Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Celebrity Family Feud" 7/1

In this week’s first game, we have:

The Girls Next Door: Bridget Marquardt, Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkenson, Jayde Nicole and Sara Underwood (Charity: Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation and Operation Gratitude)
Pastore: Vincent, Kathrine (friend), Nancy (ex-wife), Renee (daughter) and Christopher (Renee’s fiancee)(Charity: Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research- Mithchell Berk Memorial)

Opening question: Words women use to describe a very attractive man. Starting with:

1. Hot (37, Bridget)
3. Handsome (17, Vincent)

The Girls Next Door play. Starting with Holly, she goes with sexy…#4 (9)! Kendra’s first guess is bootylicious…no. Jayde then tries gorgeous…also not there. To thwart a steal attempt, Sara says stud…three strikes in a row. The first steal of this game is worth 63, and Vincent tries for those points with a guess of hunk…#2 (18)! The bottom answer was fine (5).

Second question: Name something you might find on Hugh Heffner’s night table. Starting with:

5. Ashtray/pipe (5, Kathrine)

Holly struck out with a little black book, so the Pastores play this time. Now to Nancy, who says a condom…#2 (14)! Renee’s opening answer is a lamp…#4 (8)! Christopher then goes with a book…can’t find that. Back to Vincent, whose next answer is cologne…another dud. Kathrine tries to save her team with breath mints…three strikes in a row once again. This time, for 27, Bridget says Viagra…#1 (33) for the points! Rest of board:

3. Playboy magazine (10)
6. Bunny/Playmate (4)
7. Cocktail (4)

Triple: Things people cheat on. Kendra’s in first with test, which is #3 (23) with homework. Nancy then has no hard feelings for Vincent by saying spouse…#2 (26) for control! Next is Renee with taxes…NUMBER ONE (32)! Christopher blanks immediately for strike one. Vincent then says cheating on a boss…not #4. Kathrine has the last chance to sweep and win with playing cards…not the bottom answer either, so three strikes. Bridget must come up with that bottom answer to force Sudden Death, and she thinks it’s a diet…it is (16) to take The Girls Next Door to 270!

Sudden Death: Jayde and Renee are asked this query:

Name something people are better off keeping shut.

The #1 answer of mouth (84) was said by…Renee, so the Pastores go to the final! Two more teams:

Gifford: Kathie Lee, Frank, Cody (son), Cassidy (daughter) and Christiana (Frank’s granddaughter)(Charity: Association to Benefit Children)
Dog: Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth (wife), Duane Jr. (son), Leland (son) and Lyssa (daughter)(Charity: Moussehart Child City School)

Question #1: Name something that Tarzan might complain the laundry did to his loin cloth. Starting with:

1. Shrun it (57, DTBH)

Dog’s team will play. Now to Beth, who says starched it…#3 (10)! Now to Duane, who says changing color…#2 (15)! Leland now tries shredding the loin cloth…#4 (8)! For an instant sweep, Lyssa believes the bottom answer is getting the loin cloth lost…INSTANT SWEEP (7) for 97!

Question #2: Things people ask you to smell. Starting with:

2. Flowers/plants (39, Beth)

Frank blanked out so the Dog family will play again. Duane starts off with breath…no. Leland next says feet…bottom answer (2). Lyssa then says baked goods/cookies…all food and milk are #3 (9)! Dog the Bounty Hunter is back to next say money…no. To prevent a steal attempt, Beth next goes with hair…STRIKEOUT. For fifty points, Kathie Lee’s answer is perfume…that and cologne are #1 (44)! The #4 answer was candle (4).

Triple: Things women stuff. We start with Cody, who says a bra…NUMBER ONE (53) to give the Giffords control! Cassidy starts this go-round with purses…no. Christiana tries to do better with Christmas stockings…not there either; if this show had aired in Christmas 2008, it might’ve been up there. Back to Kathie Lee, who comes up with the Thanksgiving centerpiece of turkey…#2 (22)! We then hear shoe soles from Frank…definite third strike. Right now, 225 is in the bank. If Dog the Bounty Hunter comes up with either #3 or #4, his team’s facing the Pastores. His steal guess is clothing…dud, so we go to Sudden Death with the Giffords at 275! Unsaid answers:

3. Drawers/closet (10)
4. Peppers (8)

Sudden Death: Cassidy and Leland get this prompt:

Which animal communicates best with humans?

Bandut will be proud of Cassidy, because she nails dog (77) to give the Giffords the win at 506!

Opening question in championship game: Name something you’d hate to see fall on the floor during an operation. We start with:

1. Scalpel/tools (41, Kathie Lee)

The Giffords play again. Frank goes with body parts…#2 (32)! Cody’s next answer is the doctor…#3 (12)! Cassidy’s next with the patient…#4 (8)! For an instant sweep, Christiana responds with table…I don’t think so. Kathie Lee then tries the room’s lights…not it either. Frank has the last chance to pick off that bottom answer, and he says it’s the surgeon’s mask…NO. To steal 93, Vincent says it’s blood…it is (4)!

Next question: Types of card games that might also describe a woman’s love life. Starting out with:

4. Hearts (17, Frank)

Kathrine has a brain freeze, so the Giffords play one more time. Cody’s next up with Texas Hold’ Em…all kinds of poker are #2 (18)! Now, Cassidy responds Go Fish…bottom answer (6).
Christiana hopes that Solitaire is #1 or #2...and that is #2 (18)! The Giffords are in great shape to sweep this board. Kathie Lee says that top answer is Old Maid…IT IS for an INSTANT SWEEP (28) and a total of 87!

Triple: According to 100 single women, what’s the first thing you do when you get home from an awful blind date? Cody buzzes in first with taking a shower…I’m afraid his brain just took one, because it’s a dud. Nancy takes control with having a drink, which is the bottom answer (2). Then, Renee answers calling best friends…NUMBER ONE (49)! Christopher’s next answer is eating a ton of food…#3 (22)! To win the game, Vincent says the #2 answer is erasing their phone number…no. The second chance to win goes to Kathrine, and she says watching a movie…no. Last chance to sweep and win goes to Nancy, and she says go to bed…NO. This steal is for the game, and Kathie Lee goes for the win with crying, and she’ll be crying…with joy, because the Giffords win the game (23) at 306! The Pastores leave with ten grand for their charity.

Fast Money: Kathie Lee and Cody try to win the $50,000 this time.

1. Name something a gardener cuts while he’s on the job.
2. Something you polish.
3. Name the time most people go to bed during the week.
4. Something you find in a golf bag.
5. A type of jewel you might see in a crown.

My guesses:
1. Weeds
2. Shoes (furniture was my other guess)
3. 10 PM (11 PM was my other guess)
4. Golf clubs (golf balls was my other guess)
5. Ruby (I have NO IDEA.)

Cody says grass, nails, 10 PM, clubs and ruby for 157! Kathie Lee’s opening answer was my answer of weeds…16. Second was floors…dud. Third was 11 PM…16. Next was golf balls…#1 at 41 for $50,000! Unsaid #1 answers:

2. Shoes/boots
5. Diamond
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