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5/28/2008 Results- Unlucky 7th Day for Larissa?

TPIR: Today's first four are Patricia Pasquale, Joseph Debacco, Angela Gabrides and Pierre Dowles. The first IUFB is a motorcycle.

Patricia: $3,500
Joseph: $3,420
Angela: $3,421
Pierre: $2,850

ARP: $3,199

Pierre from the state of Louisana will walk the Golden Road! Starting with a can of rainbow sprinkles, he can win a digital piano, a sleeper sofa and worth more than $94,000...a Winnebago Vista 32K Motorhome!!! The sprinkles cost 93 cents. Piano setup:

$ _ 6 0

He says $960 and of course is right. Sofa price:

$ 1 , _ 7 9

He says $1,679...of course, he's right! Now, for that motorhome:

$ 9 4 , _ 3 5

He's going with 6 again, making his guess $94,635. If he's right, he's the biggest daytime TPIR winner of the season...

$ 9 4 , 6 3 5

...NO. It was my guess of $94,135.

Next player is Kalee Taylor and the second IUFB is a selection of beach chairs.

Kalee: $1,500
Patricia: $1,250
Joseph: $1,220
Angela: BUCK

ARP: $810

Angela plays Flip Flop for a barrel sauna. Board:


She flops to $5,245, which sounds right to me...

$ 5 2 4 5

...and it is!

The next person to leave the crowd is Angel Figaroa and the third IUFB is a clock.

Angel: $250
Kalee: $1,000
Patricia: $150 (STUPID BID)
Joseph: $140 (STUPID BID)

ARP: $1,600

Almost by default, Kalee Taylor (whose mom won a car on this show 30 years ago!) plays Grand Game. Today's target is $7.25 and the products are Gold Bond Cream, Hot Pockets, Clorox wipes, Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away, Aspercreme Heat and mouth rinse.

1. Hot Pockets- $2.49
2. Wipes- $5.49
3. Mouth rinse- $7.99

The Dr. Scholl's was the other bad item on the board, even though the other prices weren't revealed. She wins $100.

Kalee ($1,700): 30 + 30 = $.60
Pierre ($5,838): 30 + 45 = $.75
Angela ($6,055): Dime + 90 = WINS $1,000 AND SHOWCASE BERTH!

In Angela's Bonus Spin...60 cents for nothing extra.

The next player to exit the audience is Ysobell Stevens and the fourth IUFB is tailgating equipment.

Ysobell: $600
Patricia: $3,000
Joseph: $800
Angel: $2,000

ARP: $890

Joseph from Cleveland plays One Wrong Price for...

Dinette: $1,238
Ice wagon: $4,105
Golf equipment: $1,170

...I say the ice wagon costs too much and he agrees...$3,428!

The next contestant to "Come on Down" is John and the next IUFB is a table tennis package.

John: $650
Angel: $651 (STUPID BID)
Ysobell: $300
Patricia: $652

ARP: $678

Thanks to that extra buck, Patricia Pasquale, the last of today's first four, will play Range Game for a snowmobile. Range is $7,800-$8,400. She stops at about $8,008-$8,158. I think she went over by a bit...and she did, because it was $7,999.

The last player called down today is Harvey Yall and the final IUFB (Drew mistakenly called it the FIRST IUFB) is a washer/dryer.

Harvey: $3,500 (STAGE WILLY)
John: $1,950
Angel: $2,500
Ysobell: $3,600 (STAGE WILLY)

ARP: $2,598

Angel, a flight attendant, now gets to play Cover Up for a Chevrolet HHR (Std., AT/Remote, EBH). Board:

First number: 1 or 3?
Second number: 4, 8 or 9?
Third number: 0, 2, 8 or 9?
Fourth number: 0, 1, 2, 7 or 8?
Last number: 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 or 6?

This isn't too bad of a setup. First guess is $18,285...first three numbers right. Second is $18,270...the 0 is now right. His final guess is...$18,220 and he totally blew it! It was $18,210. But he does win $1,000 off the Big Wheel and gets into the Showcase. In his Bonus Spin...nothing.

