Friday, July 11, 2008

7/11/2008 Results- Will Aaron make it six?

Merv Griffin’s Crosswords: We begin today with Gregg Lawrence (a California clerk) and Nan (a NY teacher).

After solving GORGEOUS, Nan puts a trip to Palm Springs in her bank and is leading $300 to zip at that point. Gregg shortly thereafter finds the Extra after getting his first $100 and with Nan at $400 now, he wagers $350 for a $50 lead if he’s right on this:

S _ _ _ _

They seek intelligence in very sneaky ways. He has nothing- it was SPIES, dropping him to $250 in the hole. At the end of the round, he’s still at that score while Nan has increased her score to $600.

Today’s Spoilers are Alex, Janine and Peter.

1. (Four letters)- Generous serving, as of mashed potatoes. Nan nails HEAP to go to $800.
2. (A _ _ _ _)- Ego type. Alex spoils with ALTER for $1,000.
3. (_ _ T _ _)- Like ‘60s fashion in the ‘90s. Gregg gets RETRO to go back to -$50 and put a mini-vacation to San Diego in his bank.
4. (_ _ E _ _)- Elvis impersonator’s expression. Alex rings in with SNEER…correct to go to $1,200.
5. (_ O R _)- Like slasher films. Alex says GORY…right again to go to $1,400.
6. (_ _ L _ G _)- Infer guilt. For a $1,600 spoil, Peter says ALLEGE…right!
7. (_ _ E)($100)- Head’s opposite. Gregg says TOE…right to turn his negative $50 into a positive $50.
8. (Ten letters)($300)- Springsteen honored him with this “We Shall Overcome” album. Janine goes for her first spoil with PETE SEEGER…I thought it was JOHN LENNON for sure, but PETE SEEGER is correct for $1,900!
9. (_ _ E_)($100)- Ben Jenson wrote one to himself. Gregg says that’s an ODE…he triples up to $150.
10. (_ O _ _ _ _ _)($300)- A “good evening” at the Eiffel Tower. To get his lead back at $2,200, Alex says BON SOIR…OUI!
11. (_ O _ R _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Mutually relate. Total Stumper- CORELLATE.
12. (Three letters)($100)- Elton John album, “____ Strikes Back”. Alex says SHE…first incorrect response of the game, so he’s down to $2,100. It was REG.
13. (Four letters)- Within earshot. Alex says NEAR…right to go to $2,300 and hit the second Extra of the show! His wager is just $300:

_ _ _ _ _ N

One and one together? He says ELEVEN…right to go to $2,600!

15. (_ _ _ _ E _ _)($300)- Instruments associated with grass skirts. Alex says UKELELES…incorrect. Gregg then respells it as UKULELES…that’s the right spelling, so Alex loses the $300 he just made on the Extra and Gregg now has $450.
16. (_ S _ _ R)- Michaelmas daisy. Alex says that’s ASTER…yes to go to $2,500 as the round ends!

1. (Four letters)- Word processing command that eliminates mistakes. Alex says that’s the UNDO command…right to go to $2,700!
2. (_ _ _ D)- Cattle that all have the same brand. Gregg answers with HERD…he’s right to go to $650.
3. (_ _ _ O)- Inexact estimate phrase. Alex goes with OR SO…$2,900!
4. (_ _ _ _ _ E R)($300)- One saying, “There, there, it’ll all work out for you”. To get her podium and lead back, Nan says SOOTHER…NO. It was ASSURER, disqualifying her from gameplay for now.
5. (Five letters)- Epeeist’s cry, “En _____!”. Alex buzzes in with the other word of GARDE…he’s over the three grand mark with $3,100!
6. (Five letters)- Male sibling of a mere or pere, to you. Alex this time is screaming ONCLE…and he now has $3,300!
7. (_ _ _ _ _ _ N _)($300)- Makes coarse. Alex locks in with ROUGHENS…and his game continues to get better instead- he now has $3,600!
8. (_ O _ _ _)- Contemptible person. Gregg says ROGUE…but it’s LOUSE, dropping him to $450.
9. (Five letters)- Does business with Fred and Ethel? At the last second, Peter goes for a $3,800 spoil with RENTS…yes! Nan is now back in the game.
10. (Five letters)- Soldier’s alarm clock. Peter gets the word I once misspelled in a 3rd Grade spelling bee, BUGLE, to go to four grand! And it’s time for the last Extra of the game. His wager is three grand on this:

_ _ _ L _ T

The clue is: Baby who will assuredly go bald? He guesses EAGLET…


…IS RIGHT to go to $7,000!


