Saturday, July 05, 2008

"America's Got Talent" 7/1

We started off in Dallas with the episode’s first contestant, Corky Duke, who did country/western line dancing. I wasn’t impressed…and a minute or two later, nor were any of the judges. He caused the auditions to get off to a bad start in the area.

Then came 19-year-old Holly Hardin, who attempted to be a country music singer starting with the song “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’”. After VERY tough deliberation by the judges…she made it through to Vegas!

After a cold streak to start off, she sparked a hot streak. Also advancing during that time: Duo Genesis (circus artists), 11-year-old Lewis Warren, Jr. (a piano player), and the Shaolin Warriors (street performers).

A big girl dancing group called Beyond Belief went next. They danced their way to Vegas also!
Later, Fran Martin brought a pig named Smithfield to do a painting act. It didn’t really get anywhere.

Other animal acts that didn’t get that far- Diana Ross and a dog, Sean Paul and Juliane with a pet monkey, the Busy Bee Dogs.

An animal act that tried to be more subdued was Tucker, being handled by Paul West. They did an acrobatic disc routine. They advanced.

The last one to audition in Dallas this episode was Paul Salos, who was a Frank Sinatra impersonator. He sung “Fly Me to the Moon”…and he got a ticket to Vegas!

The second locale of the episode was Chicago. First up this time was the dancing couple of Junior & Emily, who were both dance teachers. They got a berth in Vegas!

Second was a singing duo, Zane & Stephanie (they were both teachers as well). They sung “Unchained Melody” by LeAnn Rimes…but their time on the show was short-lived, as they didn’t quite make it.

Third was George the Giant, who sucked up liquids in his nose through a really giant twisty straw. He ended the act with some pyro explosions from his own body! I hoped he made it to Vegas…and he did!

Jessica Price then hoped her price would be right while singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and playing the guitar …and she was good enough for Vegas! Sharon advised her to enjoy her performance more the next time. She was the last Chicago act for this episode.

The last location of the episode was Atlanta. First in line there was Smokin’ McQueen, who did a STRIPPING ACT!!!! But was it hot enough to go to Vegas…no. He wound up sparking a cold streak.

Then came a girl dancing group called the Southern Belles…and they were the first from Atlanta this episode to make it to Vegas!

Alabama native Dan Meyer then did an act where he placed a sword DEEP into his mouth! He did that a few more times with other kinds of swords! David didn’t like it because it was too scary, but Piers and Sharon put him through to Vegas!

The last act of the show was nine-year-old David Militello. Since he was a big Jackson 5 fan, he sang “You’ve Got a Friend” by Michael Jackson. He made it!
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