Monday, July 14, 2008

"American Gladiators" 7/14

This is the last preliminary episode of the season.

On the female side, tonight's contestants are Adriana Posadas from Anaheim (who is a chemical engineering student) and Tatum Yount from Manhattan Beach, CA (who is a national figure skater). The first event for them is Powerball and the Gladiators here are Hellga, Panther and Steel. Scores:

Adriana: 3

Tonight's male contenders are Anthony Pagnotta from Farmingdale, NY (a detective in the area) and Alexander Coates from Baltimore (who is a former Marine). Their first event is also Powerball. This time, the Gladiators are Titan, Justice and Wolf. Numbers, please:

Alexander: 2
Anthony: 0

Second for the female side is Pyramid. Chasing Tatum is Jet and Adriana must outlast Steel. Any

For the men, their second event is Rocketball. Take away the word "ball" from this event's name, and you've got one of the Gladiators competing in this event- Rocket. The other one is Wolf. Let's punch in those scores:

Alexander: 4
Anthony: 4

Alexander still has a two point lead.

Next, we find out if either woman will Hang Tough with Phoenix. It definitely won't be Tatum, who falls in a possible record 7.3. As for Adriana...she goes the distance for 5, giving her an 8-0 lead.

Now, for the male version of Hang Tough with Justice as the Gladiator. Alexander can't quite do it and falls in about 33 seconds...but Anthony gets the 5 thanks to Justice falling with 11 seconds to go, giving him the lead, 9-6.

Neither woman scored on Joust and Skytrack, so Adriana's still the only one with any points as they head into their final event, Earthquake. The Gladiator on the circular platform is Gina "Crush" Carano, whom beat both of tonight's contenders in Joust to remain undefeated in that event. Does she continue to dominate tonight in Earthquake...yes, so with the final score of 8-0, Adriana gets a four-second head start in the Eliminator. BTW, Tatum's the first contestant to not earn a single point prior to the Eliminator.

Neither man was able to score in Pyramid and The Wall, so it's still 9-6 Anthony heading into their Earthquake. Militia challenges the players this time...and is as successful as Crush was there, so Anthony has a 1.5 head start in the Eliminator.

Eliminator: For the men, the Eliminator time to beat is 2:10. For the women, the Eliminator time to beat is 3:24.5. Does either mark go down in the end?...

...YES, as Alexander wins the Male Eliminator at 2:08.8! That sends Brick Reilly home. Oddly enough, scoreless Tatum won the Female Eliminator, but didn't win it in time to qualify for the semi-finals. That means Vanessa Warren's the last semi-finalist on the female side.
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