12. (_ _ _ A)- “Glengarry Glen Ross” Tony nominee, Alan. At the buzzer, Peter gets ALDA to go to $7,200!
13. (E _ _)($100)- Slithery hagfish lookalike. Peter says an EEL…$7,300!
14. (Three letters)($100)- Little bull one cooks up? Peter says to LIE…another hundred is his, taking him to $7,400!
15. (Three letters)($100)- About 624 billion electron-volts. Gregg says the SUN…incorrect. After Alex says the same thing Gregg said to black himself out, Nan steals Gregg’s $450 with ERG.
16. (Four letters)- Seemingly boundless, as the sea. Peter takes a stab at it with VAST…right to go to $7,600 and that’s the game, so he wins all that money plus a trip to Palm Springs!

Crossfire: If Peter can fill in the remaining 24 blanks, he adds another $2,000 and a trip to Puerto Rico…nope, he just had too much work to do here. But he still leaves with $7,600 and a trip to Palm Springs!

TPIR: Only five shows to go.

Coming on down first are Karen St. Paul, Hillina Sawyer, Daniel Ollin and Josh Dargess. After Drew comes out of Door #2, the first IUFB is a sofa glider (Shane).

Karen: $850
Hillina: $750
Daniel: $875
Josh: $876

ARP: $2,453

Josh Dargess plays Any Number for either an outdoor clock (Amber) or a Ford F-150 (Std., AC, Window)(Phire). First number in the truck price is 1.

1. 8- Clock ($ 8 _ _)
2. 7- Clock ($ 8 7 _)
3. 9- Truck ($ 1 9 , _ _ _)
4. 4- Truck ($ 1 9 , _ 4 _)
5. 2- Wins $872 clock

The truck was $19,345 and the piggy bank cost $6.10.

Getting called on down next is Larry Jenkins and the second IUFB is an etegiere (Amber).

Larry: $600
Karen: $1,200
Hillina: $1,250
Daniel: $1,251

ARP: $800

Larry Jenkins plays the Grand Game. Target is $9 and the products are Garlique, a box of jellybeans, Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away, Gold Bond Cream, Ziploc bags and mouth rinse. I don’t like his chances.

1. Jellybeans- $6.49 (I thought for sure he had lost on this pick, because I thought it was at least $10)
2. Ziploc bags- $2.99
3. Mouth rinse- $7.99

He decides to take the $1,000 and quit. A Grand Game bailout hasn’t happened in a while. The skin cream was $4.56, the Freeze Away was $13.99 and the Garlique was $9.99.

Next contestant is Marilyn Rogers and the third IUFB is a pair of digital cameras (Shane and Phire).

Marilyn: $659
Karen: $600
Hillina: $750
Daniel: $751

ARP: $780

Daniel from the University of Alabama plays Make Your Mark for banjos (Shane), an offroad bike (Phire) and luggage (Amber).

The choices:


He chooses $1,311, $2,184 and $3,150. The banjos are $1,311 and the bike is $2,184. He switches his guess on the luggage to $1,000 and he wins!

Larry ($1,800): Dime + 40 = $.50
Josh ($3,325): 40 + 75 = OVER
Daniel ($5,275): Dime + 35 = $.45

Larry goes to the Showcase with just a half dollar!

Our next called down contestant is Bradley Taylor and the fourth IUFB is a sleigh bed (Shane).

Bradley: $2,450
Marilyn: $2,500
Karen: $2,600
Hillina: BUCK

ARP: $2,400

Because Bradley overbid by fifty bucks, Hillina Sawyer plays Pushover for a spa (Amber and Phire). Board:


I say $5,175 and she agrees…


…and she scores the easy win!

Lucille then comes on down and the fifth IUFB is men’s softball equipment (Amber).

Lucille: $750
Bradley: $800
Marilyn: $810
Karen: $499

ARP: $1,066

Marilyn Rogers plays the Bonus Game for a Chevrolet Cobalt (Std., AT, ALB) worth $16,210 (Shane). The first item is a pair of headphones marked at $150 and she says lower…but they’re $199. Second, we have a dolphin massager marked at $22 and she’s right with higher, because it’s $40. Third, we have a room air sanitizer marked at $200 and she goes with lower…$150. Finally is a pizza maker marked at $150 and her guess is Lower...$100. Car keys, I hope you stayed away from the headphones…and they’re with the pizza maker, so she wins the car! This new car will replace the one her son Bill has been driving for 14 years.

