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7/9/2008 Results

Merv Griffin’s Crosswords: This is my first recap of the now-troubled game show in a while.
Starting things off are Andy Goldstein (a customer support technician from NJ) and Nina Blum (a student from California).

Blum solves RARE to put a mini-vacation to Sonoma in her bank. At the first Extra, Goldstein has control but both players are $50 in the hole. His wager is $500 (he actually wanted to wager $532.50- LOL!):

M _ _ _ _

It’s a sugar and syrup source. He easily gets MAPLE to go to $450. After the round ends, he now has $750 while Blum’s stuck at -$50.

Today's Spoilers are Komal, Mike and Cathy.


1. (_ R A _ _)- Boiling mad. Nina says IRATE...she shouldn't be now, because she's now $150 on the good side.
2. (_ _ _ _ T)- Hold a team to a .000 batting average for a game. Andy rings in but says SHUT, which is only four letters, so he falls to $550. It was NO HIT.
3. (Six letters)- Discontinued, with "out". Nina says PHASED...correct to go to $350.
4. (Five letters)- Thoughts that can lead to innovations. Andy says IDEAS...right to go back to $750.
5. (_ _ D S)- One of two pro baseball teams in Ohio. Andy knows it's the REDS to go to $950.
6. (_ _ _ _ _ E)- Group well-being. Andy's the only one in, but he blanks, so he's back to $750. Answer: MORALE.
7. (Six letters)- One who's involved with hook, line and sinker? Andy says FISHER...incorrect. Nina then tries ANGLER...that's right to tie the game at $550 apiece!
8. (Four letters)- 1956 film classic, "The King ____". Nina completes it with AND I...that's it to take the lead at $750!
9. (_ _ A)($100)- Historical time period, such as "The Reagan ____". Nina goes with an ERA...that's $850 for her now.
10. (E _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Oval-like shape. Cathy has the first spoil chance of the day with ELLIPSE...right to steal Nina's podium, now at $1,150 in addition to the Sonoma trip!
11. (_ _ _ _ L _ D _)($300)- Rule out in advance. Andy goes with PRECLUDE after originally wanting to say FORCLUDE...good thing he changed it, because PRECLUDE is right to go to $850.
12. (_ _ E _ _)- Put into political office. Andy says that's to ELECT...and he's over the $1,000 mark for the first time today at $1,050!
13. (_ _ L)($100)- Internet company that acquired Netscape in '99. Cathy nails AOL to keep the lead at $1,250.
14. (_ O R _ _)- "Deed I Do" singer Lena. Andy believes the last name is HORNE...yes to tie the game!
15. (_ E T _ P _)- Wrap again, as a sprained ankle. Cathy says to RETAPE...correct to go to $1,450!
16. (Four letters)- Note that relays what the boss is thinking. Cathy answers MEMO...right again to go to $1,650! And here comes the second Extra of the day. Her wager is $1,000:

M _ _ _

It's all about moneymaking. She can't get MINT, so she's out of the lead and is now at $650.

18. (Four letters)- Desperately dry with little vegetation. Cathy says SERE...wrong again. Andy then says ARID...right to go to $1,450 and drop Cathy to $450!
19. (_ A _ _ _)- Billiard shot with the cue vertical. Andy says MASSE...never heard of it, but that's right to go to $1,650!
20. (S _ _ _)- Prefix meaning "Chinese", as in ___-Japanese War. Cathy says SINO...correct to go back to $650.
21. (Four letters)- Colorado national park, ___ Verde. Cathy says CAPE at the last second...but it's MESA, so back to $450 she goes. And this round finally ends. Much better round than Round 1!


