Thursday, May 08, 2008

5/8/2008 Results

WWTBAM: Christine Barrett, a fitness instructor, returns to face this $25,000 question with only her phone remaining:

A YouTube sensation after becoming the 2007 winner of "Britain's Got Talent", Paul Potts is an accomplished what?

A: Opera singer
B: Saxophonist
C: Magician
D: Tap dancer

Right away, she says Opera singer...$25,000! First $50,000 question:

What American author wrote one of his most famous works under the pen name "Diedrich Knickerbocker"?

A: James Fenimore Cooper
B: Upton Sinclair
C: Thornton Wilder
D: Washington Irving

She calls her husband Bill, who's very sure it's Irving. She agrees...and doubles up! First 100 grand question:

Also known as "Mosi-oa-Tunya" or "The Smoke That Thunders", Victoria Falls is located on what African river?

A: Zambezi
B: Limpopo
C: Niger
D: Congo

She goes for it right away and says Zambezi...

A: Zambezi
B: Limpopo
C: Niger
D: Congo

...right for $100,000 (old graphic used)! For a quarter million, after switching:

In order to pay off the current national debt, each U.S. resident would have to contribute about how much?

A: $3K
B: $30K
C: $300K
D: $3 Million

She doesn't know this one either, so she's taking home $100,000! It was 30 grand.

Next player is Linda Saracco from Darien, IL. For $8,000:

A slacket son named Marmaduke is featured on what TV series that debuted last year?

A: "Reaper"
B: "Carpoolers"
C: "The Big Bang Theory"
D: "Aliens in America"

She doesn't watch enough TV, so she asks the audience. 48% said "Carpoolers", 25% said "Aliens in America", 17% said "The Big Bang Theory" and 10% said "Reaper". Fairly lackluster results there. The 50:50 leaves "Reaper" and "Carpoolers". She then says "Carpoolers" for $8,000. Last question of the day, for $16K:

The word "tantara" derives from and refers to the sound made by which of these instruments?

A: Trumpet
B: Cello
C: Piano
D: Harp

She phones her brother-in-law Terry, who blanks, so she goes home with eight grand. Answer: Trumpet.

Temptation: Pamela goes for a possible $10,000 against JC (not the same one from Monday) and Miriam. After the first Speed Round...

Pamela: $25
JC: $30
Miriam: $20

...JC is offered a year's supply of cookies from Cheryl & Co. and a bed, a total of $940 for $10. The final offer is a $7 price. Going once...going twice...NO SALE. Fame Game board:

_ _ _ _ _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Category: Person.

1. I once worked in Macy's tour department.
2. I later played a boy toy in my first leading film role.
3. I once lived with Gene Hackman...
4. ...years before starring with him in "Runaway Jury".

JC then rings in...

_ _ S _ I N

H O _ _ M _ N

...he says DUSTIN HOFFMAN to go to $45.

Knock Off category: Harrison Ford movies.

"Raiders of the Lost Ark"
"Star Wars"
"Patriot Games"
"Regarding Henry"
"The Hunt For Red October"
"Lethal Weapon"
"Six Days, Seven Nights"
"What Lies Beneath"
"Tequila Sunrise"
"American Grafitti"
"The Mosquito Coast"

Miriam: "Patriot Games"- $5 ($25)
Pamela: "Raiders of the Lost Ark"- $2 ($27)
JC: "Regarding Henry"- $5 ($50)

Miriam: "Star Wars"- $2 ($27)
Pamela: "Six Days, Seven Nights"- $2 ($29)
JC: "American Graffiti"- $15 ($65)

Miriam: "Witness"- $5 ($32)
Pamela: "The Mosquito Coast"- $10 ($39)
JC: "What Lies Beneath"- $2 ($67)

With a $28 lead, JC's now offered a Brite Smite visit plus sapphire and diamond earrings from Michael C. Fina, all worth $1,249 for $15. Final offer is a $100 bonus. Going once...going twice...NO SALE AGAIN.

Speed Round #2 dealt with Denny's menu items (I've only eaten there once and it was lackluster) and sports movie titles. After that...

Pamela: $64
JC: $97
Miriam: $32

...JC's offered a chance to show some guts and go for two grand in Instant Ca$h...nope. The jackpot was in the white wallet, which he would've chosen.

