Monday, May 26, 2008

"World Poker Tour" 5/26

Tonight, it's the Gulf Coast Poker Championship in Biloxi, MS- the WPT debut for that city. And we have a player named John Davidson- too bad he's not the same one that hosted "Hollywood Squares" from 1986-1989. Tonight, he's facing Tom Franklin, David Robbins, Hank Sitton, Tim Frazin and Bill Edler. Here's the opening chip count:

1. Tom- $1,040,000
2. John- $1,011,000
3. Bill- $1,005,000
4. Hank- $846,000
5. David- $727,000
6. Tim- $499,000

John and Tom play the night's first hand. Here's the setup:

John: (JH)(7H)
Tom: (KS)(6C)

BASE POT: $199,000

That's an open-ended straight draw for Franklin, and a pair of Jacks for Davidson. Franklin bets $85,000 but Davidson then raises to 200 grand. The turn card is...a 7 of Spades, so Davidson now has two pair and he then goes ALL IN...and Franklin folds, so Davidson wins the $1,341,000 pot and takes over the lead just like that! After the first commercial break, here's the new chip count:

1. John- $1,193,000
2. Hank- $998,000
3. Bill- $993,000
4. David- $769,000
5. Tom- $733,000
6. Tim- $442,000

On the next hand, Franklin tries to redeem himself big time against Robbins. Franklin has a pair of Queens (Diamonds and Clubs), but Robbins has a pair of Aces (Spades and Hearts).

BASE POT: $454,000
THE FLOP: (5H)(8C)(5D)

Franklin makes a big $210,000 gamble, and then is pushed ALL IN by Robbins! The river card is a King of Diamonds. That last card must be a Queen or else...

...but it's a 10 of Clubs, meaning Franklin has gone from first to worst in 15 minutes. He leaves as the sixth place finisher with $120,427...and the satisfaction of setting a new fulitity record for chip leaders heading into any WPT final table- the quickest exit ever, three hands. New chip count:

1. David- $1,548,000
2. John- $1,189,000
3. Hank- $994,000
4. Bill- $959,000
5. Tim- $438,000

Three hands later, Robbins faces Frazin with this setup:

Tim: (8C)(7H)
David: DOUBLE KINGS (Spades and Hearts)

BASE POT: $80,000
THE FLOP: (JC)(3H)(6S)

Both check, and the turn is...a 10 of Clubs. Frazin then goes ALL IN, meaning that he must catch a nine or he's out of here...'s a 6 of Hearts, so Frazin went home in fifth place with $144,512.

When we start the second half of the episode, here are the new standings:

1. Bill- $1.51 million
2. David- $1.39 million
3. Hank- $1.27 million
4. John- $1.06 million

We have three-way action on the next hand with Sitton, Robbins and Davidson. Starters:

Hank: (AS)(10C)
David: (8C)(5C)
John: (9C)(7C)

BASE POT: $300,000

Davidson flops top pair while Sitton has a straight draw. Robbins folds, while Davidson bets $80,000 and Sitton matches that bet. The turn is...a 9 of Hearts, so Davidson now has triple 9s. Sitton then bets big with a $200,000 wager, but Davidson tries to push Sitton ALL IN...but Sitton bows out, so Davidson wins a $1,555,000 pot and takes the lead back!

Davidson faces Edler in the next hand. Here's how we begin:

Bill: (AC)(10D)
John: (JD)(7D)

BASE POT: $100,000
THE FLOP: (AH)(9D)(4D)

Davidson flopped an instant flush draw, while Edler flopped top pair. Edler then made a $50,000 wager, then raised to triple that amount and Davidson called the necessary $100,000 addition. The turn card was a...10 of Spades, so Edler now had two pair, but he was then forced to go ALL IN by Davidson! This pot was worth $3.1 million and the lead. For Edler to survive, he needs to dodge a diamond or an 8... was a 5 of Clubs, so he doubled up to the leader's position!

After the break, we learn that Davidson only had $40,000 left. Therefore, a side pot is created on the next hand. Here's how we start:

David: (QS)(JC)
John: (AD)(2H)
Bill: (AC)(4D)

BASE SIDE POT: $155,000
THE FLOP: (9D)(8D)(9C)

After everybody checked, the turn was a 4 of Clubs. The last card was...a King of Diamonds, which did Davidson no good, so he went home in fourth place with $168,598. Edler, meanwhile, won both pots, a total of $315,000. After the break, here's the chip count:

Bill: $2,585,000
Hank: $1,460,000
David: $1,205,000

Sitton then went ALL IN on the next hand against Edler. Here were the hands to start with:

Hank: DOUBLE 4s (Spades and Clubs)
Bill: (AS)(8H)

POT: $2.07 million
THE FLOP: (10D)(6S)(QH)

All Sitton had to do was avoid an Ace, an 8, a 10 or a 6 and he would remain alive... was the King of Hearts, taking Sitton to $2,925,000 and the lead! After the break, the new chip count:

1. Hank- $2.94 million
2. David- $1.37 million
3. Bill- $920,000

Three-way action on the next hand:

Hank: (JD)(6D)
David: (6S)(3S)
Bill: DOUBLE KINGS (Spades and Clubs)

BASE POT: $195,000
THE FLOP: (6C)(5C)(5D)

Everybody made two pair instantly, but Edler still led because of those base Kings of his. After everyone bet $75,000 each, the turn card was revealed to be...a Queen of Clubs, meaning Edler now had a flush draw and the other two were drawing dead. The last card was a 9 of Hearts. Edler went on to win the pot, which was worth $920,000. Next hand also involved everybody:

Hank: (6C)(5H)
David: (KC)(3S)
Bill: (10C)(8C)

BASE POT: $195,000
THE FLOP: (10D)(QC)(3H)

Edler led early with a pair of 10s. The turn card...4 of Clubs, meaning Sitton now had an open-ended straight draw, and he then bet $125,000, forcing Robbins to fold. Edler than raised to $375,000 and Sitton made the $250,000 call. The river was...a 6 of Spades, so Edler still had the advantage. Sitton then tried to bluff Edler out by betting a quarter million...but Edler matched the bet and won the $1,445,000 pot! New chip count after the commercials:

1. Bill- $2.11 million
2. David- $1,645,000
3. Hank- $1,475,000

Next hand between the three:

Hank: (6H)(5C)
David: (7S)(6D)
Bill: (QH)(JS)

BASE POT: $195,000
THE FLOP: (2C)(9D)(8D)

That flop gives everyone a straight draw. Edler needs a 10, Sitton needs a 7 while Robbins needs either a 5 or an 8. Edler then made a $125,000 wager, and Robbins matched it while Sitton folded. The turn...a 6 of Clubs- giving Robbins the lead with a pair of 6s. After both checked, the river yielded...a 10 of Hearts, so that was a straight for both, but Edler took the lead because he had a Queen high straight to a 10 high straight by Robbins. Robbins then gambled $125,000 while Edler raised to $275K and Robbins made the additional $150K call, giving Edler a $995,000 pot.

Sitton then bowed out in the next hand to Robbins with all of this:

David: (AD)(9H)
Hank: (AS)(7S)

POT: $1.93 million

Sitton left with $216,768.


Did Bill Edler hang on for the victory?...

...YES! Here was the winning hand, for the record:

Bill: (AH)(9S)
David: (QD)(7D)

FLOP: (4C)(4H)(8D)

That last two pair won Edler $796,237, and he made the biggest comeback in WPT history, because in one of the last tables before the big final one here, he was down to only TWO chips!!!
Unbelievable! Robbins left as the runner-up with $423,902.
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