Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Hell's Kitchen" Episode 8

We started off with one member of the red team moving over to the blue team, and that person was...

...Jennifer Gavin!

Challenge: Each team had to use all the 20 available ingredients to create four separate dishes. No ingredients could be repeated. Then, everyone's dishes were checked in pairs of people at a time. The team who won the most rounds out of four won.,

Early on, Matt Sigel inadvertantly cut one of his fingers while cutting food and thus needed medical help. He did not resume work with the red team until a little over 15 minutes were remaning on the clock (45 minutes were given in this challenge).

Let's take a look at everyone's dishes:

Christina: Fried snapper with crabmeat in a Hollendaise sauce
Louis: Warm crab salad with onion souffle

Jennifer: Penchetta wrap and roasted quail
Matt: Pan-roasted quail
WINNER: Jen (Blue leads, 2-1)

Corey: Columbian sour lemon chicken with artichokes
Bobby: Walnut-crusted Buffalo Mozzarella chicken with balsamic glaze

Rosann: Pan-seared veal with cream sauce in onion and watercress
Louross: Red snapper with oyster mushroom sauce

The winner was... DQ, Rosann and the red team! The blue team apparently left out their veal, so they were forced to do some laundry only with their hands while the red team went to an In Touch photo shoot.

Jennifer Garvin was understandably unhappy with Louross Edralin for forgetting the veal, but what she didn't realize was that she was causing the team to not be totally in the game.

For this week's dinner service, two special food critics determined who won and who lost- Sophie Gayot (Gayot Guides) and Merril Schindler (Los Angeles Zagat). They ordered the same dishes from each kitchen.

Matt Sigel made a mistake by cutting beef cubes from small, medium and large cuts of the meat. Meanwhile, Louis Pettrozza cut his slice of beef too early for at least one beef wellington dish, thus taking away some of the beef's flavor.

Back to the red team, Christina Machamer overcooked and overdryed some parts of salmon. When she finished that, the critics weren't impressed with the salmon's flavor. They liked Louross Edralin's salmon better.

At this point, the blue team was way ahead of the red team in serving their entrees. Rosann Fama's garnishes were too sloppy, as was her station. She even ran low on carrot puree. Eventually, Chef Ramsay shut the red kitchen down, meaning the blue team automatically won!

Corey Earling, the best of the red team, nominated Matt Sigel and Rosann Fama for elimination. Chef Ramsay also nominated Christina Machamer. Has El Cheapo (Matt) escaped danger again?...

...YES- Fama was eliminated and became El Cheapo's latest casualty.
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