Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"Celebrity Circus"- FINALE

To start, Blu Cantrell performs her hit "Hit Em' Up Style".

Aurelia, one of the judges, then does a trapeze act!

Janet Evans has the night's third performance with a Flying Trapeze act.

The Long Twins then do a special performance after Christopher Knight spoke.

After that, Rachael Hunter performs on the Flying Rings.

The three remaining finalists, Stacey Dash, Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Wee Man, then do a special group performance! And in a coincidence for host Joey Fatone, the background song goes back to his hosting stint on "Singing Bee"- "The Final Countdown"!

Finishing in third place is...

...Wee-Man! That means Antonio Sabato, Jr. looks like he's home free now.

The show's pros then perform once again.

Now, for the final results. Is Antonio Sabato, Jr. the winner of the Wheel of Death Trophy?...

Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Stacey Dash

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