He hangs on to win the championship with $117! Pamela leaves with $6,383 in cash and prizes while Miriam checks into the Lots of Love Clubhouse.

You're gonna love today's Super Knock Off category: Runners-up on "American Idol".

Bo Bice
Chris Daughtry
Justin Guarini
Diana Degarmo
Latoya London
Tamyra Gray
Melinda Doolittle
Kimberley Locke
Katharine McPhee
Kellie Pickler
Clay Aiken
Blake Lewis

1. Katharine McPhee- $25
2. Justin Guarini- $50
3. Clay Aiken- $25
4. Blake Lewis- $25
5. Diana Degarmo- $100

He decides to stop after finding the big one. He would've chosen the last right answer of Bo Bice.

With $342 in his bank account...he'll be back tomorrow!

TPIR: Today's players to start were Stacey Hagreen, Darnell Poage, Tracy Johnson and Kevin Monahan. First IUFB was a swimming pool.

Stacey: $1,200
Darnell: $500 (STAGE GARF)
Tracy: $1,201 (STUPID BID)
Kevin: $1,202

ARP: $2,974, so Monahan from Denver played Switch? for a floor clock marked at $2,800 and a pool table marked at $3,785. He switched...and won!

Next player was Lynne Koch and the second IUFB was an LCD TV.

Lynne: $800
Stacey: $1,100
Darnell: $699
Tracy: $650

ARP: $776, so Darnell from the US Navy played for a ton of cash and prizes in 1/2 Off. First pair of items were a popcorn popper marked at $13 and a fondue pot marked at $75. He said the popcorn popper was $26...but it wasn't. Second were an apple pitcher marked at $36 and an ice cream maker marked at eight bucks. He knew the ice cream maker was $16, so he won those prizes and $500. Finally, we had a digital camcorder marked at $83 and a batter dispenser marked at $18. He said the camcorder was actually $166...too much. Left for the $10,000 were 1, 3, 6, 8, 9, 11, 14 and 16. He chose #6. Did he join the short list of people who won with eight boxes in this It was in #14.

Teresa Price then came on down and the third IUFB was a fireplace.

Teresa: $650
Tracy: $1,100
Lynne: $1,000
Stacey: $1,101

ARP: $1,300, meaning Hagreen from Spokane, WA played One Away for a Jeep Wrangler. Wrong price was $32,625. Her first guess was:

$ 2 3 , 5 3 4

Only one number wrong. I didn't like her chances, since people tend to overprice Jeeps nowawdays...

$ 2 1 , 5 3 4

...but she changed the first 3 and won the Jeep!

But the only loser this half got to the Showcase and won $1,000 from the Big Wheel. In his Bonus Spin...nothing extra.

Next player was Ricky Johnson and the next IUFB was men's softball equipment. The winner also got $40 worth of Gold Bond Cream.

Ricky: $475 (STUPID BID)
Teresa: $500
Tracy: $350
Lynne: $901

ARP: $1,066, so after slightly tripping on the steps, Koch played Bullseye for a $5,000 brass bed. Products were frozen corn, soup, yams, cat food and pasta sauce. First purchase was two bags of frozen corn. Each one was $1.69, for a total of $3.38. Secondly, she bought six jars of pasta sauce. Each one was $1.99, for a total of $11.94 and the win!

Next to enter the fray was Kyle White and the next IUFB was a pearl necklace.

Kyle: $1,100
Ricky: $1,800
Teresa: $2,500
Tracy: $2,501

ARP: $1,700, so White from Grand Rapids, MI tried to run the More or Less gauntlet for a chest freezer marked at $400, a home gym marked at $1,000, an accordian marked at $3,000 and a Ford Fusion. He said More on the freezer and it was $629. He said More again for the gym...$1,599. He then followed basic strategy and said Less for the accordian after saying More the past two times...$1,995 and he went for the car! Wrong price for it was $19,500. He said...Less for the second More or Less win of the season! ARP: $18,495.

The last player was Adine Wolfgang and the final IUFB was a day sailer. The winner also got a $40 supply of Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away.