In the first Showcase, we meet a lady named Nessy who's been having a nose problem. First, she tries to cover up her face with a selection of cowboy hats. Second, she tries to avoid those friends that try to take pictures of her face with a new digital camera. Third, Nessy's nose seems to get in the way of her being able to watch her new LCD TV. Finally, she just got a movie role because of her nose, and she decides to show off her nose to everyone while having the top down of her new Chrysler Sebring Convertible (Std., Paint, Lamps)! Believe it or not, Angela passes to Angel.


Angela goes for a bedroom, luggage and a trip to Italy.


That means Angel lucks out and wins $35,632 in cash and prizes. Just for the record, here were the Showcase prices:

BID: $23,300
ARP: $32,034

BID: $40,000
ARP: $18,437

Family Feud: The Reeves ladies defend their crown for the first time against the Goldsons, led by Rashida and accompanied by Gigi, Suzette, Thomas and Rick.

First question: Things that a wife might not let a husband bring in the house. Starting with:

2. Animals (14, Rashida)
7. Tools (6, Stacey)

The challengers will play. Starting with Gigi, she says cigarette smoke...cigars/cigarettes are #5 (7)! Suzette's first answer is pornography...#4 (9)! Thomas next says a lot of Rick is next with another answer (29)! Back to Rashida, who next says a gun...#3 (9)! Gigi's next response is Suzette tries to hold off a steal attempt for now with her next guess of family...STRIKEOUT. The first steal of the day is worth 74 points, and Stacey tries to get those points for her championship team with a guess of dirty shoes...bottom answer (5) for the points! #6 was motorcycle (7).

Second question: Occupations where you get to hear a lot of good gossip. Starting with:

1. Hairdresser (27, Michelle)

The champions will play this time. We start this time with Kathy, who says police Jennifer tries to do better with secretary...#4 (10)! Over to Teri, who now says doctor...nope. Stacey then tries to save the team with nail salon...oops. For 37 points, Rashida says teacher...not there either, so the Reeves family goes to 111. Unsaid:

2. Nurse (12)
3. The clergy (10)
5. Reporter (7)

Double: Things you wouldn't need if you were bald. Starting with:

1. Comb/brush (62, Suzette)

The Goldsons will play. Thomas' next answer is Rick next says a hair dryer...NO. Rashida tries to fare better with her next guess of hair...INSTANT STRIKEOUT. For another 124, Stacey goes with a haircut...#4 (4) to go to 235! Remaining answers:

2. Shampoo (16)
3. Hairspray (8)
5. Hair gel/cream (4)
6. Barrette/hair tie (3)

Triple: Things Pamela Anderson is known for. Thomas rings in with boobies...NUMBER ONE (63) to give the Goldsons control! Rick's next guess is "Baywatch", which is #2 (17)! Rashida then says porn movies...#3 (10)! Gigi goes for the sweep with the marriage to Kid Suzette says the relationship with Tommy Lee...NO. I thought for sure one of her marriages would be the bottom answer. Thomas has the last chance to sweep with her apperance (s) in Playboy...STRIKEOUT. To win, Stacey says the bottom answer is her tattoo (s)...but it's the fact that she's beautiful (3), so the Goldsons get 270.

Sudden Death: Rick and Teri are asked this:

Name something you might find at a wedding that you might also find at a funeral.

Rick beats Teri to the punch with flowers (69) for the win at 477.

Fast Money: It's just way too much work to extend the winning streak to three days in a row for regular play, as Suzette and Thomas learned, so they settle for $890 today.

WOF: Our teams tonight are James and Peter Vega (in the yellow) from North Hollywood, CA (James is a graduate from St. Mary's College of California with a degree in politics and is going to work in the broadcasting department for a professional football team in the Bay Area), Joel- Steven and Kate Hammond (Kate graduated from Miller Park High School while Joel-Steven is a DJ and a radio artist) and Michelle and Rob DeBuck from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (Michelle graduated from USC with a buisness degree).