The last one to “Come on Down” is Sharon Frost and the final IUFB is a diamond ring (Phire).

Sharon: $2,895
Karen: $2,575
Lucille: $2,578
Bradley: BUCK

ARP: $2,000, so Karen’s off to the First Four Breakfast Club.

It also means Bradley Taylor, a pro golfer from San Diego, will play Most Expensive for a dinette (Shane), a replica gas pump (Phire) and a recumbent bike (Amber). He says the bike and I groaned at that. The dinette is $1,195, the gas pump is $2,595...and the bike’s only $1,399, so he just blew an easy victory.

Bradley ($2,000): 55 + 15 = $.70
Hillina ($7,575): 65 + 50 = OVER
Marilyn ($17,566): 40 + 80 = OVER

Bradley goes to the Showcase and claims the Top Winner spot there.

The first Showcase sees Shane playing a character called “Jane of the Jungle”. First, we see Jane trimming some nearby plants with her new garden equipment. Second, since she doesn’t want to physically travel to a store to do her shopping, she instead does the shopping online with her new computer system. Finally, she just realizes that Tarzan’s parents are just arriving from a trip to Australia. Bradley passes to Larry.



For Bradley, who’s also celebrating a birthday, we have a washer/dryer (Phire), a jukebox (Amber) and a Mini Cooper S (Std., AT, Wheels, Rest, Premium, Sport)!



BID: $19,200
ARP: $35,368

BID: $15,000
ARP: $19,616

Larry takes home $21,416 in cash and prizes, while Bradley goes to the land of parting gifts.


Jeopardy!: Challenging both Aaron Schroeder (who's going for win #6) and Jean Gardiner (an English department chairperson from Maryland who tied Aaron last night) is Carolyn D'Aquila (a graduate student originally from New Hampshire). Opening categories:


D'Aquila gets off to a good start with everything but the $600 clue in Australia for $2,400 (Aaron got the $600 clue). At the first break, Aaron's on top with $4,600. Carolyn has two grand and Joan has $400. Shortly after the first break, Aaron discovers the Daily Double under the
$400 19th Century Personalities clue, but now with Joan at $200. His wager is the face value of the clue, $400:

This Massachusetts man is remembered for introudcing a certain pear to the U.S. in the 1800s; he named it for himself.

"Who is Bartlett?"...right to hit the five thousand dollar mark! After the round is over...

Aaron: $6,000
Joan: $2,800
Carolyn: $4,600

...he's still ahead by a little bit.


DJ! Categories:

YOUR STATE IS PARKED (a park is given and the state must be IDed)

Despite Triple Stumpers in the first two clues there, D'Aquila finds the first Daily Double under the middle clue in The Academy Awards with $5,000 thus far. Joan has four grand and Aaron's still leading with $6,400. Her wager is $2,000. This is for the lead:

These brothers won Oscars for writing, directing and producing the Best Picture of 2007.

"Who are the Coen Brothers?" right to take the lead with $7,000! Later, Aaron finds the other Daily Double under the $1,600 clue in Your State is Parked with $9,600. D'Aquila still leads with $12,600 and Joan has $4,800. His wager is $2,500:

Cherokee Landing State Park

"What is Oklahoma?" right to go to $12,100! The $2,000 clue in the same category:

Fort Necessity State Park, now a part of the Fort Necessity National Battlefield.

Aaron: "What is Pennsylvania?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD! ($14,100)

At this point, Composers and "Mind" Blowers are left in full, while only the $1,600 and $2,000 clues remain in Inspired Characters. $400 Composers clue:

We think this "Nutcracker" composer took his time on his 2nd symphony, thought it turned out a "Little Russian".

Aaron: "Who was Tchaikovsky?"- CORRECT ($14,500); $800 COMPOSERS CLUE

You might call this great German composer "The Lord of the Ring (Cycle)".

Joan: "Who was Vogner?"- RIGHT ($5,600); $1,200, SAME CATEGORY

His "Rigoletto" contains the aria "La Donna E Mobile".

