Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Top Chef: Chicago" 6/4

As we've said before, the four remaining contestants were in Puerto Rico this week! The guest judge this week was Wilo Benet, the chef/owner of Pikayo.

Quickfire: Create two different dishes, each one of which needing to have some plantain.

1. Tostones with seared tuna
2. Pork and shrimp fritter with brown butter, lime and basil sauce

1. Crispy oysters with cilantro plantain jam
2. Fried yellow plantain with spicy slaw

1. Tostones with pan-roasted duck and mango papaya salsa
2. Sweet plantain, red onion and chorizo fritter with chutney slaw

1. Pork meatballs with ripe plantain sauce
2. Green plantain chips with ripe plantain salsa

Eligible for victory were Lisa and Stephanie. The winner was...

...Stephanie! Believe it or not, that's her first (and possibly only) Quickfire win this season.

Elimination Challenge: Each of the remaining four got a whole pig to cut up and use to help make dishes for a governor's mansion event. Everybody had to make at least two dishes. For additional help, everybody chose one of the four most recently eliminated contestants to help them out. Here were the assignments, as selected by Stephanie Izard since she won the Quickfire:

Stephanie: Dale Talde
Richard: Spike Mendelsohn
Antonia: Nikki Cascone
Lisa: Andrew D'Ambrosi

1. Pork satay on sugar cane skewer with miso almond sauce
2. Coconut-braised pork with black plantain pancake
3. Tropical fruit and prosciutto salad with chicharrones

1. Fresh ham with local beans
2. Pressure-cooked pork belly with pickled watermelon
3. Pork ribs with malta and soy glaze
4. BBQ pork shoulder with braised greens and mango

1. Citrus-braised pork belly with potato and plantain mash
2. Adobo-roasted pork and black bean and onion tostone
3. Pork-filled yuca rellena with pineapple mojo

1. Honey pork belly with pickled sweet pepper salad
2. Curried pork with pumpkin and yuca
3. Pigeon peas with pork sausage

The winner of this challenge, and definitely moving on to the finals, was...

Stephanie Izard
Richard Blais
Lisa Fernandes
Antonia Lofaso

...Richard Blais! He's now the second four-time Immunity Challenge winner ever on the show. And he won A NEW CAR! It's the new 2009 Toyota Corolla. The second person in...

Stephanie Izard
Lisa Fernandes
Antonia Lofaso

...Stephanie Izard! And the final spot went to...

Lisa Ferndandes
Antonia Lofaso

...Lisa, meaning Antonia Lofaso unfortunately was the last contestant eliminated this season.
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