Friday, May 02, 2008

"Survivor: Micronesia" 5/1

Shortly after the previous Tribal Council where Jason Siska was demoted to the jury, we learned that James Clement suffered a nasty cut on one of his fingers.

Reward Challenge: Each of the remaining seven contestants had to privately answer a series of questions. Then, everybody was asked the same questions, and for each question, had to pick out the answer that was said the most. Every time a player was right, he/she got to cut off one of three ropes of any opposing player. When a player lost their last rope, he/she was eliminated from the challenge. Last one standing won 30 days with their best personal friend on Jellyfish Island, and also got to choose one loser to go to Exile Island, where a new Immunity Idol was hidden.

Q1: Who does the most for the tribe?
Top answer: James
James Clement said Erik Reichenbach instead. OOPS!

STRIKE ONE: Amanda Kimmel, Erik Reichenbach, Natalie Bolton, Parvati Shallow
STRIKE TWO: James Clement

Q2: Who never shuts up?
Top answer: Parvati
Incorrect: Natalie, Parvati (!!) and Cirie

STRIKE ONE: Cirie Fields
STRIKE TWO: Alexis Jones, Erik Reichenbach

Q3: Who mistakenly thinks they're in control of this game?
#1 answer: Parvati
Incorrect: Parvati (!!!) and Alexis both said Cirie instead- OOPS.

STRIKE TWO: Natalie Bolton, Cirie Fields, Amanda Kimmel
STRUCK OUT: Parvati Shallow

Q4: Who's the most honest?
Most said answer: Alexis
Cirie was the only one to get that right, and that meant...

OUT: Erik Reichenbach

...Reichenbach was given the gate.

Q5: Whom are you least likely to invite to a family dinner?
Top answer: James
Natalie said Erik instead.

The winner was...

...Alexis Jones! She sent Kimmel to Exile Island.

Unfortunately, as many of you feared, Clement was forced to withdraw from the show because his injured finger was infected.

Now, for Kimmel and Exile Island. First clue for the new Immunity Idol:

Underneath where the waves lap, you'll find another piece of the map;
Closer than you think, you'll find the next link.

Clue #2:

Now go back to the top and look out to sea, it's not in the mouth where you think it might be;
But halfway there, you'll find it submerged, keep finding clues to avoid being purged.

We don't know what the third clue exactly read, but we do know that she did find the clue after that, which read as follows:

The hidden Immunity Idol is buried back at your tribe's camp, underneath your tribe's flag.

Back at the camp, the remaining women, sans Kimmel, forced an alliance.

Immunity Challenge: Each of the remaining six contestants took turns firing a high-power rifle, trying to hit one of their three colored bottles. The first player that knocked off all three of their bottles won. Here were the color assignments for everybody:

Alexis- Green
Amanda- Light Blue
Cirie- White
Erik- Red
Parvati- Yellow

Natalie: HIT
Amanda: MISS
Parvati: HIT
Cirie: MISS
Erik: HIT
Alexis: MISS

Natalie: MISS
Amanda: MISS
Parvati: MISS
Cirie: MISS
Erik: HIT
Alexis: MISS

Natalie: HIT
Amanda: HIT
Parvati: MISS
Cirie: MISS
Erik: WIN!

This man's the first two-time solo Immunity Challenge winner of the season.

Back at camp, Kimmel did her best to try and lie to the rest of the women, which might have been a fatal move. She then searched for the Idol with Shallow's help. Both were worried that Bolton or Jones could beat them later on as this game comes closer to the end.

She found it while lying to the others in the process...

...and she used it at Tribal Council! Finally, somebody wisens up with the Idol for once! BTW, she got four of the six votes. The one who got the other two votes, therefore being eliminated and made the next member of the jury was...

...Alexis Jones.
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