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7/4/2008 Results- Happy 4th of July!

TPIR: We are now in the final ten episodes of not only this season, but Roger Dobkowitz’s stay on this show. And today’s show has a Fourth of July theme (“Star and Stripes Forever” is playing in the background for the first few seconds)!

Starting us off are Kimberly Methario, Eric, Stacey Raider and Pauline Prowley. The first IUFB is a computer system (Rachael).

Pauline: $975
Stacey: $1,800
Eric: $1,801
Kimberly: $1,802

ARP: $2,729

Kimberly goes to a Swap Meet to try and win some appliances (Lanisha) plus a wall clock (Brandi), a treadmill and a pool cleaner (Rachael). She has to pick one of the other three prizes and hope that it matches the ARP of the appliances. Her pick is the pool cleaner (after she originally wanted the clock), which is $1,199...but the appliances actually cost the same as the clock, $715! Darn you, audience. The treadmill was $1,299.

Getting called on by Rich next is Joe Waller and the second IUFB is a desk (Brandi).

Joe: $1,850
Pauline: $1,149
Stacey: $2,010
Eric: BUCK

ARP: $899

Eric from the University of Georgia plays Any Number for either an LCD HDTV (Lanisha) or a Pontiac Vibe (Std., AT, AC, EBH, Cargo)(Rachael). First number in the car is 1.

1. 6- TV ($ _ _ 6)
2. 8- CAR ($ 1 _ , 8 _ _)
3. 5- TV ($ _ 5 6)
4. 7- CAR ($ 1 7, 8 _ _)
5. 0- CAR ($ 1 7, 8 _ 0)
6. 1- Piggy Bank ($ _ . _ 1)
7. 4- Piggy Bank ($ 4. _ 1)
Final pick: 2- LOSS (Wins $4.21)

The car was $17,830 and the HDTV did indeed cost $956. He played this very well- too bad he lost.

Reve Purea is the next one to enter Contestant’s Row and the third IUFB is a telescope (Lanisha).

Reve: $850
Joe: $1,000
Pauline: $1,249
Stacey: BUCK

ARP: $1,718

Pauline from Canada plays Check Out for a bedroom (Brandi) worth $4,388. Products today are a small bag of jellybeans, popcorn, kosher dill petites, cinnamon rolls and olive oil. Her guesses:

Jellybeans- $1.39
Popcorn- $2.69
Pickles- $3.79
Cinnamon rolls- $3.99
Olive oil- $6.49

Correct answers:

Jellybeans- $1.49
Popcorn- $2.39
Pickles- $2.99
Cinnamon rolls- $3.49
Olive oil- $7.99

A perfect win in Check Out is VERY RARE around here!! Well done, Pauline!


Eric ($903): Nickel + Nickel = Dime
Kimberly ($2,729): 50 + 70 = DOH
Pauline ($6,106): $.35

The Check Out queen goes to the Showcase!

Rich then tells William Friedman to “Come on Down” next and the fourth IUFB is a game table (Rachael).

William: $777
Stacey: $875
Reve: $825

ARP: $600

Joe Waller, a pastor, plays Two for the Price of 1 for a guitar (Lanisha) and a hot tub (Brandi), all worth $4,254. Board for the guitar:

First number: 4 or 7?
Second number: 5 or 8?
Third number: 2 or 9?

The digit he wants for free is the third number, which of course is 9. Bad move by Joe. His final guess for the guitar is:

$ 7 5 9

Do we have another winner…

$ 7 5 9


Leaving her seat next is Lois Powell and the fifth IUFB is a kayak (Rachael).

Lois: $1,799
William: $1,100
Stacey: $1,800
Reve: BUCK

ARP: $920

Reve, originally from Albuquerque, NM, plays Money Game for a Dodge Charger (Std., Paint)(Brandi). Board:


Middle number is 6 and El Cheapo appears on the board for probably the last time this season!

Her first pick is 22, the front of the car ($ 2 2, 6 _ _). She then NABS EL CHEAPO to win the $22,605 car!! We are on fire today since the perfect Check Out win!

The last person entering Contestant’s Row on this special day is Marie Honenfeld and the final IUFB is a pair of recliners (Brandi).