Adine: $1,400
Ricky: $2,600
Teresa: $3,000
Tracy: $3,001

ARP: $3,195, so Tracy from Drew Carey Country eluded the First Four Breakfast Club and played for a trip to Costa Rica. It was either $3,877 or $4,722. She went with $4,722...winner!

SSD2: Koch spun 35...and again for 70 cents total. The other lady this half spun 35...and 50 for 85 cents. The big winner this half spun 65...and went over, so the Cleveland lady went to the Showcase!

First Showcase featured Time Traveling Tammy. First, when she transported in 1825, she saw a country lady struggling to wash her clothes. To help her out, TTT provided a new washer/dryer. Second, TTT realized this lady also wanted to have sushi from her own neck of the woods, so she offered her the chance to eat world-class sushi while on a trip to Japan. Finally, TTT prevented this weirdo from just riding off on her own horse; instead, she allowed her to drive off in her new Ford Mustang. After wanting to say $25,000 at first, Tracy bid $45,000, which was a WILLY OF THE CENTURY (ARP was $28,850). The only loser so far today had a very good chance of winning a dining room, dancing lessons and a Wurlitzer jukebox, and he bid ONE BUCK for the win and $21,697 in cash and prizes (ARP for him was $19,369)!

While he got the last laugh on the other five winners today, he wasn't the day's big overall winner- that man was actually the More or Less guy, with $24,418 in stuff.

Bingo America: Tonight's players are Chris from Portland, OR (who is a 3rd Grade teacher) and Maria Prictice from Spokane, WA (who coordinates professional rodeo events). Scoreboard after eight questions:

Chris: BIN--
Maria: -IN-O
BANK: $751

9. (B5)- In Greek mythology, what creature was part man and part horse?
10. (B13)- Arnold Schwarzengger flexed his muscles as a sword-yielding hero in what 1982 fantasy film?


11. (B7)- Electoral College or Popular- what vote does a political candidate have to win in order to become U.S. President?
12. (O64)- T or F: stands for Thirty Million Zaps.
Final question (G49)- Brazil or Fiji- pineapples are native to what country?

1. (B11)- What object heats up the inside of an Easy Bake Oven?
2. (G49)- What actor won Oscars for "Training Day" and "Malcolm X"?
3. (G60)- What do you call a mixture of flower petals and spices used to set the air?
4. (O61)- Located in Georgia, Baby Land General Hospital gives birth to what vegetable-sprung baby dolls?
5. (B13)- The book "On the Road" was written by what beat poet?
6. (O66)- What Jose Feliciano song title also means Merry Christmas in Spanish?
7. (N41)- A standard trialathon consists of swimming, biking and what other event?
8. (N35)- Which "Friends" actress was discovered "Dancing in the Dark" in a Bruce Springsteen music video?
9. (I28)- What ant-eating animal's name literally means "Earth pig"?
10. (N44)- The sport of shooting a clay pigeon is called what?
11. (N32)- Haley Joel Osment saw people in what ghost movie?
CHRIS SAYS "The Sixth Sense"- WIN ($1,280)

1. #14- $5,600
2. #30- $10,000
Final pick: #7- WINS $5,600

Total: $6,880.

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: Let's find out who's smarter this night- a policeman or a firefighter. We begin with Steve Hamm, the firefighter. His first partner is Mackenzie and here are his categories:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Earth Science
2nd Grade Music
2nd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade U.S. Geography
4th Grade Science
4th Grade Music
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Cultural Studies

First category is 3rd Grade U.S. Geography, and this was written by Genessa from Topenga Elementary Charter School:

T or F: The Hawaiian Islands were once known as the Sandwich Islands.

He says False, but that's True...Mackenzie said that to keep his game going. Second category is Spelling:

The name of which day of the week comes last alphabetically?

He gets Wednesday and chooses Nathan as his second partner. The third category is Earth Science:

By definition, what does a weather vane measure?

A: Rainfall
B: Wind direction
C: Air temperature

He thinks it's wind direction, but he's not totally sure, so he peeks at the classmate's answer, which was the same answer. He agrees to go to $5,000. Next category is Social Studies:

What variety of fruit is mentioned in the official nickname of the U.S. state of Georgia?