1. (Five letters)- You can see yours in a mirror. Cathy says IMAGE...she's back at $650.
2. (I _ _ _)- Wading bird scred to King Tut. Andy says that's an IBIS...right to go to $1,850!
3. (B _ _ _ _ _)- More than asked for something. Andy's in first again with BEGGED...he's over two grand now with $2,050!
4. (_ E E _ _)- Pips and pits. Andy says they're SEEDS...$2,250!
5. (I _ _ _ D _)- She completes the love triangle with King Mark and Tristan. Andy rings in with ISIOLD...I'm afraid that's spelled wrong, so he's back at $2,050. Cathy's right with ISOLDE, making her new total $850.
6. (S _ _ _ S _)- Least loony. Andy says SANEST...he gets the lost $200 back!
7. (Six letters)- Setting for a bodega, perhaps. Andy goes with MARKET...incorrect, so his lead's now in jeopardy of being stolen. To spoil, Komal says BARRIO...right for his $2,250.
8. (O _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _)($300)- Phrase meaning "precisely", or a place for the perfect punch. Mike goes for his first spoil with ON THE NOSE...well, you can say that again; he's right to go to $2,550!
9. (_ O _ _ _)- Half the class of '08, presumably. To get back in front, Nina says WOMEN...NO. That was a good guess, but it was CO-EDS, locking her out of gameplay.
10. (Six letters)- Took a coat off your windshield? Cathy says DE-ICED...right to return to $1,050 and find the last Extra of the game! But she only wagers $500 on the following:

D _ _ _ _

A rebellious term, coup ____. She says DE TAT...correct to go to $1,550.


12. (_ D _ _ _ _)- Stick fast. Cathy says to ADHERE...right to go to $1,750.
13. (Three letters)($100)- Mick Jagger's hearing aid? Cathy goes with AMP...$1,850.
14. (Four letters)- Treat with a beam of light. Cathy's in once more with LASE...$2,050 now for her.
15. (Three letters)($100)- Not just any. Cathy says ONE...wrong. Andy tries to spoil with ALL...also incorrect. That means Komal gets a free shot at it, but she has no clue. It was THE, and that's the game, so Mike wins his $2,550. If Cathy had wagered properly during that last Extra, Mike would've won by only fifty bucks.

Crossfire: Mike must fill in the remaining 25 blanks to go to Cancun with $4,550...he falls way short.

TPIR: A lucky seven shows left to go in the season.

Today’s starting players are Sheri Telford, Melana Atkinson, Chace Mickelson and Marsha Shields. Drew comes out of the middle door and the first IUFB is a computer system (Lanisha).

Sheri: $1,800
Melana: $1,700
Chace: $1,500
Marsha: $1,200

ARP: $2,608

Sheri plays One Right Price for an exercise bike (Rachael) and ski equipment (Brandi), after Drew mistakenly says that we’re playing a three-prize game. BTW, this is said to be the 1,000th playing of this game. Interesting. Anyway, the price that must be matched up this time is $1,099 (Lanisha), and Sheri says that’s the price of the bike…yes, ma’am. The skiing stuff was $1,913.

Rich then says “Come on Down” to Audrey Carter and the second IUFB is a washer/dryer (Rachael).

Audrey: $899
Melana: $901
Chace: $900 (STUPID BID)
Marsha: $850

ARP: $898

Even though Marsha didn’t go a buck below Audrey when she should have, she’ll still play Temptation for a Dodge Nitro (Std., Wheels, EBH)(Brandi). First number is 2. The first gift is a floor clock (Rachael) worth $1,110 and she picks 1 as the second number. The second gift is $3,443 cash (Lanisha), and her middle number guess is 4, The third gift is luggage (Rachael) marked at $565 and she picks 5 as the fourth digit. The last gift is picnic gear (Lanisha) marked at $500 and she picks 0 as the last digit to make her car guess $21,450. After some thought…she stops with cash and prizes totaling $5,618. ARP of the car: $21,465.

Coming on down next is Felicia Green and the third IUFB is a white water raft (Rachael and Brandi).

Felicia: BUCK
Audrey: $725
Melana: $599
Chace: $800

ARP: $3,524

Chace Mickelson, obviously not related to golfer Phil, plays Bullseye for a bedroom (Lanisha) worth $4,598. The products today are creole seasoning, Starburst, Safeway instant rice, squeegee and pineapple slices.