Marie: $1,100
Lois: $900
William: $1,234
Stacey: $1,235

ARP: $998, which means Stacey goes to the First Four Breakfast Club, unfortunately.

It does mean for Lois Powell, however, that she’ll be playing Squeeze Play for a trip to our nation’s capital- Washington, D.C. (Rachael and Lanisha). IMO, a Fourth of July-themed show isn’t complete without trying to give away a trip to that place. Here’s the board:


She removes the 7, thus guessing $6,581...

$ 6 5 8 1

…close. It was $6,781; she needed to remove the 5 instead.


Lois ($998): 55 + 35 = $.90
Joe ($4,854): 35 + 80= OVER
Ruve ($23,525): $.90

Lois: $.95
Ruve: $.75

Lois goes to the Showcase to face the awesome Check Out player.

The first Showcase is about Lonnie the Locksmith (played by Lanisha). First, she provides Brandi with the keys to her new luggage. Second, she gives Rachael the key that unlocks her new chest freezer. Finally, she gives Brandi more keys- this time, the keys to unlock and start a new Chevrolet Equinox (Std., Airbags)! After lots of thought, Pauline decides to bid.


For Lois, we have Rachael trying to enjoy her Fourth of July holiday. First, she relaxes in a new hammock. Second, she cooks good food with a new BBQ. Finally, she drives around town in an American classic- a Mustang Convertible (Std., Remote)!


BID: $32,000
ARP: $35,387 (WTF?)

BID: $23,459
ARP: $25,379

Lois bid better than I expected- that BBQ must’ve been super expensive. Anyway, Pauline scores a very deserving win today and $31,485 in prizes!

(Note: Drew called the Equinox a Ford car by mistake.)

Jeopardy!: Challenging Darryl Tahirali tonight are Heather Colby (a veterinarian from Mt. Vernon, OH) and Aaron Schroeder (a graduate student originally from Washington, D.C.). The categories for the opening round:


At the first break, the champ’s ahead for the moment with $2,200. Schroeder has $1,600 and Colby has $1,400. Immediately after the break, after getting the first Liberty Bell clue, Tahirali finds the Daily Double under the $400 clue there and with $2,400 at this point, wagers $1,600:

Appropriately, it’s the number of times the Liberty Bell is symbolically tapped each year on July 5.

“What is 13?”…in this case, it’s a lucky number, because he’s right to go to four grand! After the round…

Darryl: $5,600
Aaron: $4,000
Heather: $600

…he had about a $4,000 lead at one point in the round, but thanks to several mistakes, Tahirali’s lead goes down a bit.


DJ! Categories:

I SAID “NO”, “NO”, “NO”

After the first Triple Stumper of the round with the $2,000 Country Music clue, Colby finds the first Daily Double under the $1,600 Science clue. She has $3,400 while Schroeder has $5,200 and the champ’s still ahead with $8,000. Her wager is $1,400:

Pauling found an “Alpha” type of this spiral in proteins; Watson and Crick found a “double” one in DNA.

“What is a helix?”…you bet it is to go to $4,800! A category later, Tahirali finds the other Daily Double under the $2,000 clue in Trying to Make Me Go to Riyadh. He’s back at $8,000 while Schroeder has $6,000 and Colby’s down at $2,000. His wager is half his total:

He was born in Riyadh in 1957, the 17th of 52 children sired by his construction magnate dad.

“Who was Osama Bin Laden?”…he’s a bad person, but in this case, he’s good for another $4,000 and $12,000 total!


Darryl: $17,200
Aaron: $12,800
Heather: $2,400



Darryl: $14,000
Aaron: $12,800
Heather: $2,600

FJ! CATEGORY: Foreign Countries.

Of the world’s ten largest countries in total areas, the two whose names start and end with “A” (Algeria is #11).

Response: “What are Australia and Argentina?”
Wager: ALL IN
Final score: $4,800

Schroeder had the same thing even though he ran out of space while writing and bet everything but $100 to go to $25,500. As for the champ…he got Australia, but said Angola instead of Argentina, so he leaves with $86,003 while Mr. Schroeder becomes the new champ.