(Hey James and Joel-Steven, I wish I could have either one of your jobs, because I'm having a VERY hard time coming up with an internship that I need to fulfill in order to graduate from VCU.)

James and Peter get CAP AND GOWN for $1,000 while Kate and Joel-Steven get BUFFALO HERD for $2,000.

Round 1 category is Show Biz and out on the wheel now are a pair of trips to NYC with tickets to "Monty Python's Spamalot" worth $8,446. After Kate and Joel-Steven buy the O's, we have...

_ E _ E _ _ S _ O _

_ O _ _ E R _ _ _ _ S

...they call a $450 N and then a pair of L's for the NYC trips. After a trio of I's, they hit Lose a Turn. Michelle and Rob call a pair of M's for $800, a $300 T, the C's for another $1,600 and solve TELEVISION COMMERCIALS for $2,700.

(Flashback moments from this millennium: Pat's many jokes while looking at the big video screen behind the contestants.)

V8 Jackpot Round category is Same Name. After James and Peter buy the O's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ _/&/G _ N _/

_ O O L

...I've got the idea. They call an $800 P but call a dud in H. Joel-Steven and Kate call a pair of D's for $1,000 while on Jackpot, both of which are located back-to-back at the top. They then buy three E's and solve KIDDIE & GENE POOL to double their winnings to four grand.

ActivOn Big Money/Prize Puzzle Round category is Food & Drink. In the middle of the round, James and Peter call the T for $300 and the Free Spin. The first word is SHREDDED. James and Peter immediately use it after hitting a Lose a Turn on their next spin. After they call the N for $450, we have...


_ _ _ _ N _ T

...they call a dud in P while on the $3,500 space. Kate and Joel-Steven call the C's for $600 (just missing $7,500 on the Big Money Wedge) and solve SHREDDED COCONUT to add that amount to their total plus a pair of trips to Hawaii, a new total of $14,200 in cash and trips.


Michelle and Rob solve COLLEGE ROCK BAND (Kate and Joel-Steven were incorrect with COLLEGE ROAD BAND) to go to $5,700. Next category is On the Map. After a little bit of work, we go to Speed-Up Mode. Consonants are worth $1,900 a pop. Board at this point:

_ E R _ _ E _

P E N N _ _ _ _ _ N _ _

Michelle and Rob are first, calling the S's, and solve HERSHEY PENNSYLVANIA to finish with $12,250. James and Peter get $2,000 and Kate and Joel-Steven hang on for the win at $14,200.

Kate and Joel-Steven spin the next-to-last zero and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ S _ _ _ T _

_ _ T E

They call H, M, K and A and get...

M _ S _ _ _ T _

_ _ T E

...I think it's a DATE...but it wasn't, and they don't come up with much of anything. It was MOSQUITO BITE and they don't win another $30,000. They needed the O's.

Jeopardy!: This is Day #7 for Larissa Kelly, and since she's beaten every sort of record imaginable so far on the show, I want her run to end ASAP. Trying to make that happen tonight are Nan Reiner (an attorney from Alexandria, VA) and Pat Roche (a New York trainer). Opening categories:

WORDS IN ALEX TREBEK (each correct response will contain some of the letters of said host's name)

Pat Roche's going for a sweep of the Football Coaches category with this $1,000 clue:

This team's Marv Levy is the only coach to lead his team to four straight Super Bowl appearances.

Pat: "Who are the Buffalo Bills?"- SWEEP! ($3,200)

At the first break, he's lost a bit, but he's still ahead at $2,400. The ladies (including Larissa) each have $800. Left on the board at the break:

First Names: $400-$1,000
Celebrities' Favorite Books: $1,000
Ranks & Titles: ALL
Words in Alex Trebek: ALL

Nan resumes gameplay with this $200 clue in Words in Alex Trebek:

A hatchet is a small one.

Pat: "What is an axe?"- RIGHT ($2,600); $400 ALEX TREBEK CLUE

Cenozoic, for example.

