_ A _ T R A _ _/

_ A N _ _ _ _ H

...now I know. She calls the S's for another $600, buys the I's and solves HOT PASTRAMI SANDWICH for another $1,150 and goes to $7,250.

After a lot of work done before the big bell rings, the Speed-Up Round category is On the Map. Consonants are worth $1,500 apiece. Prior to the big bell, Anna's rung up $17,450. Here's the board:

THE/_ _ R T H E R _/

H E _ _ S _ H E R E

After calling the N's, Anna solves THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE for another $20,450 and the championship with $27,700! Phyllis leaves with $11,830 in cash and prizes while Mike takes home $9,200.

Anna spins the second zero and the category is Phrase. Starting with:

_/_ _ N ' T/_ _ _ _ E

She calls C, D, M and A and gets...

_/_ _ N ' T/_ _ D _ E

...I WON'T BUDGE if she misses this...and she does, just missing the last word. She doesn't win another $40,000.

(Also Tuesday: Larissa Kelly became the new champion on "Jeopardy!" in a BIG way! She dominated DJ! and took $42,200 into FJ!. She then got the final clue correct and won $45,200!! Mary Kay Schmidt left with $24,400. I sincerely apologize for not covering this in full; I had bigger things on my mind, like the "American Idol" and "Dancing With the Stars" season finales.)
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