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5/26/2008 Results- Happy Memorial Day!

TPIR: Today, we begin with Shanima Brown, Steven Williams, Kyle Schevenhour and Dorothy Vickina. The first IUFB is a hammock.

Kyle: $499
Steven: $525
Shanima: $800
Dorothy: $550

ARP: $839

Shanima Brown from Odessa, CA will now decide if either a chair/ottoman, a lawn mower or a recumbent bike is the Most Expensive. Her pick is the lawn mower. The chair/ottoman is $1,642, the bike is $1,299, and the lawn mower is...just $980! Tough luck, my dear. Did they get that lawn mower from a garage sale or something?

Coming out of the audience next is John Wright and the second IUFB is tennis equipment.

John: $600
Dorothy: $625
Kyle: $700
Steven: BUCK

ARP: $578

That one buck bid from Steven Williams gives him the chance to play Shell Game for a bedroom worth $6,599. The first item is a chocolate fondue pot marked at $130 and he says lower, but it's $150. Second is a phone speaker kit marked at $150 and he says lower...that's $130, so Steven decides to capture shell #2. Third, we have a canister marked at $50 and he says higher...NO WAY- it's just $40. Finally, we have a tool kit marked at $18 and he's right with higher, since it's actually $25. The other shell Steven decides to capture is shell #4. The ball is #2, so the win was never in doubt for him!

Next player to leave the audience is Stephanie Jelma and the third IUFB is stemware. Winner tries for something they can drive around town in.

Stephanie: $875
John: $700
Dorothy: $795
Kyle: $876

ARP: $1,344

Kyle, an L.A. Lakers fan, plays One Away for a Mercury Milan (Std., 2.3L, SYNC, Lighting, SRadio, Mirror). Wrong price is $31,574. His first guess...

$ 2 2, 6 8 3

...just two numbers are right. He changes to...

$ 2 2, 4 6 5

...not much improvement there. ARP: $20,485. But he does get to the Showcase.

Next player is Darrell Calhoun and the fourth IUFB is luggage.

Darrell: $850
Stephanie: $875
John: $500
Dorothy: $876

ARP: $1,000

Dorothy Vickina visits Barker's Bargain Bar to try and win a desk marked at $829 and an electric guitar marked at $1,300. She believes the desk is the bigger bargain.

BASE PRICE: $1,300
ARP: $1,600
DIFFERENCE: $300 (She's in good shape.)

ARP: $1,429

Next player is Sophia Eato and the fifth IUFB is a game table. The winner also gets $40 of Little Debbie Cranberry Orange Muffins.

Sophia: $1,500
Darrell: $2,200
Stephanie: $1,700
John: BUCK

ARP: $2,250

By only being off by fifty bucks, Darrell Calhoun from L.A. plays Any Number for either a collection of small appliances or a Chrysler PT Cruiser (Std., Prot). First number of the car is 1.
This is going to be tough.

1. 7- Appliances ($ 7 _ _)
2. 8- CAR ($ 1 8, _ _ _)
3. 1- Appliances ($ 7 1 _)
4. 9 - Piggy bank ($ 9 . _ _)
5. 6- Piggy bank ($ 9. 6 _)
6. 4 - CAR ($ 1 8 , _ _ 4)
7. 5- Wins $715 appliances

The car was $18,024 and the piggy bank had $9.63 stuffed in it today. As I said before, Roger didn't want this game won today.

The last player is Araksya and the final IUFB is a telescope.

Araksya: $950
Stephanie: $1,600
John: $1,500
Sophia: $1,200

ARP: $1,718

Stephanie Jelma from Houston, TX plays Hi-Lo for a trip to Rio de Janeiro worth $7,302. As of right now, every time this Pricing Game is played, it is no longer brought out by the models as it has been in the past- it is now just hidden behind the Giant Price Tag. Anyway, the products today are Gold Bond Powder, Cajun Injector, Hot Pockets, a box of dog food, Oreos and Aspercreme Heat.