Nan: "What is era?"- YOU BET ($1,200); $600 ALEX TREBEK CLUE

French visorless cap.

Nan: "What is a beret?"- RIGHT ($1,800); $800 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

The shaft around which a wheel rotates.

Pat: "What is an axle?"- RIGHT ($3,400); FINAL CLUE IN ALEX TREBEK CATEGORY:

Bird bill.

Larissa: "What is beak?"- RIGHT ($1,800); CLOSES OUT CELEBRITIES' FAVORITE BOOKS

R.L. Stine said the works of this author, including "Dandelion Wine", changed his life.

Larissa: "Who is Ray Bradbury?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($2,800); CHOOSES $400 FIRST NAMES CLUE NEXT

Barack, related to the Hebrew Baruch, means this.

Nan: "What is blessed?"- CORRECT ($2,200); MIDDLE FIRST NAMES CLUE

Chancellor Dollfuss and composer Humperdinck shared this name.

Nan: "What is Engelbert?"- RIGHT AGAIN TO TIE FOR SECOND ($2,800); $800 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

This name means "illustrious", as lawyer Darrow was.

Pat: "What is Clarence?"- CORRECT ($4,200); FINAL FIRST NAMES CLUE

19th century English illustrator Greenway, or 19th century American author Chopin.

Nan: "What is Kate?"- RIGHT ($3,800)


It's the two-word title for the head of a parliamentary government.

Larissa: "What is Prime Minister?"- YOU BET ($3,000); $400 CLUE

Going down the ranks of the Royal Navy, remember your three C's: Commodore, Captain, this.

Larissa: "What is Commander?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($3,400); $600 CLUE

These high-ranking counselors to the pope must also be bishops.

Nan: "What are cadinals?"- CORRECT FOR THE LEAD ($4,400); $800 CLUE

As one of these enlisted ranks in the Army, your grade is E-1 or E-2; as a first class one, it's E-3.

Larissa: "What is private?"- RIGHT TO GET A SHOT AT THE DAILY DOUBLE IN THIS CATEGORY! ($4,200)

Her Daily Double wager is $4,000:

It's a member of the lowest rank of the French Legion of Honor; just ask Maurice.

She says NOTHING. Correct: What is Chevalier? She ends the round with third place and just $200 to her credit.


DJ! Categories:

HEY, J.J.!

After a couple categories get cleared out, we have Thunderbirds, Hey, J.J., Dutch Royalty and The "PH" Factor left. The scores at this point:

Larissa: $4,200
Pat: $8,600
Nan: $4,400

Pat chooses the $400 Thunderbirds clue, told by Sarah from the said headquarters in Las Vegas:

The Thunderbirds are the elite demonstration team of this armed service and were created just six years after the service came into being.

Pat: "What is the Air Force?"- THAT'S IT ($9,000); $800 THUNDERBIRDS CLUE, ALSO TOLD BY SARAH:

We won't go there today, but the Thunderbirds can reach ceilings of above 50,000 feet and fly 1,500 mph, roughly two on this scale.

Pat: "What is MACH?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($9,800); $1,200 CLUE, SAME CATEGORY

DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLYYYYY DOUBLE #1! His wager is $3,000 on another Sarah-told clue:

Not as easy as it sounds, while making a complete rotation on our longitudinal axis, we're executing this type of roll.

"What is a barrel roll?"...IS RIGHT to go to $12,800! $1,600 Thunderbirds clue, also told by Sarah:

Abbreviated HUD, this type of display projects vital avionomics information at I level in front of the pilot of an F-16 for easy viewing.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Head-up display


Holding up to 7.5 G's, a popular solar move by the Thunderbirds, is a reverse one of these turns, named for a German WWI flying ace.

Pat: "Who was the Red Baron?"- INCORRECT ($10,800)

I couldn't understand Nan's response, but I do know that was wrong as well, taking her down to $2,400.

TRIPLE STUMPER: Immelmann Turn


He's given eulogies for Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks and Lou Rawls.

