Wednesday, May 21, 2008


At the top of the show, we learned that an ALL-TIME RECORD for votes in one week has been set- about 97.5 million votes!!!

The entire Top 12 started off the show by performing "Here I Come", which has been re-done by Fergie.

After the first break, the two finalists sung "Hero" by Nickelback.

Syesha Mercado then sung "Waiting For You" by Seal, the latter of which also joined her on stage.

Jason Castro performed "Hallejuah" by Jeff Buckley.

The car that both of this season's finalists won is the Ford Escape Hybrid. After we hear that, the women from this season's Top 12 performed some hits by Donna Summer. Summer herself performed her new single "Stamp Your Feet" as well as the classic "The Last Dance".

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns together sung "The Letter" by Joe Cocker. Then, Jimmy Kimmel made an appearance!

The men from this season's Top 12 then peformed songs like "Best Days of my Life" and "Heaven". Bryan Adams, who originally did the latter song, then peformed "I Thought I'd Seen Everything" and "I Need Somebody".

It was announced during a video message by last season's champion, Jordin Sparks, that "The American Idol Experience" would be opening at the Disney Hollywood Studios at Disneyworld.

David Cook then sung "Sharp-Dressed Man" with ZZ Top.

Brooke White then performed "Teach Your Children" with Graham Nash.

Next, the Jonas Brothers performed one of their singles, "S.O.S."

One of the ZONK singers of this season's auditions, Renaldo Lupuz, performed on stage. The USC marching band played during his singing!

OneRepublic then peformed their #1 hit from last year, "Apologize" with David Archuleta. This was remixed by Timbaland.

Jordin Sparks then did her new single "One Step At a Time". She sounded great her first time back on stage!

Carrie Underwood then performed "Last Name".

After the Top 12 performed one more time, George Michael came out and sung "Praying for Time".

Now, for the serious results. By a margin of 56% to 44%....

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