Thursday, May 01, 2008

"The Ultimate Fighter VII" 4/30

FIGHT: Dante Rivera (in the red) vs. Brandon Sene (in the military trunks; undefeated at 2-0)
Referee: Steve Mazzagatti

Round 1: After some decent shots by Rivera early on, he got Sene down at the end of the first minute. After the second minute went by, Sene tried some knee shots, but none of them landed properly. At about the 90-second mark, Sene got on a decent headlock, but a few seconds later, Rivera slammed him down to the ground. 10-9, Rivera, after Round 1 for me.

Round 2: Early on, Sene hit some better knee shots than the first round. At about 3:40 left in the round, Rivera scored a takedown. At the two minute mark, Rivera took down Sene again using his knees to probably take the lead in this round.

As it turned out, however, the score was tied after two rounds, so it was Sudden Victory time!

Sudden Victory: Near the end of the second minute, Sene scored his best knee shots of the fight with both of them coming at Rivera's face and he managed to get Rivera down on his knees. He then scored several shots to the back of the head. Rivera then shortly took down Sene but not as strong as the earlier ones in this fight. Sene then locked Rivera up with his legs. At about the two minute mark, Rivera took command of Sene on the ground and did so for the rest of the round.

The winner of the fight and five grand was...

...Rivera! Team Griffin remained undefeated! That meant that the next fight will be Matt Brown vs. Jeremy May.
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