Monday, June 23, 2008

"The Mole" 6/23

Everyone was now in Argentina.

MISSION #7: To start, the eight contestants were divided into two teams of four, most notably a Selflish team and a Selfless team:



In Midas Rush, everyone had fifty minutes to carry as many of 200 blocks of gold as they could to the top of the Andes Mountains while at 10,000 altitude. For every successful block, $250 is added to the pot. In order for a team to complete the mission, they all had to arrive at the same time; the first team that finished got an exemption this week.

Nicole looked like she was faking an injury.

At the halfway mark, each team got to pick a scale to take up to the top of the mountains; it either weighed ten pounds or twenty pounds. Both teams had to pick their scale without picking the scale up itself.

The Selfish team was first to get to this point, and they wound up choosing the ten pound scale; thus, the Selfless team got the twenty pound scale. Mark decided to leave some bricks behind at this point.

The winners were...

...Team Selfish! Now, let's see how many bricks both teams brought up:

Selfish: 23 ($5,750)
Selfless: 34 ($8,500)

NEW POT TOTAL: $143,250

But Team Selfish didn't get the exemption automatically- they now had to decide which person on their team most deserved it, or else all the money accumulated in this challenge would be VOIDED and no exemption would be awarded... went to Clay!

Shortly after this challenge, Craig apparently experienced hypothermia; it was said he was blacking out at times. But let me warn you- he could be faking it, just like many people in pro wrestling. He got medical help and rested.

After dinner, host Jon Kelley confiscated everyone's journals so that he could take down some of the most notable written things from them for use in the next mission. Just before the next mission began, another $750 was thrown in to make the new pot total $144,000.

MISSION #8: Everyone was given a quote from one's journal, and everybody had to identify who put that in their journal. For each quote they identified correctly, $2,000 is added to the pot.

1. Victoria: "At dinner, Victoria drank a lot."
GUESS: Mark- RIGHT ($2,000)

2. Craig: "Very quiet, cool guy. I like his vibe."
GUESS: Kristen- RIGHT ($4,000)

3. Paul: "I'm hoping this time it'll work out right."
GUESS: Nicole-NO

4. Kristen: "Mission 1 was the stupidest thing anyone ever did for money."
GUESS: Nicole- YES ($6,000)

5. Alex: "You are taking control of my music."

6. Mark: "This is to easy."
GUESS: Paul- RIGHT ($8,000)

7. Nicole: "Nicole is here for fame."

On the last one, since it was missed, the one who said that quote (Victoria) was allowed to fess up so that the $2,000 for that quote would be added to the pot. HOWEVER, Nicole made inappropriate contact with Kristen during the fourth quote, so a $2,000 penalty was assessed.
Thus, $8,000 was earned for this mission.

NEW POT TOTAL: $152,000

A little later, everyone was given the opportunity to give up their journal. Alex did...AND A RESULT, ALL THE OTHER JOURNALS GOT BURNED UP!! Therefore, Alex kept his journal, as did Craig. Only Alex and Craig were allowed to take the quiz with the use of their journals.


1. Is The Mole male or female?

2. In the Midas Rush mission, what color pants was The Mole wearing- blue or black?

3. In the Midas Rush mission, did The Mole's team decide who got the exemption?

4. How many goldbars did The Mole's team carry to the top of the mountains in Midas Rush- 23 or 34?

5. At the end of Midas Rush, from Jon's perspective, where was The Mole standing (from left to right)?

6. Has The Mole ever received an exemption?

7. During Who Said That, was The Mole's answer disqualified?

8. Was The Mole's journal burnt?

9. During Who Said That, did The Mole confess to writing a comment about another player?

10. Who is The Mole?

I would like to point out that for the first time this season, there was a tie. Remember, the one person out of those two that took the longest to finish the quiz was eliminated. And that unlucky person, by five seconds, was...



...Victoria Garza.
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