Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Big Brother X" 7/29

The alliance with Keesha, April and Libra was still alive at this moment, with Dan not being in it right now. Meanwhile, Michelle was talking with Dan.

Power of Veto Competition: Joining Keesha, Angie and Jessie were Libra, Bryan and Memphis. The host was Dan. All six players were put into green suits with a flower hat on top. Each player planted themselves into their flower box while placing their head on the headrest. Soon, water started to pour down on each player. When a player thought they had been watered long enough, they left their box. The player who left their box closest to an hour without going over won the Power of Veto. Basically, this is their version of the now-defunct GSN game show "How Much is Enough?".

At the 18 minute mark, earthworms were added to everyone's boxes.

Keesha: 22:20

At the 44 minute mark, compost was added.

Libra left second, Jessie was third, Angie was fourth, Bryan was fifth and Memphis was the last person to leave his box.

The results...

...everybody except Keesha stayed in too long, so the eviction nominations automatically stay as they are.

BTW, you folks at home this season will decide who will be America's Player for a one-week period.
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