Wednesday, June 25, 2008

TPIR 6/25

We begin the day with Kimberly Spinks, Brenda Cotton, Robert Gonzalez and William Bouse. The first IUFB is a drum set (Stephanie).

William: $1,399
Robert: $1,450
Brenda: $1,200
Kimberly: $2,100

ARP: $1,464

Robert Gonzalez plays Switcheroo for a Chevrolet HHR (Std., AT/Remote, Prot)(Brandi). Board:

Car: $ 1 8 , 7 _ 9
Bank: $ _ 0
Wireless speaker: $ _ 5
Mini fridge: $ _ 9
Drink mixer: $ _ 0

NUMBERS AVAILABLE: 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8

My guesses:

Car: $18,729
Bank: $50
Wireless speaker: $75
Mini fridge: $89
Drink mixer: $40

His first guesses:

Car: $18,789
Bank: $20
Wireless speaker: $55
Mini fridge: $79
Drink mixer: $40

Only one is right. He changes to the following:

Car: $18,749
Bank: $70
Wireless speaker: $55
Mini fridge: $29
Drink mixer: $80

Unfortunately, he loses everything. And all of my guesses were right.

Next player is Paula Jones and the second IUFB is an elliptical trainer (Stephanie).

Stephanie: $1,200
Brenda: $900
Kimberly: BUCK
William: $1,201

ARP: $999

Brenda Cotton, originally from Mississippi, plays Step Up for a computer system, dinette (Brandi), fireplace and a movie projector (Lanisha).

1. Dinette- $1,238
2. Fireplace- $1,899
3. Computer- $1,457 (OOPS)

Tough luck, Brenda- I also thought that computer was at least two grand.

Next player to get called on down is Noel Vanderhaht and the third IUFB is a grandfather clock (Brandi).

Noel: $3,000
Kimberly: $2,500
William: $1,400
Paula: $1,401

ARP: $2,275

Paula Jones, a teacher/clown from Kansas, plays Coming or Going for a mini trailer (Lanisha). If she’s Coming, her guess would be $8,685. If she’s Going, she would be guessing $5,868. She decides that she’s Going…and loses.

Robert makes it into the Showcase with 95 cents.

Next to try and become the first winner of the day is Carla Delany and the fourth IUFB is a chest freezer (Lanisha).

Carla: $1,300
Noel: $2,000
Kimberly: $850
William: BUCK

ARP: $629

William Bouse plays Any Number for either dinnerware (Brandi) or a Ford Mustang (Std., Prot)(Stephanie). First number in the Mustang is 2.

1. 2- Piggy Bank ($ _ . 2 _)
2. 1- Piggy Bank ($ _ . 2 1)
3. 3- WIPEOUT! ($3.21)

The car was $20,694 and the dinnerware was $875. BTW, that’s the second WIPEOUT this season in this game, and the piggy bank the other time it happened had an amount close to today's amount!

Next to get called on down is Richard Warren and the next IUFB is a sofa (Stephanie). The winner also gets $40 worth of tiny chocolate chip muffins.

Richard: $900
Carla: $850
Noel: $1,000
Kimberly: $1,001

ARP: $1,099

Kimberly Spinks finally makes it out and this Texas native will play Grocery Game for a trip to Florida plus sunglasses (Brandi), a total prize package worth $6,536. The cash register is controlled by Lanisha today. The products are V8, pizza rolls, Citrucel chews, Chips Ahoy! (the big bag) and Tums.

1. 3 Chips Ahoy!: $3.49 X 3 = $10.47
2. 1 Tums: $4.26 ($14.73)
3. 2 V8s: $3.15 X 2 = $6.30 ($21.03)

OUCH- she loses by just three pennies!

And yes, for what may be only the second time since he’s taken over as host, Drew mentions the skunk threat before the final IUFB. Next to “Come on Down” is Danielle Clark and the final IUFB is golf clubs (Brandi).

Danielle: $1,000
Richard: $1,114
Carla: $1,115
Noel: BUCK

ARP: $2,175

Carla Delany will try to become a hero as she plays Pick a Number for a barrel sauna (Stephanie). Board:

$ 5 _ 4 5

NUMBERS AVAILABLE (controlled by Lanisha): 2, 6 & 9

Her guess is $5,245, which is what I thought as well…

$ 5 2 4 5

…she’s saved the day!

But it’s Kimberly who gets into the Showcase with 85 cents. And I’m sure that made Robert’s day, because he most likely will try for the better Showcase today. And BTW, during the
Showcase rules description, Drew even mentions the term Double Overbid for the first time since he became the host!

The first Showcase salutes the world’s women. First, women usually deserve a year’s supply of flowers (Brandi). Second, the women would like to show off a beautiful pose in a new evening gown (Lanisha). Third, these chicks would also like to wear this around their necks- a new diamond necklace (Lanisha). Finally, a woman would look really cute in a swimsuit while surfing the waters in a new sport boat (Stephanie)! Robert passes to Kimberly.


For Robert, we have women’s bath robes, a bedroom (Brandi) and a trip to Copenhagen (Stephanie).


BID: $38,000
ARP: $31,144

BID: $15,500
ARP: $18,089

He could’ve bid a buck, but Robert wins anyway with $19,553 in prizes.
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