Friday, June 27, 2008

DEBUT: "Dance Machine"

Ever imagined a dancing competition where you can win big money in just one episode, unlike "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Dancing With the Stars"? Well, "Dancing Machine" is the show for you. Each week's champion takes home 100 grand, and your host is Jason Kennedy of E! network fame. To start us off, our contestants are:

Elvis Tognia, 31, a cashier from Cameroon, Africa
Michelle Garcia, 28, a fashion designer from Inglewood, CA
Vinny Cardinale, 25, a circus acrobat from Monterey, CA
Jeff Kelley, 23, a mixed martial artist from Las Vegas, NV
Sandra Purpuro, 38, a student from Clifton, NJ
Dan Nier, 33, a PE teacher from Rochester, NY

This was the second episode taped.

In Round 1, there will be three head-to-head matchups. The winner of each dance-off advances to the next round, while the loser gets eliminated. Also, each matchup has an assigned category. Here are the categories:

Garth Brooks

Before each matchup is revealed, one of the dancers is designated the "Power Dancer"; that person gets to pick the category, his/her opponent, and gets to go first in that matchup. After both contestants dance, the studio audience votes on who should be the winner.

The first Power Dancer is Jeff, and he decides to face Elvis in the category of Hip-Hop. Both must dance to "Run It" by Virginia's own Chris Brown. Winner: Jeff!

Our second Power Dancer is Vinny, and he goes up against Michelle with a Garth Brooks song. The title is "I Ain't Going Down Until the Sun Comes Up", and the winner is...sure enough, Vinny!

The last first-round contest will have Sandra battling Dan to a Disco song. Sandra goes first because she's the Power Dancer (although in this last matchup, she got the choice of dancing first or second). The song is "That's The Way (Uh Huh, Uh Huh) I Like It" by KC & the Sunshine Band. Is Sandra the only female to make it to the next, so Dan goes to the next round!

In Round 2, the three remaining contestants each choose their own song to dance freestyle to. Along the way, they must use one prop in the second part of their freestyle dance.

Vinny is once again the Power Dancer, and he decides to go last, make Dan go first and Jeff go second.

Dan's song is "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock. He uses a baton during the performance. IMO, he didn't use the baton that well in his performance.

Jeff dances to "Beat It" by Michael Jackson, and the prop of his choice is the pair of maracas.

Vinny then performs to "I Will Survive" by Gloria Glaynor, and he decides to incorporate the boa into his performance.

Did the audience agree with me that Dan should be eliminated next?...

...YES, so Jeff and Vinny will be dancing for the money!

In the final round, the two dancers will be dancing to two songs- "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin and "Crazy In Love" by Beyonce. Vinny has been chosen to go first. He will keep going until he hears a special sound, at which point Jeff gets his turn to dance on the current song. They keep doing this on both songs until the round is over. After that, the one who gets the most votes from the audience wins the cash.

Tonight's Dance Machine and $100,000 winner is...

...Jeff Kelley!
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