1. Body powder- $7.20
2. Aspercreme- $6.79
3. Dog food- $4.49

1. Hot Pockets- $2.49
2. Oreos- $3.89
3. Cajun injector- $5.99

My mother has used a flavor injector often in the past few weeks, but I had no idea how much one costs, nor did Stephanie.

Stephanie ($1,718): 20 + 65 = $.85
Darrell ($3,005): Dime + 45 = $.55
Dorothy ($4,029): DOLLAR FOR $1,000 AND A BERTH IN THE SHOWCASE!

In Dorothy's Bonus Spin...15 for another $5,000! That Big Wheel has been hot as of late!

First Showcase has a living room, one Blockbuster movie rental every week for a year and a Ford Fusion (Std., Prot)!

DOROTHY BIDS $21,560 ON SHOWCASE #1- STAGE GARF (Covers just the car and the movie rentals.)

Kyle's Showcase is about prizes to help you look like a jet-setter. First, go to a place where there's a lot of them- London! Second, you'll look like a jet-setter if you decide to shop a lot in the malls of Hong Kong! Finally, we have a nice car for the typical jet-setter- a Lincoln MKZ (Std., Nav., Stereo, Wheels, Prot)!

KYLE BIDS $37,500- STAGE GARF #2 (Covers the Lincoln only.)

BID: $37,500
ARP: $50,665

BID: $21,560
ARP: $27,041

Dorothy takes home $37,070 in cash and prizes! Kyle leaves with parting gifts.

(Roger obviously didn't want either One Away or Any Number won today so that he could make today's Showcases as nice as they were.)

Family Feud: The season ain't over yet! Today, the Schiros defend their title for the first time against the Schmedes family, led by Audrey and joined by Keith, Kirsten, Stephanie and Darlene.

First question: Name an excuse a man gives for standing up his date that she knows is a lie. Starting with:

1. Had to work late (39, Mike)

The Schiros will play. Starting with Megan, she says the car broke down...#3 (12)! Melissa then says helping out Jenny then says mom calling on the to that too. We now go to Kathy with a family emergency...#2 (17)! Back to Mike, who next responds with falling asleep...but I'm afraid his mind fell asleep, because that's strike three. The first steal of the day is worth 68 points, and Audrey tries to steal them away for her team with a guess of heavy, so the champs keep the points. Unsaid:

4. Sick (11)
5. Forgot (4)
6. Got lost (3)
7. Dog sick/died (3)

Second question: Name something little children close their eyes to do. Starting with:

1. Go to sleep (34, Megan)
2. Say prayers (20, Keith)

The champs will play again. Starting this time with Melissa, she says making a wish while blowing out the candles on a birthday cake...#3 (12)! Over to Jenny, who goes with playing games of hide and seek...all games are #5 (7)! Kathy next says getting a shot...all types of taking medicine are #4 (7)! Mike then tries for an instant sweep with Megan then tries snuggling...not the bottom answer either. Melissa has the last chance to sweep with watching scary movies...NO. For her team's first 80 points, Audrey says that bottom answer is sneezing...but it's actually thinking real hard (5), so the champs are at 148!

Double: Expressions starting with "best". Starting with:

1. Friends (16, Kirsten)

The Schmedes family plays for the first time. The first answer from Stephanie is Darlene's opening answer is buy...#5 (6)! Back over to Audrey, who says man...#3 (11)! Keith next says Kirsten is back to next say buddy...three strikes. This steal is worth 66 points. To send his team to 214, Mike says "...of luck"...#2 (14)! Remaining answers:

4. Wishes (10)
6. Show (4)

Triple: Name something people have trouble doing when they're drunk. Jenny's first with driving...NUMBER ONE (58) for control! Next, Kathy says walking straight...#2 (32)! Mike next responds with thinking...bottom answer (2)! Megan tries to close the game out, thinking the #3 answer is staying awake...nope. Melissa tries talking...WIN (7) at 511!

Fast Money: Megan and Jenny try to do better here than their first time.

