Monday, June 09, 2008

"The Mole" 6/9

As of right now, I believe The Mole is either Alex or Mark (the latter of which because of the first Internet clue I got- E_E_E_; I thought ELEVEN meant that Mark went last in the waterfall challenge).

Right now, they were in Santiago, Chile.

To start, nine people volunteered as goal-oriented people, while the other two would have to endure an uphill battle. Doing the uphill battle were Kristen and Mark.

MISSION #3: Mark and Kristen rode a bicycle for two up to the top of a hill, while the other contestants took a gondola ride to the top of said hill. If the team of nine beat Mark and Kristen, $35,000 was added to the pot. Before each of the nine contestants could get on the ride, though, they had to get a ticket. How? The team had to score a single goal against a tough junior soccer team, then run to the gondola station and present their tickets before getting in their gondolas. Should Kristen and Mark win, nothing is added to the pot and they'll both get an exemption.

Mark got off to a bad start for his team, thinking the chain on the bike came off. The other team had some early trouble with the kids. Mark and Kristen continued to have bike chain problems; therefore, Kristen decided to get off the bike and jog while Mark just dragged the bike for a while.

Back on the soccer field, Bobby got exhausted and needed some water. In the end, after the kids scored a whopping 14 goals against the contestants, the game went to penalty kicks, and Ali finally scored to give her team the gondola tickets.

After a while, Mark and Kristen were offered a chance to save time and take a taxi, but it would incur a $5,000 penalty to the pot. They declined the opportunity. The winners were...

...Mark and Kristen, meaning they advanced to the next episode.

MISSION #4: This took place in Pomaire. The remaining 11 were divided into three teams of three and one team of two.

1. Alex, Victoria and Nicole
2. Ali, Mark and Clay
3. Bobby, Craig and Kristen
4. Liz and Paul

The three teams of three had to search the town looking for 50 ceramic pigs scattered all over the town. They had to bring as many as they could back to the farm in their wheelbarrows. At the farm, they had to sling their pigs into the arena at Liz and Paul, who had to catch the pigs with their given blankets. After the pig makers made their 12th pig, the mission was over. For each ceramic pig successfully caught, $1,000 was put into the pot. One pig was already on the table to start.

Bobby continued to act like he was injured, ever since the last mission. Thus, Craig and Kristen pushed him in a wheelbarrow.

After the mission was over, the actual number of pigs caught was...

...28, good for $28,000!

NEW POT TOTAL: $63,000

Bobby's team didn't bring back ANY pigs to the farm at all. Also, Paul broke one of the other pigs, and it had a special exemption token it, meaning he's also going on to the next round! The other eight players are fair game in tonight's quiz/execution.

1. Is The Mole male or female?

2. In "Race to the Summit", how did The Mole arrive at the summit- Gondola #1, Gondola #2, Gondola #3 or the bike?

3. Did The Mole earn an exemption in "Race to the Summit"?

4. What team was The Mole on during "Race to the Summit"?

5. At the start of the "When Pigs Fly" mission, did The Mole use a wheelbarrow?

6. How many pigs did The Mole's "Ham It Up" team find in Pomaire- 0, 18, 26 or was The Mole not a "Ham It Up" player at all?

7. In "When Pigs Fly", what did The Mole do after returning to Pomaire- catch pigs, hold one end of the slingshot handle, load pigs and shoot slingshot, or nothing?

8. Did The Mole wear protective headgear during "When Pigs Fly"?

9. During "When Pigs Fly", was The Mole transported in a wheelbarrow for the majority of the time?

10. Who is The Mole?

The second contestant executed this season is...


...the oldest contestant on the season, Liz.
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