Dance Machine: Tonight’s contestants are:

John Edwards, 62, an Air Force engineer from Redondo Beach, CA
Mara Hall, 31, a teacher from Detroit, MI
Marvin Millora, 24, a sales rep from Richmond, VA (!)
Justin Curges, 20, a salesman from Pittsburgh, PA
Mandy Muenzer, 24, a health specialist from Long Beach, CA
Annette Hernandez, 28, a makeup artist from Union City, NJ

(This was the first episode taped.)

Tonight’s categories for Round 1 are:

Dirty Dancing

The first Power Dancer tonight is John and he faces Mandy in Dirty Dancing to the song “Do You Love Me”. Winner: John.

The computer tabs the Virginia (Marvin) as the night’s second Power Dancer, and he tackles the J-Lo category against Justin with the song “Let’s Get Loud”. Does Marvin win…yes!

Mara has the Power Dance role while facing Annette in a Swing dance-off, and she makes Annette go first. The song they must dance to is “Jump, Jive and Wail”, and the winner is…Annette!

Round 2: Marvin’s the Power Dancer for this round. He decides to go first and dance to “One More Time” while using a horse on a stick. He didn’t use the horse that well, IMHO.

John goes second with “Push It” and he incorporates a light sword in his routine.
Annette goes last with the PCD song “Don’t Cha” and goes with the fan as her prop. She used her prop poorly.

We pretty much know John’s in the finals, but who else?...

…Annette, so the Virginian sadly gets eliminated.

Finals: The first song is “Get Down Tonight” by KC & the Sunshine Band and the second is “Hammer Time” by MC Hammer. Tonight’s big winner is…

…John Edwards, the oldest man on the panel.

(NOTE: The Wikipedia article about this show spoiled the outcome of tonight’s episode about a week ago. I hope ABC reprimanded the person who was responsible for that.)

Duel: We start off with Kathleen Poliance (a stay-at-home mom from L.A.) and JT Mayae (a gymnastics manager from New Haven, CT). The first question:

Drawn by Napoleon Dynamite, which of these is a real animal?

A: Jackalope
B: Liger
C: Rhinippo
D: Crocodurtle

JT maxes out while Kathleen only says Liger...Liger's right to give her a 10-7 advantage. Second question:

Which woman was an "American Idol" loser and an Oscar winner?

A: Fantasia Barrino
B: Carrie Underwood
C: Kelly Clarkson
D: Jennifer Hudson

Both easily get this one in Jennifer Hudson. Third question:

Where would you most likely observe the "Aurora Borealis"?

A: Antarctica
B: Tierra del Fuego
C: Arctic Circle
D: Austrailian Outback

After maxing out, Kathleen uses her Pressure Button. In the end, JT only covered up Arctic Circle...that's right to tie the score at 7 apiece. Question #4:

At the 1980 Winter Olympics, who did the USA beat to win the gold in hockey?

A: Russia
B: Japan
C: Canada
D: Finland

Kathleen covers up everything but Japan while JT only says Russia...I had a bad feeling somebody would say that, because that's the team the USA beat in the SEMI-FINALS. The right answer was Finland, so Kathleen wins the game and $10,000. Her Max Question:

Which of these animals can't taste sugar?

A: Dogs
B: Cats
C: Horses
D: Rabbits

Her guess is rabbits...

A: Dogs
B: Cats
C: Horses
D: Rabbits

...the rabbit foot doesn't work for her here. It was cats and she continues.

Here are the three new players available:

Michelle (Clifton Park, NY)- Waitress
Michael Dennis (Kailua, HI)- Real estate appraiser
Paris Bennett (NYC)- Former child star

She goes against Michael and here's the first question:

What boots were introduced to the U.S. by an Austrailian surfer in 1978?

A: Crocs
C: Mukluks
D: Timberlands

Kathleen only says UGGs, while Michael says UGGs, Mukluks and Timberlands...UGGs are the right kind of shoes, giving Kathleen the early 10-8 lead. Second question:

What color is the suit Michael Jackson is wearing on the cover of "Thriller"?

A: White
B: Black
C: Blue
D: Red

Kathleen goes with white and red while Michael locks in everything but red. Only if the answer is white can this duel continue...

A: White
B: Black
C: Blue
D: Red is white, meaning Kathleen now leads 9-6. Third question this time:

A "Peterbill" is what?