1. How much per month would you charge an adult child living at home?
2. A famous person with way too much money.
3. A specific food that comes with many toppings.
4. Tell me why a person might get thrown out of a bar.
5. Name something that clears up.

My guesses:
1. $10 ($5 and $100 were my other guesses)
2. Donald Trump (President Bush and Paris Hilton were my other guesses)
3. Pizza (Ice cream sundae and hamburger were my other guesses)
4. Too drunk (Bad behavior was my other guess)
5. The sky (Throat was my other guess)

Megan says $50, P. Diddy, pizza, drinking too much and a cold for 90. Melissa says $200, Oprah, tacos, fighting and acne for...209 and $20,000! 49 saying acne on the last question shocked me! They now have $20,715 after two days! The #1 answer for the second question, of course, was Donald Trump.

WOF: Only two weeks left in the season! We have a new special theme week for ya- Dads and Grads Week! All the younger people on the teams this week just graduated from either high school or college.

Tonight's teams are Julie and Bill O'Banyon (in the yellow) from Anaheim (Julie graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a buisness degree in marketing), Andrea and Joel Avergail from Valencia, CA (Andrea just graduated from Valencia High School and will be going to UC-Davis in the fall to study political science, while Bill is originally from Little Rock and is a pharmacist) and Alan and Jon Calchoni from Altaloma, CA (Jon just graduated from UCSB and wants to do some volunteer work, while Alan is a registered nurse).

Julie and Bill get FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL for $1,000 (the other two teams gave incorrect responses; Andrea and Joel said the obvious guess of FIRST DAY OF SUMMER while Alan and Jon said FIRST DAY OF SPRING) and then RED POPPIES to triple up to $3,000 (another pair of incorrect responses- Alan and Jon said RED PUPPIES while Andrea and Joe gave a ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE with RED POPEYES).

Round 1 category is Fun and Games and out on the wheel now is a pair of Sony LED TVs worth $5,000. After Andrea and Joel call the R's, we have...

_ _ T - A _ R

_ A _ _ _ _ _/R _ _ _

...I know this. They buy the E and the I's, then call a $550 D and solve HOT-AIR BALLOON RIDE for their first $2,000.

(Flashback moment from 2003: The infamous SLEEPING DOPEY response on a $3,000 Toss-Up!)

V8 Jackpot/Prize Puzzle Round category is On the Map. After Alan and Jon call the C's, we have...

THE/_ A C _ _ _ C/

_ _ A S T _ _ _ E

...I know this. They next call the L for the 25 prize- a $2,500 gift certificate from After buying the O and the I's, they call a $600 N and solve THE PACIFIC COASTLINE for $2,800, the gift certificate and a pair of trips to Mexico, a total of $13,624 in cash and prizes!


ActivOn Big Money Round category is Before & After. After Alan and Jon call the R's, we have...

_ A R E _ T - T E A _ H E R

_ _ _ _ E R E _ _ E

_ H A _ _ _ _ _ S

...I've got it. They next call the C's for the TV's but then hit a Lose a Turn. Earlier on, they got the Wild Card. Julie and Bill call the N's for $2,400, the P's to make the total an even three grand and solve PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS to double up to $6,000.

They then solve SUMO WRESTLERS to go to nine large. Speed-Up Round category is Phrase and consonants are worth $1,800 each. There was a little bit of work done just before the big bell rang. After Alan and Jon call the R, we have...

IT'S/N _ T/

R _ _ _ _ T/S _ I _ N _ _

...I know it, but they don't. Julie and Bill call the C's and solve IT'S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE for another 11 grand and the victory at $20,000! Alan and Jon leave with $13,624 in cash and prizes and Andrea and Joel get $2,000.

Cars this week are a pair of Honda coupes and a pair of Nissan Rogues. Julie and Bill spin the dollar sign and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ N _

They call G, M, C and A and get...

_ _ A M

_ A C _ A G _ N G

...they made great choices...and they're enough for them to solve FOAM PACKAGING! They win a pair of Honda Accord EX-L I4 Coupes (with automatic transmission) worth $53,190, giving them $73,190 in cash and cars to take home!