Aaron: "Who was Verdi?"- YES ($15,700); $1,600, SAME CATEGORY

His remains were sealed into a cliff projecting over a Fjord near Troldhaugen, his home.



This composer made his last appearance as a conductor in 1900, leading the Czech Philharmonic in Prague.

Carolyn: "Who was Scriabin?"- CORRECT ($14,600); $400 "MIND" CLUE

In the classic proverb, these "think alike".

Aaron: "What are great minds?"- CORRECT ($16,100); $800 "MIND" CLUE

Stuart Gorrell wrote the lyrics and Hoagy Carmichael the music to this state song.

Aaron: "What is Georgia On My Mind?"- RIGHT ($16,900); MIDDLE "MIND" CLUE

If you're legally non compos mentis, you're "not of" this.

Carolyn: "What is sound mind?"- RIGHT ($15,800); $1,600, SAME CATEGORY

A criminal genius, or a popular British game show.

Joan: "What is Mastermind?"- YOU BET ($7,200); FINAL CLUE IN "MIND" BLOWERS

In 1987, critic Allan Bloom wrote a bestseller about "The Closing of" this.

Carolyn: "What is the American Mind?"- RIGHT FOR THE LEAD BACK! ($17,800)


Carol Matthau (Walter's wife" claimed that she was the inspiration for this Truman Capote heroine.

Carolyn: "Who was Holly Go Lately?"- RIGHT AGAIN ($19,400)


Grace Brown, who was killed at Big Moose Lake, inspired Roberta Allen, who drowns in his "An American Tragedy".

Joan: "Who was Theodore Dresser?"- CORRECT ($9,200)



Aaron: $16,900
Joan: $9,200
Carolyn: $19,400


Aaron: $16,000
Joan: $9,200
Carolyn: $18,600

FJ! CATEGORY: Baseball History.

For nearly thirty years, California's Catalina Island was the Spring Training camp for this non-California Major League team.

Response: "What is Rangers?"

The champ wrote down "Who are the Brooklyn Dodgers?"...

"Who are the Brooklyn Dodgers?"

...NO. He wagered...$13,100, so he's down to $3,800. D'Aquila wrote down "Who are the Seattle Mariners?"...

"Who are the Seattle Mariners?"

...NO. Correct: Who are the Chicago Cubs? Did she somehow wager more than $15,600?...

...NO, she wagered $14,401, so she wins the championship, but only with $4,999. Aaron leaves with $129,902 (and a 99% guaranteed ticket to Vegas next year) and Joan leaves with $25,000.

(I believe that's the first sub-$20K win in a month on this show, if I'm not mistaken.)

Dance Machine: This week's contestants are:

Carey Westbrook, 37, a cemetery attendant from Chicago, IL
Marci Javril, 56, a yoga therapist from Meadville, PA
Justin Meece, 20, a youth counselor from Los Angeles, CA
Kim Fore, 27, a farmer from Glades Springs, VA (!)
Scott Serafin, 28, a chemistry professor from King of Prussia, PA
Pei Pei Yuan, 31, an animator from Los Angeles, CA

No matter how you put it, this is the third episode of the season, both airing wise and taping wise. The three categories in Round 1 this time are:

Boy Bands
Michael Jackson

The first Power Dancer tonight is Pei Pei, and she faces Carey with a Michael Jackson song. In this case, it's "Thriller". Winner: Pei Pei!

The second Power Dancer is Marci, and she attempts to beat Kim, tonight's Virginia contestant, with this 1980s song- "Neturon Dance" by the Pointer Sisters. Does Kim move on...yes!

Justin and Scott now face off in the Boy Bands category, with the song being "Bye Bye Bye" by N*SYNC. Scott's the Power Dancer, so he forces Justin to go first. Going "Bye Bye Bye" is...Scott, so Justin moves on!


Power Dancer: Kim

1. Kim decides to take a risk and go first, dancing to "Trouble" by Travis Tritt while using a lasso. She didn't use the lasso very well.

2. Justin dances to "Crank That" by Soulja Boy with some glow sticks in play.

Finally, Pei Pei performs to "Jungle Boogie" by Kool & the Gang while using a chair.

Does Kim get a miracle from the audience voting?...

...NO, so Justin and Pei Pei move on to the finals.

$100,000 Round: The first song is "Disco Inferno" by the Tramps and the other song is "Footloose". The third $100,000 winner right here is...

...Justin Meece.
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