Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Big Brother X" 7/15

At the start, we learned that the initial eviction nominations were Brian's idea. Speaking of the nominees, Renny and Jessie, they trash talked to each other.

Brian tried to align with Memphis but wasn't successful.

Power of Veto Competition: Joining Jerry, Renny and Jessie were Memphis, Michelle and April. Angie was designated as the host. Outside, there was a giant bed with numerous pillows on it. Some of them had veto bears. Each contestant had to find the veto bears of their color that matched the color of their sweepwear at that time. Once they found a bear, they dove into a pool of honey and put that bear into one of their five jars. The first contestant that filled all five of their jars won the Power of Veto. If Jerry won, his nomination picks will stay the same.
The color assignments:

Jerry: Purple
Jessie: Green
Renny: Pink
Memphis: Blue
April: Yellow
Michelle: Red

Memphis had the early lead. Shortly thereafter, Michelle took over the lead. But Memphis took it right back from her. Jessie then got into contention. The winner of the season's first Power of Veto was...

...Jessie, so he's safe this week!

Late in the episode, we heard that there was a "Mole" in the house, as somebody decided to come in contact with multiple houseguests.

After Jerry's replacement pick, the one Renny must face in the season's first eviction ceremony tomorrow night is in fact this "Mole". And that person is...

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