Jeopardy!: On this day, Larissa Kelly has nothing to lose and everything to gain when she faces John Owens (an ER physician from South Haven, Mich.) and Heather Vance (a mastering technician from Asheville, NC). Opening categories:


Kelly gets off to a fine start by getting the last three clues in Quotations for the early lead with $2,400 (John got the $200 clue while Heather got the $400 clue). At the Daily Double under the $1,000 clue in American History, she's going for a sweep of the said category and has $4,600, while the other two scores stay the same. The champ's wager is...two grand. Here's the clue:

Name that completed an 1856 Republican slogan, "Free soil, free speech, free man and..."

"What is Freemont?" right to sweep the category and go to $6,600! I had a feeling when American History came up that she would do well in that category. At the first break, Ms. Kelly has a big early lead with $7,200, while both challengers each have $1,000. Left on the board at the break:

Heavyweights: ALL
Art-Podge: $1,000
Weights & Measures: $400-$1,000
Get a "Cl"ue: ALL

Heather's in control, and resumes the action with the $400 clue in Weights & Measures:

This metric unit is equivalent to 1.057 liquid quarts.

Larissa: "What is a pint?"- INCORRECT ($6,800)
Heather: "What is a liter?"- RIGHT ($1,400); $600 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

Computer hard drives are usually measured in GBs, which are these.

Heather: "What are gigabytes?"- YOU BET ($2,000); $800, SAME CATEGORY

To the Ancient Greeks, four of these made a palm.

Heather: "What are hints?"- WRONG AGAIN ($6,000)



Steinways leave the factory carefully tuned to standard pitch, where A is 440 units of this pitch, but humidity and other factors make regular tuning necessary.

Heather: "What is Hertz?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($3,000); PICKS $1,000 ART-PODGE CLUE

Painted in 1895, "Northeaster" is a well-known seascape by this American artist.

Heather: "Who was Homer?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($4,000); STARTS GET A "CL"UE WITH THIS $200 CLUE

This four-letter word can precede steak, soda and sandwich.

Larissa: "What is club?"- YOU BET ($6,200); $400 CLUE, SAME SUBJECT

Greek cafe music features a lute called a bouzouki and this woodwind.

Heather: "What is a clairnet?"- RIGHT ($4,400); $600 CLUE, SAME TOPIC

This process of replication is routinely done to human cells, but not yet to whole human beings.

Heather: "What is cloning?"- CORRECT AGAIN ($5,000); $800 CLUE, SAME SUBJECT

This hard worker seen here has a lot of pull.

Heather: "What is a clydesdale?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($5,800); FINAL "CL" CLUE

It means conducted with secrecy, like a love affair or a CIA operation.

John: "What is clandescent?"- RIGHT ($2,000)


Between 1937 and 1942, he successfully defended his heavyweight title 21 times.


$400 CLUE:

Ingemar Johansson won the heavyweight title from him in 1959 but lost two rematches.

John: "Who was Floyd Patterson?"- RIGHT ($2,400); MIDDLE CLUE

Geographic nickname of boxer Joe Walcott; he was KO'd in 1952 by Rocky Marciano.

John: "Who was Jersey Joe?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($3,000); $800 CLUE

As his last name suggests, this boxer who's twice defeated Mike Tyson is a devout Christian.

Heather: "Who is Holyfield?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD ($6,600)


This British-born boxer won the WBC heavyweight title in 1992.

Larissa: "Who is Lennox Lewis?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD BACK ($7,200)


DJ! Categories:

QUASI-PRESIDENTIAL CINEMA (a President's name appears in each correct response)
CHEESY COUNTRIES (a cheese is given and the correct country must be included in each correct response)
"J" WALKING (Jay Leno not included. So sorry)

On just the second clue of the round, John finds the first Daily Double under the $800 clue in Explorers & Voyagers. With $3,400 at this point, he wagers $2,400 on a clue told by Jimmy from Lima's Plaza Mayor:

It was here in the Plaza Mayor that Francisco Pizzaro founded Nima in 1535, calling it "Ciudad de Los Reyes", meaning city of these.