He nails peach. His third (and possibly last) partner is Sierra and his next category is 3rd Grade Animal Science. To reach the $25,000 guarantee:

T or F: Only male lions have manes.

He says True...right! Next category is Music:

How many keys are there on a modern standard piano?

He copies her answer. The corrrect answer was nothing but eights- 88. The other classmates had that right...and so did Sierra, so that's $50,000! His next category is 4th Grade Science:

The Laws of Motion are named for what English scientist who first published them in 1687?

He stops. He would've said Isaac Newton...and would've kept going.

The policeman's name is Daniel Olson from Illinois. His first partner is Nathan and here are his categories:

1st Grade English
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade World Geography
3rd Grade Measurements
3rd Grade Astronomy
4th Grade Science
4th Grade Earth Science
5th Grade U.S. History
5th Grade Literature

He starts off with English:

What word is the subject of the following sentence:

"Sierra's dog did backflips for three hours on Thursday."

He quickly nails dog. His second subject is Social Studies:

T or F: The White House is the official residence for both the U.S. President and Vice President.

His answer is False...right. His second classmate is Olivia and his third subject selection is Animal Science:

Which of the following is a venomous snake?

A: Python
B: Cobra
C: Anaconda

He believes that's a is. Category #4 for this guy is World Geography:

Which of the seven continents is the smallest in area?

He goes with Austrailia...right. His third partner turns out to be Cody and his $25,000 category is 3rd Grade Astronomy:

T or F: The Sun is the only star in our Solar System.

He says True, while Cody said False. The answer was...True, so he keeps all of his cheats and is now up to $25,000! For 50 grand, he tries to go through 3rd Grade Measurements:

In U.S. currency, how many bills featuring Alexander Hamilton would you need to equal two bills featuring Benjamin Franklin?

I thought it was four, while he goes with 20...Hamilton is on the $10 bill, so he's right again to go to $50,000! His fourth partner is Mackenzie and his next category is 4th Grade Nature. For $100K and a trip to the next episode, this question was written by Madison from St. James School:

What pigment found in plant leaves uses energy from sunlight to make food?

I believe that's glucose. He decides to take a risk by copying Mackenzie's answer, which was conifer...and as it turns out, we're all wrong. It was cholorphyll, so he won't return and leaves us with $25,000.

WOF: Tonight's teams are Wally Quinar, Jr. and Wally Quinar, Sr. (in the blue; the Jr. is an accountant while the Sr. is a retired police sergeant), Joann Rule and Sabrina Wood (mother/daughter; Joann is an assistant teacher for students with special needs) and Tom and Brian Collins from Oswego, IL (who are brothers that run an auto dealership).

The two Wally Quinars get BABY CHANGING TABLE for $1,000 and then SNACK SHACK to triple their winnings.

Round 1 is tonight's Prize Puzzle Round and the category is Phrase. Out on the wheel now is a pair of trips to Las Vegas with tickets to see George Strait and some related memorabilia, all worth $7,500. Early on, the Collins boys call the Y for that prize. After they next call the S's, we have...

MY/S _ _ _/_ _ S/_ _ M _/_ N

...I know it now. They buy the A, then call the H's for the Wild Card. They then solve MY SHIP HAS COME IN for $650, the Vegas trips and a pair of Costa Caribbean Cruises, a total of $16,546 in cash and prizes!


V8 Jackpot Round category is Show Biz. At the start, the ladies call the N for $300 and the Free Spin. But the Collins brothers then lose their Wild Card to a Bankrupt. The ladies use their Free Spin after they call their second dud in a row. After the two Collins guys call the T's, we have...

E _ _ E R _ M E N T _ _

T _ E _ T E R

...I think I know it. They call a $300 H and buy a pair of A's, then solve EXPERIMENTAL THEATER to go to $18,546.

ActivOn Big Money Round category is Before & After. After the ladies hit Bankrupt, the Collins boys want to solve again, this time with this setup:

C A N D _/_ A N D/_ _/

_ _ N C _ _ N

They say CANDY LAND OF LINCOLN...right for another $2,000 and $20,546 total!

The Wallys then solve AFRICAN VIOLETS to double their winnings to $6,000. Speed-Up Round category is Food & Drink and consonants are worth $1,900 each. After the Wallys call the C's, we have...