1. 3 Seasonings: $.99 X 3= $2.97
2. 6 Pineapple slice cans: $1.79 X 6 = $10.74- WIN!

Sheri ($5,620): Dime + 40 = $.50
Marsha ($6,516): $.85
Chace ($8,122): Nickel + 95 = WINS $1,000 AND SHOWCASE BERTH!

(Note: Marsha and Chace were in the wrong positions at the start, but this was corrected after Sheri had finished spinning.)

In Chace’s Bonus Spin…only a half dollar.

Anthony Estrada comes on down and the fourth IUFB is a pair of chaise lounge chairs (Brandi).

Anthony: $400
Felicia: $699
Audrey: $600
Melana: $601

ARP: $578

Anthony Estrada plays Lucky Seven for a Pontiac G6 (Std., Prots, Remote, Mats, EBH)(Lanisha). First number is 2. His second number guess is 2, but it’s 1, so he gives a dollar. Third number guess is 5...

$ 2 1 , 8 _ _

…it’s 8, so he’s down to $3. Fourth number guess is 6...

$ 2 1, 8 3 _

…he’s flat broke. ARP: $21,836.

(The base price of the G6 on the show is now $20,700.)

Leaving their seat next is Fawzia Latfolla and the next IUFB is women’s golf equipment (Rachael).

Fawzia: $1,200
Felicia: $1,150
Audrey: BUCK
Melana: $1,300

ARP: $720

Audrey Carter’s buck buys her a chance to play the Punchboard ($10,000 bill shown by Lanisha). The items today are modeled by Brandi. The first one is a pet brush marked at $50 and she says lower, and it’s $40. Second is a fondue pot marked at $170 and she’s right again with lower, because it’s $150. Third is a talking pedometer marked at $15 and she says higher…$20. Finally is a table lamp marked at $10 and she sweeps the items with higher, since that’s $16. She punches out holes #14, #8, #37 and #2.

Hole #14 has $1,000. It’s too early though, so she goes on. #8 has $5,000 and she keeps it! #37 had $50 and #2 had $100.

The last called down contestant is Mark David Baddas and the final IUFB is a home theatre sound system (Lanisha).

Mark David: $1,000
Melana: $1,201
Felicia: TWO BUCKS

ARP: $650, sending Malena to the First Four Breakfast Club.

She missed a chance at some of her own last name, but Felicia will still play Double Prices for a go kart (Rachael), which is either $4,598 or $5,589. Her guess is $5,

Anthony ($578): $.80
Felicia ($650): $.85
Audrey ($5,946): 60 + 25 = $.85

Felicia: $.60
Audrey: $.45

Felicia goes to the Showcase.

In the first Showcase, Rachael comes across some weird comic books. First, “Thunder Woman” is a female superhero who tries to control the weather that this item can’t predict- a new weather station (Lanisha). Second, “Silver Slurper” is a lazy superhero who does nothing but drink his own powerful concoctions on his new soda fountain (Brandi). Finally, “Doctor Vroom” is about a person who wants to run over the bad guys with a new Pontiac Solstice (Std., AT)(Lanisha). Chace goes for it.

CHACE BIDS $27,915 ON CAR SHOWCASE- STAGE GARF (Only covers the car and the weather station).

MY BID FOR CAR SHOWCASE: $35,000 (because of the soda fountain)

Felicia goes for a dining room (Brandi), a deluxe cappuccino machine (Brandi) and a baby grand piano (Rachael).


MY BID ON FURNITURE SHOWCASE: $22,200 (because of the piano and the cappuccino machine)

BID: $27,915
ARP: $36,035

BID: $21,000
ARP: $29,317

Both Showcase were understandably on Dob-oids today. Chace wins this close Showcase battle and $45,157 in cash and prizes!


Jeopardy!: Due to severe weather coverage in my area, I will be unable to do a full recap tonight. But I can tell you that...

... champion Aaron Schroeder won his fourth game with $24,801 and is now in six-figures with a new total of $103,902!
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