"What is Kings?"...right to go to $5,800 and make this a much tighter game at the moment! Later on, just after taking the lead, he finds the other Daily Double under the middle clue in Writers. He now has $10,200 while Larissa has $9,600 and Heather has $8,200. His wager is $2,200, which could result in dropping him back to last place if he goofs on this clue:

Richard Wright wrote "Native Son"; this fellow African-American author wrote "Notes of a Native Son".

He blanks, so he's back to an even $8,000. Correct: Who was James Baldwin? When Larissa hits the $10,000 mark, here's what's left:

Explorers & Voyagers: $1,600 and $2,000
Cheesy Countries: ALL
The Body Human: ALL
"J" Walking: $800-$2,000

Heather now has $9,800 and John is still at $8,000. The champ goes for the $1,600 Explorers & Voyagers clue next:

A river and bay were named for this explorer who sailed up to Albany looking for the Northwest Passage.

Heather: "Who was Hudson?"- RIGHT ($11,400); CHOOSES $800 "J" WALKING CLUE NEXT

Aye, matey! It's the popular term for a black pirate flag with a white skull and crossbones.

Heather: "What is a jolly roger?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($12,200); MIDDLE CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

Bartenders use this small cup or glass to measure 1.5 ounces of liquor.

Heather: "What is a jigger?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($13,400); $1,600 CLUE, SAME TOPIC

First name of Confederate lieutenant General Early.

Heather: "What is Jubal?"- RIGHT YET AGAIN ($15,000); CLOSES OUT "J" WALKING WITH THIS $2,000 CLUE

Military term for the person in charge of paratroopers as they exit an aircraft.

John: "What is a jumpmaster?"- RIGHT (TIED FOR SECOND AT $10,000); CLOSES OUT EXPLORERS & VOYAGERS WITH THIS $2,000 CLUE

While in service to Russia in 1741, this dane died of scurvy on the island that now bears his name.

Larissa: "Who was Berry?"- RIGHT ($12,000); STARTS OFF THE BODY HUMAN WITH THIS $400 CLUE

Bones range in size frm the stapes in your ear to this thighbone.

Larissa: "What is the femur?"- RIGHT ($12,400); $800, SAME CATEGORY

In the upper part of the chest, this ridged tube about one inch in diameter splits to form two tubes called bronchi.

Larissa: "What is the trachea?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($13,200); $1,200 CLUE, STILL IN THE BODY HUMAN

Also called the kneecap, this flat, triangle-shaped bone is at the front of the knee joint.

Larissa: "What is the patella?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($14,400); $1,600 THE BODY HUMAN CLUE, FOR THE LEAD:

Acetylcholine acts as one of these chemicals that pass nerve impulses across synapses.

TRIPLE STUMPER #3: Neurotransmitters


The threads of this insoluble plasma protein help with clotting.

Larissa: "What is fibrin?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD ($16,400)


Lincolnshire Poacher

Larissa: "What is U.K.?"- RIGHT ($16,800)

$800 CLUE:


Heather: "What is Mexico?"- RIGHT ($15,800)



Heather: "What is France?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD BACK ($17,000)



John: "What is Italy?"- RIGHT ($11,600)



John: "What is the Netherlands?"- NO ($9,600)

TRIPLE STUMPER #4: Switzerland


Larissa: $16,800
Heather: $17,000
John: $9,600

Larissa: $15,800
Heather: $17,000
John: $10,200

FJ! CATEGORY: Demographics.

In 2005 the World Health Organization appropriately decided to stop hiring people who do this.

Response: NOTHING
Wager: $2,500
Final score: $7,100

The champ's response was "What is smoke?"...

"What is smoke?"

...YES! She doubles up to $33,600! Heather wrote down...

..."What is execute?" instead, and had she gotten it, she would've been the new champ with $33,601. INSTEAD, LARISSA KELLY SETS A NEW RECORD FOR THE MOST WON IN THE FIRST FIVE DAYS- $179,797!!! SHE'S ALSO JUST BECOME THE BIGGEST REGULAR-SEASON WINNER OF THE SEASON, TOO!!!!