A: Brand of semi truck
B: Variety of pear
C: Russian weapon
D: Church bell

After going with the truck, Michael uses his Pressure Button. Kathleen maxes out. The semi truck has to be right or else it's's right, so we're tied up at 6 apiece. Next:

Which part of the Colossal Squid's body is the largest on Earth?

A: Eye
B: Brain
C: Mouth
D: Tongue

Both say eye, while Kathleen also has tongue locked in...

A: Eye
B: Brain
C: Mouth
D: Tongue

...eye's right, so Michael now leads 6-5. Next:

First marketed in 1897, which of these cereals is the oldest?

A: Cheerios
B: Grape-Nuts
C: Corn Flakes
D: Count Chocula

After leaving out Count Chocula, Kathleen uses her Pressure Button. Michael says the same choices and the right answer is Grape-Nuts. Michael still leads, 4-3. Next, please:

Diablo Cody is what?

A: Winchester gum model
B: Oscar-winning screenwriter
C: Triple Crown winner
D: WWE wrestler

Kathleen leaves out the gum model, while Mike goes with the screenwriter and wrestler choices. If the answer's the screenwriter or the wrestler, we keep playing and Michael will have a two chip lead. If it's a Triple Crown winner, Kathleen repeats as champ. The answer is...

A: Winchester gum model
B: Oscar-winning screenwriter
C: Triple Crown winner
D: WWE wrestler

...Oscar-winning screenwriter, now giving Michael a 3-1 lead. Next up:

What do the letters "WD" stand for in the famous product WD-40?

A: War Department, 1940
B: Walt Disney, 40th trademark
C: Water Displacement, 40th attempt
D: Weight in drams: 40

Both say my guess of Water Displacement, 40th attempt, while Michael also selects War Department, 1940 and Weight in drams. If the answer's Water Displacement, 40th attempt, this duel will now be worth at least $30,000 and we will be tied at a chip apiece. Otherwise, we'll have a new champion or a Shootout...

A: War Department, 1940
B: Walt Disney, 40th trademark
C: Water Displacement, 40th attempt
D: Weight in drams: 40

...Water Displacement it is. This could be the last question this duel:

Francis Scott Key wrote "The Star Spangled Banner" to commemorate a battle in which war?

A: American Revolution
B: War of 1812
C: Civil War

Kathleen says World War I while Michael says the American Revolution. For $30,000, the correct answer is...

A: American Revolution
B: War of 1812
C: Civil War

...War of 1812, so for the first time this season, we go to a Shootout. That means $30K is the final value of this duel. The Shootout works the same way as last season. Here's the final question:

What's the first leg in an Olympic triathlon race?

A: Swimming
B: Cycling
C: Running
D: Cross-country skiing

Kathleen says cycling and running, while Michael says everything but cross-country skiing. For 30 grand, the answer is...

A: Swimming
B: Cycling
C: Running
D: Cross-country skiing

...swimming, so Michael wins the championship and $30,000! To turn it into 60:

What gift did Dick Cheney's wife, Lynne, give Jon Stewart when she was on "The Daily Show"?

A: A shotgun
B: A Darth Vader doll
C: A gay pride ribbon
D: A Bible

He says the Bible...

A: A shotgun
B: A Darth Vader doll
C: A gay pride ribbon
D: A Bible

...but it's the Darth Vader doll. He decides to...go on. Replacing him in the contestant gallery is Christine Dean from San Diego (who is a homemaker). He challenges Michelle.

This is the last duel of the night, and believe it or also goes to a Shootout. This time, it's for $15K. The question:

What principle explains a police siren sounding higher coming toward you and lower moving away?

A: Venturi effect
B: Special relativity
C: Pythagorean Theorem
D: Doppler Effect

Michael says the Venturi and Doppler Effects, while Michelle only goes with the Doppler...

A: Venturi effect
B: Special relativity
C: Pythagorean Theorem
D: Doppler Effect

...the rotating champions trend continues, as Michelle wins. To go to $30K:

Approximately how many original Hershey's Kisses equal a pound of chocolate?

A: 44
B: 95
C: 198
D: 362

She goes with 95...

A: 44
B: 95
C: 198
D: 362

...right! And she decides not to come back the next time, so the 30 grand is her final total on the show.
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