Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Hell's Kitchen" 6/17

Challenge: Create a special luncheon for 80 pregnant women within an hour. At the end, the chef who got the most votes out of 80 won.

Christina: Island Turkey Sandwich with curried avocado and heart of palm salad
Corey: Grilled Salmon BLT Sandwich w/vegetable chips
Jen: Calypso Grouper with rum butter sauce and a mango salsa
Louis: Monte Cristo Sandwich with a spicy sauce

The standings:

Dead Last: Corey
3rd: Jen

Christina and Louis were left. The winner was...

...Christina Machamer for the second time in a row! She won a shopping trip in Beverly Hills. The other contestants had to clean the dining room.

Dinner Service: Everybody got off to a very good start. Corey and Jen ran the appetizers, Christina had the veggies and Louis had the meat. Corey later did the fish. Jen's risotto, however, started to get mushy as time went on. Later on, however, one of Christina's dishes accidentally burned one of Chef Ramsay's hands, which has never happened before on this show! She wound up doing the same thing a little later!! Corey tried a shortcut on one of her seafood dishes, but the fish at times got undercooked. Louis again got criticized for making his station messy. This was probably the most successful dinner service of the season.

Up for elimination were...

...Jen and Corey. Jen Gavin has been in the bottom group quite a few times. Was she finally eliminated this night?...

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