Monday, July 07, 2008

"American Gladiators" 7/7

We have just two preliminary episodes left this season.

In the female category, tonight's players are Annie Castellano from Stoneham, Mass. (who is a college student) and Yoko Ohigashi from Brea, CA (who is an investment team manager). The first event for them is Joust, and challenging both of them above the water is Steel. Annie gets DQed for kneeling over to Steel's platform...while Yoko gets KOed in 10.5.

Our male competitors on the night are Alejandro Soto from El Cajon, CA (who trains dolphins) and Tim Oliphant from Branson, MO (who is a camp media director). The first male event is Pyramid. Chasing after Tim is Titan and in pursuit of Alejandro is Wolf. End result...Alejandro gets 5, but Tim gets the 10 with 7.7. left!

Event #2 for the chicks is Pyramid. Annie is trying to avoid getting caught by Panther while Yoko will try not to get KOed here by Gina "Crush" Carano. Are there any points on the female scoreboard

Second for the men is The Wall. Targeting Tim is Rocket and Wolf will try once again to nab Alejandro in an event. Alejandro conquers this in 34 seconds to triple to 15, while Tim gets zip, meaning Tim is now five points behind.

Now, for the female version of The Wall. Yoko is being challenged here by Venom and Annie must avoid getting pulled off by Phoenix. How do they do...Yoko loses in 25, but Annie goes all the way for her first 10 points!

The masculine ones now play Snapback. Handling Alejandro is Justice, and trying to keep Tim from getting the lead back is Titan. The digits...Tim gets shut out while Alejandro adds 4 to his lead.

Heading into the last event, Yoko managed 5 from Hang Tough and 4 from Snapback (against Crush), while Annie got shut out in both of those events thanks to Siren (Hang Tough) and Hellga (Snapback). Thus, Annie's lead is down to a single point as they now play Sideswipe. The Gladiators in play are Jet, Siren and Phoenix. Here are the scores:

Annie: 1 (KOed in about 18 seconds)
Yoko: 1 (KOed in about 18 seconds as well)

By a final score of 11-10, Annie gets a mere half-second advantage in the Eliminator.

Nothing happened when the men played Tilt and Skytrack, so the male scoreboard still reads 19-10 Alejandro as they face Sideswipe. The Gladiators this time are Zen, Melitia and Hurricane. Scores:

Alejandro: 2 (KOed in about 15 seconds)
Tim: 6 (KOed in 41.5)

With a final score of 21-16, Alejandro has a 2.5 head start in the Eliminator.

Female Eliminator: The sixth-place time to beat is still 3:49.3. I'm not sure if either woman will be able to beat that, given the way they've played tonight...

...but Annie wins in three minutes to automatically qualify for the semi-finals! The names that are green with these Female Eliminator standings have also clinched semi-final berths:

1. Ally Davidson: 2:08.2
2. Tiffaney Florentine: 2:57
3. Abbe Dorn: 2:58
4. Annie Castellano: 3:00
5. Lillian Thomassen- 3:08.7
6. Vanessa Warren- 3:24.5

Rochelle Gilken is going home.

Now, for the men. Both need to beat the sixth-place time of 3:03 to at least stay in contention, but if the winner finishes the course in 2:09 or less, they're in the semis. After the cargo net, Tim takes over the lead. Alejandro does a SICK fall off the handbike. Tim is dominating after the handbike...

...AND TIM OLIPHANT WINS AT 1:23.9, THE THIRD-BEST ELIMINATOR TIME EVER!!! He's definitely in the next round! The Male Eliminator scoreboard:

1. Tim Oliphant: 1:23.9
2. Jeff Davidson- 1:34.5
3. Mike Gamble- 1:58.9
4. Randee Haynes- 2:06
5. James Ruggiero- 2:07.5
6. Brick Reilly- 2:10

The last preliminary episode is next week.
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