Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"America's Next Top Model X"- SEASON FINALE

Well folks, let’s see if controversy won out here.

For the semi-final challenge, the three remaining ladies had to do a Cover Girl commercial and print ad. Making a cameo appearance was last season’s winner, Saleisha Stowers! We started with the commercials.

First was Fatima. She memorized her lines very well, but she sounded robotic.

Second was Whitney. She did a slightly better job.

Anya thus went third. She had some positive energy, but she made a lot of script reading mistakes.

Now, for the ad shoots.

Here, Whitney went first. Excellent!

The middle spot here went to Fatima. Excellent as well!

Anya again went last. Everybody did well in this photo shoot!

Thus, the commercials decided who would compete in the final runway show. And those lucky two were…


…Anya and Whitney! That means the show’s fans can rest easy, as Fatima is now out of the running.

Anya went in as the favorite, as she was never in the bottom two all season long.

Saleisha started off the show, I felt that when Anya stepped on the runway, she got off to a bad start by walking near one of the runway’s edges. Also, she didn’t smile that much. I felt that Whitney did better on the first set of outfits. Anya did better with her second outfit, but I still liked Whitney more in a hot pink one, and she even smiled towards the end of that part.

Based on that final event, I felt Whitney should be the big winner. Let’s see if I was right. America’s Next Top Model, this one being #10, is…

…indeed Whitney!!
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