Nan: "Who was Jesse Jackson?"- RIGHT ($2,800); $800 J.J. CLUE

She belted out "Ball and Chain" at the 1967 Monterey Pop Festival and was launched to stardom.

Pat: "Who was Janice Joplin?"- CORRECT ($11,600); $1,200 J.J. CLUE

He became friends with another innovative, alliterative artist, Robert Rauschenberg.

Nan: "Who was Jasper Johns?"- RIGHT ($4,000); $1,600 J.J. CLUE

In 2001, his change of political affiliation tipped the balance of power in the Senate.

Pat: "Who is Jim Jeffords?"- RIGHT ($13,200); FINAL J.J. CLUE

"Down by Law" and "Broken Flowers" are features by this independent-minded movie director.

Larissa: "Who is Jim Jarmusch?"- RIGHT ($6,200); $1,600 DUTCH ROYALTY CLUE

Don't cry for Princess Maxima, wife of the heir to the Dutch throne; she was born in this South American country.

Nan: "What is Argentina?"- RIGHT ($5,600); $400 "PH" CLUE

This ancient people's territory included the cities of Ekron and Gath.

Larissa: "Who are the Philistines?"- RIGHT ($6,600); $1,600 "PH" CLUE

Artificial female ones of these are used to bait traps to capture male beetles.

Pat: "What are pheromones?"- CORRECT ($14,800); $400 CLUE IN DUTCH ROYALTY

On November 2, 1997, Prince Maurits and his future wife ran in this famed Manhattan race.

Larissa: "What is the New York Marathon?"- YOU BET ($7,000); $2,000 "PH" CLUE

To Wittgenstein, the problems of this field for which he's best known are largely confusions of language.

Pat: "What are phonetics?"- NO ($12,800)
Larissa: "What is philosophy?"- RIGHT ($9,000); $2,000 DUTCH ROYALTY CLUE

The Queen's official birthday is still celebrated on April 30, the birthday of this predecessor of Queen Beatrix.

Nan: "Who is Wilhelmina?"- NO ($3,600)


$1,200 "PH" CLUE:

In gas station names, Union is 76; this is 66.

Nan: "What is Phillips?"- YOU BET ($4,800); $800 "PH" CLUE

Usually, this five-inch body part is open to allow passage of air to and from the lungs.

Nan: "What is the pharanyx?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($5,600); $800 DUTCH ROYALTY CLUE

The wife of young Prince Bernhard shares this first name with one of the original Mouseketeers.

Larissa: "What is Annette?"- RIGHT FOR A CHANCE AT THE OTHER DAILY DOUBLE! ($9,800)

This is the second round in a row Ms. Kelly has ended a round with a Daily Double attempt, and this clue will either make her or break her. She bets....$8,000. If she's right, she has the lead going into final. Otherwise, it's all over. Here's the all-important clue:

Since 1984, the Queen's place of work has been Noordeinde Palace in this city.

"What is Amsterdam?"...

"What is Amsterdam?"

...NO!!!! Correct: What is Hague? That means Pat Roche will become our new champion!

Larissa: $1,800
Pat: $12,800
Nan: $5,600


Larissa: $13,600
Pat: $11,000
Nan: $5,600

Wow, those are some interesting Coryats for ya. A lot of you knew that those Daily Doubles and her big wagers on them would come back to kill her sooner or later, and that was the case tonight.

FJ! CATEGORY: 20th Century Leaders.

He said, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last".

Response: "Who is Churchill?"
Final score: $1,800

Response: "Who was Winston Churchill?"
Wager: $1,999
Final score: $7,599

Response: "Who is W. Churchill?"
Wager: $900
Winning total: $13,700

Pat Roche will take $13,700 into next time!

Larissa Kelly, I want to say thank you for giving us a lot of thrills and fun over the past several shows. I'm so glad you became the first female to win at least six games and broke several records in the process. You leave with lots of love from the studio and many game show sites and $223,597! We'll see you in next year's Tournament of Champions.
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