Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Big Brother X" 7/20

Remember, Jessie Godderz is now the Head of Household.

And judging from what I've seen early on, it may be time for outgoing HoH Jerry McDonald to get put up on the block next. And if it goes that way, joining him this week would be Dan Gheesling, as he seemed resigned to his fate.

BTW, Jerry's wife has Parkinson's Disease at the time of this taping.

Food Competition: There was a green team and a red team.



Each team had to designate three members as catchers, two as pluggers and one to be the thrower. When the challenge began, both teams' pools of wine started leaking. The thrower had to search through several different pieces of cork until they found a piece of cork that matched his/her team's color. They then had to throw their colored cork to the pluggers, who then had to plug it into the holes to stop their leaking. Meanwhile, the catchers had to catch the wine of the other team's pool into small wine glasses, and then run back to their team's station of wine bottles and fill as many of them up as possible before going back to get more wine. The team who bottled up the most wine within five minutes won food for the week, leaving the other team having to eat slop for the week.

In the end, only one team filled up at least one bottle completely. And that team was...

...the Green Team! The Red Team only filled their first bottle about halfway.

The two contestants up for eviction this week are...

...Dan and Steven. Jerry's story about her wife's Parkinson Disease battle must've impressed a lot of the houseguests.
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