Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Hell's Kitchen" Episode 4

In order to try and stop the long cold streak in the kitchen, Chef Ramsay started this episode by asking everyone to cook fresh food for Family Night. One of the main dishes was pasta, and he demonstrated how the pasta machine worked.

Before that, a challenge came about. Both teams had to create as much pasta as they could within 20 minutes. The team that had the higher weight of pasta won.

The winning team was...

Blue: 5.48 lbs
Red: 6.57 lbs

...the red team! They got to go on a bonus trip to an amusement park, while the blue team was forced to prep all the food for the night's dinner before actually cooking it.

Now, there was a change in the rules this time- if either team completed this dinner service, the team who do so first won the week.

The women got off to a good start. Meanwhile, Ben Caylor got the men off to a bad beginning when he messed up some onion rings. In addition, they managed to serve chicken wings that were raw, mostly done by Matt Sigel.

While the women just started doing their entrees, some of them set part of the kitchen on fire!!! Additionally, Vanessa Gunnell reportedly burned her hands while sauteeing something and had to be taken to a local hospital. The other women started to panic, allowing the men to take over the lead two hours into the service.

Sigel was criticized by the chef for the second time this evening after cooking hamburgers that were too small. The women shortly took back the lead. Did they hang on for completion and victory?...

...yes! The women then got to help the men in completing the rest of their entrees. Craig Schneider, prior to the women completing their entrees, had some problems cooking up some clams for a pasta dish, and at one point put meatballs in said dish instead of clams.

Out of the women, Jennifer Garvin was judged to have been the best this night. Bobby Anderson, the best of the men, nominated Sigel and Schneider for elimination. Chef Ramsay also nominated Caylor for elimination. The fourth contestant this season asked to hang up their jacket and leave the kitchen was...

...Mr. Schneider.
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