_ _ _ _ _ R

_ _ C _

C H _ _ S _

...I don't know the top word, nor do they. The women call the K but can't solve. The Collins guys call the P's and solve PEPPER JACK CHEESE to seal their deal with $30,346! Both Wally Quinars split $6,000 and the ladies will split the base $2,000.

Let's see if the Collins team continues their hot steak in the endgame. They spin the N in BONUS and the category is Thing. Starting with:

_ _ R _ _

S _ _ N _

They call M, C, H and I and get...

_ _ R C H

S _ I N _

...some houses have at least one PORCH SWING, and they get it with little trouble! And the third time's the charm to give away a pair of Buick Enclave CX 4X2s worth $69,958 (could they possibly have thrown in paint/fabric protection here?), meaning they join this season's six-figure club with a grand total of $100,304 in cash and prizes!! Well done, you guys!


Don't Forget the Lyrics: Only two contestants left this season. The next-to-last contestant's name is Joseph McBratney, a private investigator from Staten Island, NY. Now, he's been on the show before. The first time he was here on January 10th, he went Bankrupt. But there apparently was enough fan mail to convince the producers to give him another shot. His potential backup singers are Darlene (sister) and Jo Jo (stepbrother). This time, his categories are:

R & B

First up is Rock and his choices are "Bang a Gong (Get It On)" by T.Rex and "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" by Bachman Turner Overdrive. He goes with "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" and needs to get past a three-word target:

"Here's something that you're ____ ____ ____"

He gets "...never gonna forget" to get on the board. Second category is ZZ Top and the two songs available for use from them are "Gimme All Your Lovin'" and "Legs". He goes with "Gimme All Your Lovin'" and the target is up to four words:

"All your ___ ___ _____ ___"

His guess is "...hugs and kisses too" and he locks that in to double up.

(BTW, "Legs" was later re-done by Kid Rock and that was the WWE theme song for Stacy Keibler; she is now an actress.)

Third is the 1970s. The two songs in play from that decade are "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John and "Is She Really Going Out With Him?" by Joe Jackson. He goes with Elton John and the word count goes up another word, so he must fill in five words this time:

"Oh, I've finally decided my future lies ______ ___ _____ ____ ___"

He sings "...beyond the yellow brick...rooooooooaaaddd" with the last word being way off key, I think. But he turns those words blue and now has $10,000.

To get to the $25,000 safe haven, he wants to get past a Ballad. He gets his choice of either "Lost in Love" by Air Supply or "Cherish" by The Association. The choice is "Lost in Love", and we add yet another word to the latest requirement, meaning he now must fill in six. They follow after "But I'm back on my feet and" and he follows that up with...nada. Shortly thereafter, he makes a guess of "...ready for something to believe in". He then calls for a multiple choice:

A: "...anxious to make a new start"
B: "...eager to be what you wanted"
C: "...trying to be what you're needing"

He locks in B...he's not going home with zip this time!

His $50,000 category is Pop. The song choices this time are "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton and "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club. "Karma Chameleon" is his choice, and do we have seven words for his next target...nope, we have a six-word target again:

"Loving would be easy if ___ ____ ___ ___ __ _____"

His guess is "...your loving was like my dreams", but he's not positive, so he uses the two words backup. He calls for the first two missing words, which give him...

Your colors was like my dreams

...he then changes to "...your colors were like my dreams" and locks that in...he doubles his money!

Next category is Motown. The choices now are "Please Mr. Postman" by The Marvelettes and "You Keep Me Hangin' On" by Diana Ross & the Supremes. He wants the Supremes, and once again, six missing words stand between him and more money:

"Let me get over you, __ __ ___ _____ ___ __"

He lets out the words "...the way you've gotten over me" and he's very confident to lock that in that he decides to take his jacket off...uh, shouldn't he have saved that for $500K or $1 Million? Anyway, he now has $100,000!

