Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Survivor: Micronesia"- CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW

Immunity Challenge #1: Everyone started on a very small perch. They then had to grab their bucket to collect water and pour it into their bamboo chutes. Once they got enough water, they would be able to grab a set of keys. After the keys were in their hands, they had to move to shore where they would find their own chest. When they unlocked it with their keys, they would reveal 16 ladder rungs. They then had to assemble their own ladder, climb it and raise their flag. The first lady that did all this won immunity.

Natalie Bolton was the first to collect her keys. Amanda Kimmel and Cirie Fields struggled early on. At the midway point, it was a tight battle between Natalie and Parvati. However, when the ladder-building part began, Amanda appeared to have a big lead, on the condition she set it up right....

...she did, and she hung on for the victory!

Tribal Council: First vote went to Cirie Fields. Second vote went to Natalie Bolton. The other two votes went to...

...Bolton, meaning she was the latest member of the jury.

Ladies and gentlemen, for the past few seasons now, we've been having three members battle it out at the $1,000,000 Tribal Council. As of this season, we're going back to basics. Thus, only two ladies will remain for the $1,000,000 Tribal Council.

Final Immunity Challenge: The three remaining ladies had to hold a small wooden cylinder while balancing a ball on it. As time went on, more sections were added to the cylinders, making it harder to hold the cylinder and balance the ball on it on the same time. If they dropped their ball and/or cylinder at any time, they were out. Last one standing became an automatic finalist.

The first one out was...

...Parvati Shallow. The winner was...

...Amanda Kimmel!!

After the next Tribal Council, the other finalist was...

...Parvati Shallow! If I were Kimmel, I would've faced Cirie Fields in the finals. But, it's her decision. Now, for the final vote, which was held from the Ed Sullivan Theatre in NYC, home of "Late Show with David Letterman". There were eight possible votes. No word yet on what would happen if a tie occurred.

First vote: Shallow.

Second vote: Kimmel.

Third vote: Shallow.

Fourth vote: Kimmel.

Fifth vote: Shallow.

Sixth vote: Kimmel.

Did this vote end in a tie?...

...NO. That means that there's an outright $1,000,000 winner. And her name is...


James Clement was the most popular player according to the home viewers, so he won $100,000 (as did this season's runner up, Kimmel)!

Next season, the first one in HD, they're headed to Gabon in Africa. This land is known as "Earth's Last Eden".
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