Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"The Ultimate Fighter VII"- Semi-Final I

Prior to the fight, here is what happened:

This season's Coach's Challenge was a game of HORSE (you know, the one played on a basketball court). The winning team's coach got $10,000, and each fighter on that team would also get some money. However, thanks to Rampage Jackson successfully making a difficult three-point shot, the prize money for the winning fighters in this challenge doubled from $1,000 to $2,000. The winners were...

...Team Griffin!

While at the house, Jesse Taylor PISSED HIS PANTS!!!

SEMI-FINAL FIGHT #1: Jesse Taylor (camouflage pants) vs. Tim Credeur (mostly red pants)
Referee: Josh Rosenthal

Round 1: Taylor scored the opening takedown. After the second minute went by, Credeur locked in an armbar. Taylor made a nice recovery by the time two minutes were left on the clock, as he managed to trap Credeur with a punching combination on the ground. With 58 seconds remaining, Credeur tried a triangle choke this time, but Taylor quickly blocked that. I scored this round 10-9 in Taylor's favor.

Round 2: Taylor got the early advantage. After two minutes passed, Credeur went for what I thought was a rear-naked choke but he quickly stopped that and shifted to some punches while on the ground. But Taylor would give Credeur quite a ground beating during the last minute of the round. I now had the fight 20-18 in favor of Taylor.

Round 3: After another solid start by Taylor, Credeur went from a headlock to a bodylock attempt. Unfortunately, neither of those submissions did him any good. Credeur pretty much ran out of gas at about midway in the round.

I scored a shutout victory for Taylor...and so did all three judges! One judge agreed with my score of 30-27, while the other two had it 30-26.
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