His eyes are focused on a TV Theme next! He has the choice of "The Facts of Life" or "The Jeffersons". His choice is "The Jeffersons", and the actual title of the theme song for that show is called "Movin' On Up". He faces his biggest target to date- ten missing words. They follow after "As long as we live, it's". He follows that up with " and me baby, ain't nothing wrong with that". He sounds confident, but that's a word short. Shortly thereafter, he changes it to "You and me baby, there ain't nothing wrong with that". He then wants Jo Jo to help him out on this, but he's of no help. He decides to go for it...

You and me baby, there's ain't nothing wrong with that

...he now has $200,000!

For $350,000, he tries Legends next. The choices are "The Way We Were" by Barbara Streisand and "Hit the Road Jack" by Ray Charles (?!?!). I didn't know he did that song. Anyway, "Hit the Road Jack" is where we're going, because he says his mother sings this song at home all the time. He needs to fill in nine words this time and they follow after "Don't treat me so mean". He lets out...nothing but fresh air. Therefore, he's leaving this stage with the fact that he did 200,000 times better than his first appearance! Correct: "You're the meanest old woman that I've ever seen".

The final contestant this season is Diana Drake from L.A. She owns a carpet cleaning buisness. Her potential backup partners are Joe (an employee of hers) and Scott (boyfriend). Her categories:

R & B

First up for her is Pop. The choicess are "Thriller" by Michael Jackson and "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears. The artist she chooses is MJ and her first target is four words long:

"Cause this __ ______, ______ ____"

She sings "is Thriller, Thriller Night" and freezes that to get on the board.

Second category for her is Easy Listening. The choices are "We've Only Just Begun" by the Carpenters and "At This Moment" by Billy Vera & the Beaters. She goes with "At This Moment" and has a three-word target this time:

"With tears __ ___ ___"

She gets " your eyes" to go to $5,000 as we close up shop on the night.

Jeopardy!: Our fourth set of college players were:

Katie Winter: Senior from Tufts University
Suchita Shah: Senior from the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Danny Devries: Junior from University of Michigan

Opening categories:

MUSICAL STYLES (audio clues)

The hometown lady hit the Daily Double under the $800 Madison Men clue. She had the lead at this moment with $2,400, while DD had two grand and Winter had $800. Her wager was half:

He was Secretary of State for part of Madison's first term and stayed in the post for the second term.

"Who was Monroe?"...RIGHT to go to $3,600! After getting the last clue in that category, she headed into the first break with $4,600. Left on the board at this point were Musical Styles, Fishin' Impossible and Sheer Lunar Sea. We headed to Fishin' Impossible next and this opening clue:

In 2006, we learned that Antarctic fish have proteins that keep their blood from doing this.

She said "What is freezing?"...that took her to $4,800! $400:

AKA barbels, these on a South American catfish can reach four feet in length and are covered with taste buds.

She was in again with "What are whiskers?"...she broke the five grand mark! Middle clue:

The largest fish, the whale shark, won't eat you; he likes algae and protozoa known by this collective term.

This time, DD rung in with "What are plankton?"...right to go to $2,600. Opening clue in Musical Styles:

"Western" used to be a part of this musical style's name.

Shah came back in with "What is country?" bet to go to $5,400! $800 fish clue:

The four-winged version of this alliterative sswimmer has been known to "glide" up to 200 meters.

Devries responded with "What is a flying fish?"...right for $3,400. $400 music clue:

Encyclopedia Britannica calls it a "cultural movement" as well as "backing music".

He said "What is beat box?"...incorrect, so he now had an even $3,000. Triple Stumper- Hip-hop. Middle clue:

In the mid-1950s, this style got its name, combining a type of music and a rural fellow.

At the last second, Winter said "What is Big Bopper?"...incorrect, dividing her current total by four. Another Triple Stumper- Rockabilly. Opening clue in Sheer Lunar Sea:

The "Sea of" these, whether altostratus or cirrocumulus.

Shah nailed "What are clouds?" to go to $5,600. Wrapping up the fish category:

As the Qunnat, a type of this, goes upstream, it changes color, stops eating and lives off its fat.

Shah then responded with "What are salmon?" family loves it, and she might love it as well, because that was right to go to $6,600! $400 sea clue:

The "Bay of" this, early morning participation.

She then said "What is dew?" grand! Middle clue:

The "Marsh of" this, when REM activity can occur.

