Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Celebrity Circus" 7/2

As of right now, this competition is wide open.

HOWEVER, I just got told that because Christopher Knight re-broke one of his arms due to a fall in one of his last-minute rehearsals for this week’s act, he has been forced to withdraw from the show. Does that mean Janet Evans is returning?…

NO. Instead, Christopher is the one who gets eliminated this week due to his unfortunate injury; however, he DID NOT get the lowest combined score last week.

First up is the Wee Man with some Hand Balancing. Aurelia thought it was his best performance to date.

Aurelia: 10
Mitch: 10
Louie: 10
PERFECTO!!! (first this season)

Second, Stacey Dash goes on the Cradle.

Aurelia: 8
Mitch: 8
Louie: 8

Third, Antonio Sabato, Jr. takes a stab at the Wheel of Death.

Aurelia: 7
Mitch: 7
Louie: 8

Finally, Rachael Hunter tries an act involving a bull!

Aurelia: 6
Mitch: 6
Louie: 7
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