American Gladiators: Let's start with the women. Tonight's female contestants are Tiffaney Florentine from Detroit (who is a buisness consultant and was also part of the Air Force as a military cop for three years) and De Day from Sarasota, FL (who is a business owner). The first event for them is Pyramid. Challenging Tiffaney is Gina "Crush" Carano and trying to get a hold of De is Phoenix. After the dust settles...nobody scores.

For tonight's male game, we have Brick Reilly from Springfield, N.J. (who works for the N.J. Department of Public Works) starting out the first male event of the night- Hang Tough. Trying to defeat the players on the rings is Wolf. Brick...doesn't quite get to the blue section of rings in time.

The other male contestant tonight is Toby Gordin (who is the owner of a grocery store)...and he falls into the water.

The second event the women must deal with is Joust. Challenging both players this time is Crush once again. De loses her stick...while Tiffaney loses her placement.

Now, the men will try to do better at the Joust, this time with Justice. Brick only lasts 15 seconds...while Tobey just misses 10 points in a close finish. Nobody, male or female, has scored after two events.

The women try Rocketball next. The Gladiators in play this time are Venom and Jet. And we finally get some players on the board. Hit me with the numerals:

Tiffaney: 5
De: 4

Now, it's the men's turn at Rocketball. This time, Titan and Zen are the Gladiators. Here's the scoring:

Brick: 4
Toby: 4

Event #4 for the women is Earthquake. The Gladiator on the platform is another new female one- Steel! De goes the distance...while Tiffaney scores a 12-second victory to keep the lead with another 10 points! Tiffaney now leads, 15-9.

The fourth event the men must face is Vertigo. Rocket is the Gladiator the players must face here. Brick beats the former Evan Dollard for 10...while Toby settles for 5. Brick now leads, 14-9.

The fifth event the women must go through is Tug O' War over a pool of water, or as the show likes to call it now, Tilt! The Gladiator challenging everybody this time is Hellga. 30 seconds are put on the clock. If the contestant goes the distance, he/she gets 5 points; pulling the Gladiator off the platform is worth 10.

Tiffaney goes first...and goes down in about 15 seconds. As for De...she puts Hellga in the water in only six seconds! That give De the lead, 19-15!

Now, the men try this new event. The Gladiator this time is Toa. Toby suffers a WIPEOUT...while Brick defeats Toa for 10, meaning he now triples his lead, 24-9!

The final female event tonight is Skytrack. Chasing De is Venom and in pursuit of Tiffaney is Crush. Tiffaney goes down in 20 seconds...while De drops in about 28 seconds, so De gets a two second head start in the female Eliminator.

Let's see how the men do on the Skytrack before their Eliminator. Toby must get past Militia while Brick must defeat Zen. Toby goes down in about 20 seconds...while Brick gets the job done in 32 seconds, meaning with a final score of 34-9, Brick gets a 12.5 head start!

Female Eliminator: It's even up until the handbike, when De immediately falls off. Tiffaney doesn't get up the Travelator the first time...

...but she hangs on for the win at 2:57, giving Tiffaney Florentine the lead amongst the women! Here are the female Eliminator standings:

1. Tiffaney Florentine- 2:57
2. Abbe Dorn- 2:58
3. Vanessa Warren- 3:24.5
4. Melissa Trinidad- 9:42.4

Male Eliminator: Brick gets it done with little trouble at 2:10, putting him in second place! The male Eliminator standings:

1. Randee Haynes- 2:06
2. Brick Reilly- 2:10
3. Gerry Garcia- 3:03
4. Melvin Davis- 10:30

Shortly after the male Eliminator ended, we learn that Mr. Reilly dislocated one of his shoulders while climbing the Pyramid. Not sure how this will affect his status in the next round, should he make it that far.

BTW, this season, the top six men and top six women with the best times advance to the next round of competition.
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