She was able to get "What is sleep" to reach $7,600! $800, same category:

The "Sea of" this sweet plant secretion that attracts insects and birds.

This time, Winter responded with "What is nectar?"...she stopped the other lady's chances for a sweep in that category and she went back to a thousand. Wrapping up that category:

The "Ocean of" these; perhaps a blizzard or two?

Shah was back in with "What is snow?"...incorrect, sending her back to $6,600. Triple Stumper- it was Storm. $800 music clue:

A Jamaican musical genre is part of the name of this Latin style.

DD rung in first but blanked out, dropping him to $2,200. Shah then said "What is Reggae Tone?"...right to go back to $7,400! Concluding this round:

The name of this style of music may come from an alteration of the French word for "beans".

Winter said "What is Haricot?"...she doubled up to $2,000.

DJ! categories:


Early on, Winter found one of the Daily Doubles under the middle Medicine clue. She had $2,400 and trailed the Michigan man by $600 for second place. The hometown girl was still way ahead at $7,800. Her wager was $1,200:

The "mellitus" in the full name of this disease comes from the Latin for "honey-sweet".

"What is cardiopulminary disease?"...NO WAY, costing her half her dough. Correct: What is diabetes? After Medicine was cleared out, Shah was the first to hit five figures and the other two players both had only around $1,000. When three categories remained, here was the setup:

Product Placement: $1,600 and $2,000
Women in History: $1,200-$2,000
Get Your "B.A.": $800-$2,000

At this point, Shah had $12,600, Winter had $5,200 and the man had $4,200. Middle clue in Women in History:

After Julia Ward Howe heard union soldiers singing "John Brown's Body", she wrote this song to the same tune.

The leader said "What is Glory, Glory, Halleujah?" glory on that clue; that wrong response dropped her to $11,400. Triple Stumper- "Battle Hymn of the Republic". $1,600 clue:

St. Thomas' Hospital, where she founded a training school for nurses in 1860, is now home to her museum.

Winter said "Who was Florence Nightengale?"...$6,800! Closing that topic:

In the late 1940s, she founded a female branch of her husband's political party in Argentina.

Shah rang in with "Who was Avian Peron?"...wrong again, dropping her this time to $9,400. DD then said "Who was Eva Peron?"...that was it to go to $6,200. $800 "B.A." clue:

Monsieur, here is your poulet saute petit-duc and as we do in France, let me wish you this.

He said "What is Bon Appetit?"...he took over second with $7,000! Middle clue:

It's the specialty of Kat Von D.

Shah said "What is a body artist?"...that was acceptable for body art, taking her back to $10,600! $1,600 Product Placement clue"

This alphanumeric lubricant is "The can with a thousand uses".

The same lady rang in with "What is WD-40?"...$12,200! $2,000:

Your room could use this "windy" product-- "It's a breath of fresh air".

Devries said "What is Febreze?"...right to go to $9,000! $2,000 B.A. clue...not the Daily Double, but here was the clue:

In John 3, Jesus said, "Except a man be" this, "...he cannot see the kingdom of God".

Triple Stumper-Born again. That meant he got the other Daily Double by default. He risked $3,600. For a $400 lead heading into final:

The introduction of ironworking around 1100 B.C. brought it to an end.

"What is the Bronze Age?"...RIGHT for the lead at $12,600!

At this point, the losers this day needed to beat $19,002 and/or $11,599 to advance to next week as Wild Cards.

FJ! category: Famous Austrians.

The home on Vienna's Domgasse where he lived in the 1780s was reopened amid fanfare in January 2006.

Winter's response was "Who was Mozart?"...RIGHT! Her wager was $3,000, taking her to $9,800. Shah was...

...RIGHT for another $2,008, meaning she clinched at least a Wild Card spot at $14,208! The Michigan man...

...said "What is Motzart?", but the judges were lenient here, so with a final score of $25,011, he joined her in the semi-finals! New Wild Card Leaderboard:

1. Andrew Chung- $19,002
2. Suchita Shah- $14,208
3. James Grant- $11,599
4. Vera Swain- $11,101

The ones who have clinched Wild Card spots at this moment are in green. Winter and Meredith Johnson were eliminated this night and left with $5,000 each.
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